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1 Geys, Benny; Murdoch, Zuzana; Sørensen, Rune Jørgen.
Political (Over)Representation of Public Sector Employees and the Double-Motive Hypothesis: Evidence from Norwegian Register Data (2007-2019). Journal of public administration research and theory 2021
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2 Kvåle, Gro; Murdoch, Zuzana.
Making Sense of Stigmatized Organizations: Labelling Contests and Power Dynamics in Social Evaluation Processes. Journal of Business Ethics 2021
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3 Kvåle, Gro; Murdoch, Zuzana.
Shame On You! Unpacking the Individual and Organizational Implications of Engaging with a Stigmatized Organization.. Journal of Management Studies 2021
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4 Murdoch, Zuzana; Connolly, Sara Jane; Kassim, Hussein; Geys, Benny.
Legitimacy Crises and the Temporal Dynamics of Bureaucratic Representation. Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions 2021 s. -
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5 Murdoch, Zuzana; Gravier, Magali; Gänzle, Stefan.
International Public Administration on the Tip of the Tongue: Language as a Feature of Representative Bureaucracy in ECOWAS.. International Review of Administrative Sciences 2021
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