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1 Alsos, Inger Greve; Sjøgren, Per Johan E; Brown, Antony; Gielly, Ludovic; Merkel, Marie Føreid; Paus, Aage; Lammers, Youri; Edwards, Mary E.; Alm, Torbjørn; Leng, Melanie; Goslar, Tomasz; Langdon, Cathrine; Bakke, Jostein; Van Der Bilt, Willem.
Last Glacial Maximum environmental conditions at Andøya, northern Norway; evidence for a northern ice-edge ecological “hotspot”. Quaternary Science Reviews 2020
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2 Balascio, Nicholas L.; Anderson, R. Scott; D’Andrea, William J.; Wickler, Stephen; D’Andrea, Robert; Bakke, Jostein.
Vegetation changes and plant wax biomarkers from an ombrotrophic bog define hydroclimate trends and human-environment interactions during the Holocene in Northern Norway. The Holocene 2020 ;Volume 30.(12) p. 1849-1865
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3 Ekblom Johansson, Fanny Maria; Bakke, Jostein; Støren, Eivind Wilhelm Nagel; Paasche, Øyvind; Engeland, Kolbjørn; Arnaud, Fabien.
Lake sediments reveal large variations in flood frequency over the last 6,500 years in south-western Norway. Frontiers in Earth Science 2020
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4 Ekblom Johansson, Fanny Maria; Wangner, David J; Bakke, Jostein; Snowman Andresen, Camilla; Støren, Eivind Wilhelm Nagel; Schmidt, Sabine; Vieli, Andreas.
Glacier and ocean variability in Ata Sund, west Greenland, since 1400 CE. The Holocene 2020
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5 Wittmeier, Hella Elisa; Schaefer, Joerg M.; Bakke, Jostein; Rupper, Summer; Paasche, Øyvind; Schwartz, Roseanne; Finkel, Robert C..
Late Glacial mountain glacier culmination in Arctic Norway prior to the Younger Dryas. Quaternary Science Reviews 2020
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