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1 Fisher, Linda; Haukås, Åsta.
Developing multilingual identity in school – insights from two parallel studies. AILA World Congress of Applied Linguistics; 2021-08-15 - 2021-08-20
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2 Haukås, Åsta.
Becoming multilingual in school: Insights from pupils’ drawings. AILA World Congress of Applied Linguistics; 2021-08-15 - 2021-08-20
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3 Haukås, Åsta.
Djupnelæring i språkfaga: Moglegheiter og utfordringar for skole og lærerutdanning. Føredrag for Lillesand videregående skole; 2021-03-10
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4 Haukås, Åsta.
Dybdelæring i fremmedspråk. Lærernes dag 2021; 2021-01-30
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5 Haukås, Åsta.
“I think I am first and foremost me being a teacher.” School teachers’ perceptions of similarities and differences between teaching English and a non-language subject. Plenary at The 8th Nordic Conference on Subject Education; 2021-05-18 - 2021-05-20
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6 Haukås, Åsta.
Korleis kan fleirspråklegheit bli ein ressurs gjennom meir språklærarsamarbeid?. Nettverkssamling for Norsk toppidrettsgymnas (NTG); 2021-10-19
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7 Haukås, Åsta.
Multilingual teenagers: Who are they and what are their beliefs about multilingualism? Insights from the Norwegian school context. University of Exeter's Language and Education Network - Research Seminar; 2021-11-08
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8 Haukås, Åsta.
Veien til mestring: Om å lære å lære i engelsk og fremmedspråk. Språkdagkonferanse 2021, Fremmedspråksenteret og Nord universitet; 2021-09-27
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9 Haukås, Åsta; Coutinho Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
The Ungspråk project: Researching multilingualism and multilingual identity in lower secondary schools.. Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture and Communication 2021 ;Volume 12. p. 83-98
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10 Haukås, Åsta; Mercer, Sarah.
Exploring pre-service language teachers’ mindsets using a sorting activity. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching 2021
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11 Haukås, Åsta; Mercer, Sarah; Svalberg, Agneta.
School Teachers’ Perceptions of Similarities and Differences between Teaching English and a Non-Language Subject. TESOL Quarterly 2021
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12 Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
Developing and validating a questionnaire on young learners’ multilingualism and multilingual identity. Language Learning Journal 2021
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13 Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
The Ungspråk project: Aims, design, and first findings. Multilingualism on My Mind: Exploring Multilingualism in Education; 2021-03-18 - 2021-03-19
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14 Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina.
"UNGSPRÅK: Exploring students' multilingualism in lower secondary school". Arqus Alliance - Action Line 4: Multilingual and Multicultural University; 2021-04-13 - 2021-04-13
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15 Haukås, Åsta; Storto, Andre; Tiurikova, Irina; Calafato, Raees.
Organizing a digital conference in times of the Corona pandemic: an interview with MoMM. Podcast [Radio] 2021-04-09
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16 Tiurikova, Irina; Haukås, Åsta.
The intersection of multilingualism and intercultural competence in the Norwegian foreign language curriculum: teachers’ perspectives. Multilingualism on my mind: Exploring multilingualism in education; 2021-03-18 - 2021-03-19
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17 Vikøy, Aasne; Haukås, Åsta.
Norwegian L1 teachers’ beliefs about a multilingual approach in increasingly diverse classrooms. International Journal of Multilingualism 2021
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