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1 Solibakke, Per Bjarte.
Bootstrapped Nonlinear Impulse-Response Analysis: The FTSE100 (UK) and the NDX100 (US) Indices 2012-2021. International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics 2021 s. 1-36
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2 Solibakke, Per Bjarte.
Forecasting Stochastic Volatility Characteristics for the Finan-cial Fossil Oil Market Densities. Journal of Risk and Financial Management 2021 s. 1-24
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3 Solibakke, Per Bjarte.
Projecting and Forecasting Stochastic Volatility Characteristics for the Nasdaq OMX Nordic/Baltic Financial Electricity Markets. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 2021
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4 Solibakke, Per Bjarte.
Step-ahead spot price densities using daily synchronously reported prices and wind forecasts. Journal of Forecasting 2021 s. -
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