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1 Lodberg-Holm, H.K.; Steyaert, S.M.J.G.; Reinhardt, Stefanie; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Size is not everything: differing activity and foraging patterns between the sexes in a monomorphic mammal. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 2021 ;Volum 75.(4) s. 1-14
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2 Ariano-Sanchez, Daniel; Mortensen, Rasmus Mohr; Reinhardt, Stefanie; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Escaping drought: Seasonality effects on home range, movement patterns and habitat selection of the Guatemalan Beaded Lizard. Global Ecology and Conservation 2020 ;Volum 23. s. -
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3 Ariano-Sanchez, Daniel; Muccio, Colum; Rosell, Frank Narve; Reinhardt, Stefanie.
Are trends in Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting abundance affected by El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) variability? Sixteen years of monitoring on the Pacific coast of northern Central America. Global Ecology and Conservation 2020 ;Volum 24. s. -
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4 Arnesen, Charlotte Holmstad; Johnsen, Christin Beate; Costanzi, Jean-Marc; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Canines (Canis lupus familiaris) as biodetectors for conservation work: Can they discriminate the rock ptarmigan (Lagopus muta) from the willow grouse (L. lagopus) in a yes/no task?. PLOS ONE 2020 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 1-14
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5 Bartra Cabré, Laura; Mayer, Martin; Steyaert, Sam; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Beaver (Castor fiber) activity and spatial movement in response to light and weather conditions. Mammalian Biology 2020 ;Volum 100. s. 261-271
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6 Benten, Anke; Cross, Hannah; Tinnesand, Helga Veronica; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Distant neighbours: friends or foes? Eurasian beavers show context-dependent responses to simulated intruders. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 2020 ;Volum 74.(2) s. -
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7 Bidder, Owen R.; di Virgilio, Agustina; Hunter, Jennifer S.; McInturff, Alex; Gaynor, Kaitlyn M.; Smith, Alison M.; Dorcy, Janelle; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Monitoring canid scent marking in space and time using a biologging and machine learning approach. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10. s. 1-13
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8 Busher, Peter E.; Mayer, Martin; Ulevicius, Alius; Samus, Arunas; Hartman, Göran; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Food caching behavior of the Eurasian beaver in northern Europe. Wildlife Biology 2020 ;Volum 2020.(3) s. -
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9 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Senn, Helen V.; Girling, Simon Justin; Pizzi, Romain; Elliott, Mark; Gaywood, Martin J.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Beaver genetic surveillance in Britain. Global Ecology and Conservation 2020 ;Volum 24. s. -
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10 Halley, Duncan John; Saveljev, Alexander P.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Population and distribution of beavers Castor fiber and Castor canadensis in Eurasia. Mammal Review 2020 ;Volum 51.(1) s. 1-24
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11 Mayer, Martin; Aparicio, Claudia; Windels, Steve K.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Landscape structure and population density affect intraspecific aggression in beavers. Ecology and Evolution 2020 ;Volum 10.(24) s. 13883-13894
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12 McClanahan, Kari; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Conspecific recognition of pedal scent in domestic dogs. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10. s. 1-9
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13 McClanahan, Kari; Rosell, Frank Narve; Mayer, Martin.
Minding your own business: low pair cohesion in a territorial, monogamous mammal. Animal Behaviour 2020 ;Volum 166. s. 119-128
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14 Mortensen, Rasmus Mohr; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Long-term capture and handling effects on body condition, reproduction and survival in a semi-aquatic mammal. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volum 10. s. -
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15 Rosell, Frank Narve; Kniha, David; Haviar, Milan.
Dogs can scent-match individual eurasian beavers from their anal gland secretion. Wildlife Biology 2020 ;Volum 2020.(2) s. -
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16 Samuel, Lydia; Arnesen, Charlotte Holmstad; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Fears from the past? The innate ability of dogs to detect predator scents. Animal Cognition 2020 ;Volum 23.(4) s. 721-729
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17 Girling, Simon; Goodman, Gidona; Burr, Paul; Pizzi, Romain; Naylor, Adam; Cole, Georgina; Brown, Donna; Fraser, Mary; Rosell, Frank Narve; Schwab, Gerhard; Elliott, Mark; Campbell-Palmer, Róisín.
