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1 Bolt-Evensen, Kathrine; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Stea, Tonje Holte; Klepp, Knut Inge; Bere, Elling.
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and artificially sweetened beverages from childhood to adulthood in relation to socioeconomic status - 15 years follow-up in Norway. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2018 ;Volum 15:8. s. 1-9
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2 Katahoire, Anne Ruhweza; Banura, Cecily; Muhwezi, Wilson Winstons; Bastien, Sheri; Wubs, Annegreet Gera; Klepp, Knut Inge; Aarø, Leif Edvard.
Effects of a school-based intervention on frequency and quality of adolescent-parent/caregiver sexuality communication: Results from a randomized-controlled trial in Uganda. Aids and Behavior 2018 s. 1-14
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3 Stea, Tonje Holte; Hovdenak, Ingrid Marie; Rønnestad, Jannike; Rennestraum, Kjersti Hovland; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Klepp, Knut Inge; Bere, Elling Tufte.
Effects of 1 y of free school fruit on intake of fruits, vegetables, and unhealthy snacks: 14 y later.. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018 ;Volum 108. Suppl. 7
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4 Stea, Tonje Holte; Tveter, ElineTønnesson; te Velde, Saskia J.; Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Klepp, Knut Inge; Bere, Elling Tufte.
The effect of an extra piece of fruit or vegetables at school on weight status in two generations - 14 years follow-up of the Fruit and Vegetables Makes the Marks study.. PLoS ONE 2018 ;Volum 13.(10) s. -
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