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1 Avila, Carlos F.; Archanjo, Carlos J; Fossen, Haakon; Hollanda, Maria Helena BM de.
Zippered Shear Zone Model for Interacting Shear Zones in the Borborema Province, Brazil, as Constrained by U-Pb Dating. Tectonics 2019 ;Volum 38.(11) s. 3959-3974
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2 Fischer, Gabriel; Fassbinder, Elvo; Eduardo de Mesquita Barros, Carlos; Fossen, Haakon.
The evolution of quartz veins during the tectonometamorphic development of the Brusque Metamorphic Complex, Brazil. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 2019 ;Volum 93. s. 174-182
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3 Hollanda, Maria Helena BM de; Archanjo, Carlos J; Filho, A.A. Macedo; Fossen, Haakon; Ernst, R.E.; Castro, D.L.; Melo, A.C.; Oliveira, A.L..
The Mesozoic Equatorial Atlantic Magmatic Province (EQUAMP): A New Large Igneous Province in South America. I: Dyke swarms of the world: A modern perspective. Springer Nature 2019 ISBN 978-981-13-1666-1. s. 87-110
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4 Lenhart, Antje; Jackson, Christopher AL; Bell, Rebecca E.; Duffy, Oliver B.; Gawthorpe, Rob; Fossen, Haakon.
Structural architecture and composition of crystalline basement offshore west Norway. Lithosphere 2019 ;Volum 11.(2) s. 273-293
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5 Phillips, Tom; Fazli Khani, Hamed; Gawthorpe, Rob; Fossen, Haakon; Jackson, Christopher Aiden Lee; Bell, Rebecca E.; Faleide, Jan Inge; Rotevatn, Atle.
The influence of structural inheritance and multiphase extension on rift development, the northern North Sea. Tectonics 2019 ;Volum 38.(12) s. 4099-4126
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6 Wiest, Johannes; Osmundsen, Per Terje; Jacobs, Joachim; Fossen, Haakon.
Deep Crustal Flow Within Postorogenic Metamorphic Core Complexes: Insights From the Southern Western Gneiss Region of Norway. Tectonics 2019 ;Volum 38.(12) s. 4267-4289
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7 Wrona, Thilo; Magee, Craig; Fossen, Haakon; Gawthorpe, Rob; Bell, Rebecca E.; Jackson, Christopher Aiden Lee; Faleide, Jan Inge.
3-D seismic images of an extensive igneous sill in the lower crust. Geology 2019 ;Volum 47.(8) s. 729-733
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