Evidence of Leptospira species and their significance during reintroduction of Eurasian beavers (Castor fiber) to Great Britain. The Veterinary Record 2019 ;Volum 185.(15) s. -
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18 Girling, Simon Justin; McElhinney, Lorraine M; Fraser, Mary A.; Gow, Derek; Pizzi, Romain; Naylor, Adam; Cole, Georgina; Brown, Donna; Rosell, Frank Narve; Schwab, Gerhard; Campbell-Palmer, Róisín.
Absence of hantavirus in water voles and Eurasian beavers in Britain. The Veterinary Record 2019 ;Volum 184.(8) s. 253-
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19 Mayer, Martin; Frank, Shane; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Causes and consequences of inverse density-dependent territorial behaviour and aggression in a monogamous mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology 2019 s. -
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20 Noonan, Michael J.; Tinnesand, Helga Veronica; Müller, Carsten T.; Rosell, Frank Narve; Macdonald, David W.; Buesching, Christina D..
Knowing Me, Knowing You: Anal Gland Secretion of European Badgers (Meles meles) Codes for Individuality, Sex and Social Group Membership. Journal of Chemical Ecology 2019 ;Volum 45.(10) s. 823-837
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21 Rosell, Frank Narve; Cross, Hannah; Johnsen, Christin Beate; Sundell, Janne; Zedrosser, Andreas.
Scent-sniffing dogs can discriminate between native Eurasian and invasive North American beavers. Scientific Reports 2019 ;Volum 9. s. -
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22 Wilson, Rory P.; Börger, Luca; Holton, Mark D.; Scantlebury, D. Michael; Gómez‐Laich, Agustina; Quintana, Flavio; Rosell, Frank Narve; Graf, Patricia M.; Williams, Hannah; Gunner, Richard; Hopkins, Lloyd; Marks, Nikki; Geraldi, Nathan R.; Duarte, Carlos M.; Scott, Rebecca; Strano, Michael S.; Robotka, Hermina; Eizaguirre, Christophe; Fahlman, Andreas; Shepard, Emily L. C..
Estimates for energy expenditure in free‐living animals using acceleration proxies: A reappraisal. Journal of Animal Ecology 2019 ;Volum 89.(1) s. 161-172
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23 Frank, Shane C.; Leclerc, Martin; Pelletier, Fanie; Rosell, Frank Narve; Swenson, Jon; Bischof, Richard; Kindberg, Jonas; Eiken, Hans Geir; Hagen, Snorre; Zedrosser, Andreas.
Sociodemographic factors modulate the spatial response of brown bears to vacancies created by hunting. Journal of Animal Ecology 2018 ;Volum 87.(1) s. 247-258
24 Gable, Thomas D.; Windels, Steve K.; Romanski, Mark C.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
The forgotten prey of an iconic predator: a review of interactions between grey wolves Canis lupus and beavers Castor spp.. Mammal Review 2018 ;Volum 48.(2) s. 123-138
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25 Hohwieler, Katrin; Rosell, Frank Narve; Mayer, Martin.
Scent-marking behavior by subordinate Eurasian beavers. Ethology 2018 ;Volum 124.(8) s. 591-599
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26 Rosell, Frank Narve.
Secrets of the Snout: The Dog's Incredible Nose [Oversettelse]. University of Chicago Press 2018 (ISBN 9780226536361) 288 s.
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27 Schlippe Justicia, Lia; Rosell, Frank Narve; Mayer, Martin.
Performance of GPS units for deployment on semiaquatic animals. PLOS ONE 2018 s. -
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28 Bergan, Frode; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Konsekvensene av betydelig redusert vannstand for to beverfamilier i Nøklevann. : Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge 2017 20 s.
