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1 Bui, Hai Hoang; Spengler, Thomas.
On the Influence of Sea Surface Temperature distributions on the Development of Extratropical Cyclones. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 2021
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2 Haualand, Kristine Flacké; Spengler, Thomas.
Relative importance of tropopause structure and diabatic heating for baroclinic instability. Weather and Climate Dynamics (WCD) 2021
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3 Kong, Yuen Man; Spengler, Thomas.
Hybrid CHESS Annual Meeting 2021 successfully concluded!.
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4 Spensberger, Clemens; Spengler, Thomas.
Sensitivity of Air-Sea Heat Exchange in Cold-Air Outbreaks to Model Resolution and Sea-Ice Distribution. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres 2021
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