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1 Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina.
Lørdagsliv: Palmelørdag med Kari Slaatsveen. NRK P1 [Radio] 2021-03-27
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2 Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina.
Lørdagsliv. Tema: Show. Bidrag om underholdning i antikken, spes. gladiatorkamper.. NRK P1 [Radio] 2021-04-17
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3 Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina.
Mona og den antikke kunsten: Pompeii. NRK P2 Studio 2 [Radio] 2021-03-22
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4 Prusac-Lindhagen, Marina.
Reclaiming Illyria: The Notorious Usefulness of Archaeology to Communism and Nationalism Alike in Yugoslavia and After. I: Nationalism and the Politicization of History in the Former Yugoslavia.. Springer Nature 2021 ISBN 978-3-030-65832-8. p. 43-72
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