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1 Ballen, Cissy J.; Aguillon, Stepfanie M.; Awwad, Azza; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Challou, Daniel; Drake, Abby Grace; Driessen, Michelle; Ellozy, Aziza; Ferry, Vivian E.; Goldberg, Emma E.; Harcombe, William; Jensen, Steve; Jørgensen, Christian; Koth, Zoe; McGaugh, Suzanne; Mitry, Caroline; Mosher, Bryan; Mostafa, Hoda; Petipas, Renee H.; Soneral, Paula A.G.; Watters, Shana; Wassenberg, Deena; Weiss, Stacey L.; Yonas, Azariah; Zamudio, Kelly R.; Cotner, Sehoya Harris.
Smaller classes promote equitable student participation in STEM. BioScience 2019 ;Volum 69.(8) s. 669-680
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2 Budaev, Sergei; Jørgensen, Christian; Mangel, Marc; Eliassen, Sigrunn; Giske, Jarl.
Decision-making from the animal perspective: Bridging ecology and subjective cognition. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2019 ;Volum 7.(May) s. 1-14
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3 Fouzai, Nadia; Opdal, Anders Frugård; Jørgensen, Christian; Fiksen, Øyvind.
Dying from the lesser of three evils: facilitation and non-consumptive effects emerge in a model with multiple predators. Oikos 2019 s. 1-11
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4 Jørgensen, Christian; Enberg, Katja.
Fishing for answers. Science 2019 ;Volum 365.(6452) s. 443-444
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5 Langbehn, Tom; Aksnes, Dag Lorents; Kaartvedt, Stein; Fiksen, Øyvind; Jørgensen, Christian.
Light comfort zone in a mesopelagic fish emerges from adaptive behaviour along a latitudinal gradient. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2019 ;Volum 623. s. 161-174
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6 Ljungström, Anna Jeja Gabriella; Francis, Tessa; Mangel, Marc; Jørgensen, Christian.
Parent-offspring conflict over reproductive timing: ecological dynamics far away and at other times may explain spawning variability in Pacific herring. ICES Journal of Marine Science 2019 ;Volum 76.(2) s. 559-572
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7 Lowerre-Barbieri, Susan K.; Catalan, Ignacio; Opdal, Anders Frugård; Jørgensen, Christian.
Preparing for the future: Integrating spatial ecology into ecosystem-based management. ICES Journal of Marine Science 2019 ;Volum 76.(2) s. 467-476
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