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29 Campbell, Ruairidh Donald; Rosell, Frank Narve; Newman, Chris; Macdonald, David W..
Age-related changes in somatic condition and reproduction in the Eurasian beaver: Resource history influences onset of reproductive senescence. PLOS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(12) s. -
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30 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Olfactory Behaviour in Zoo Animals. I: Olfaction in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. CABI Publishing 2017 ISBN 9781786391599. s. 176-188
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31 Graf, Patricia Maria; Wilson, Rory Paul; Sanchez, Lea Cohen; Hacklӓnder, Klaus; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Diving behavior in a free-living, semi-aquatic herbivore, the Eurasian beaver Castor fiber. Ecology and Evolution 2017 ;Volum 8.(2) s. 997-1008
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32 Mayer, Martin; Künzel, Fabian; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
The 7-year itch: non-adaptive mate change in the Eurasian beaver. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 2017 ;Volum 71:32.(2) s. 1-9
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33 Mayer, Martin; Robstad, Christian; Pi Serra, E.; Hohwieler, K.; Fuchs, B; Evans, A. L.; Arnemo, Jon Martin; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Exposure of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) towards hunters during the spring hunt. : Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge 2017 50 s.
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34 Mayer, Martin; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Couch potatoes do better: Delayed dispersal and territory size affect the duration of territory occupancy in a monogamous mammal. Ecology and Evolution 2017 ;Volum 7.(12) s. 4347-4356
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35 Mayer, Martin; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Extra-territorial movements differ between territory holders and subordinates in a large, monogamous rodent. Scientific Reports 2017 ;Volum 7.(1) s. -
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36 Mayer, Martin; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
When to leave: the timing of natal dispersal in a large, monogamous rodent, the Eurasian beaver. Animal Behaviour 2017 ;Volum 123.(January) s. 375-382
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37 Parker, Howard; Zedrosser, Andreas; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Age-specific reproduction in relation to body size and condition in female Eurasian beavers. Journal of Zoology 2017 ;Volum 302.(4) s. 236-243
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38 Rosell, Frank Narve.
Die Welt der Gerüche. Spezial-Spürhunde im Einsatz (Originaltittel: En Nese for alt). Nerdlen: Kynos 2017 (ISBN 9783954641338) 336 s.
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39 Rosell, Frank Narve; Naveen, Neha.
Beveren Bjørk. Gyldendal Norsk Forlag A/S 2017 (ISBN 9788205504424) 64 s.
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40 Buesching, Christina D.; Tinnesand, Helga Veronica; Sin, YungWa; Rosell, Frank Narve; Burke, Terry; Macdonald, David W..
Coding of Group Odor in the Subcaudal Gland Secretion of the European Badger Meles meles : Chemical Composition and Pouch Microbiota. I: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 13. Springer 2016 ISBN 9783319220253. s. 45-62
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41 Buesching, Christina D.; Tinnesand, Helga Veronica; Sin, YungWa; Rosell, Frank Narve; Burke, Terry; Macdonald, David W..
Coding of group-odor in the subcaudal gland secretion of the European badger Meles meles: chemical composition and pouch microbiota. I: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 13. Springer 2016 ISBN 9783319220253. s. 45-62
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42 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Gow, Derek; Campbell, Ruaraidh; Dickinson, Helen; Girling, Simon; Gurnell, John; Halley, Duncan John; Jones, Simon; Lisle, Skip; Parker, Howard; Schwab, Gerhard; Rosell, Frank Narve.
The Eurasian Beaver Handbook: Ecology and Management of Castor fiber. Pelagic Publishing 2016 (ISBN 978-1-78427-113-8) 201 s.
USN NINA Untitled
43 Foucher, Ellen; Rosell, Frank Narve.
L'incroyable odorat du chien: Un sens extraordinaire au service de'l homme. : Les Editions Ulmer 2016 (ISBN 9782841388813) 223 s.
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44 Goodman, Gidona; Meredith, Anna; Girling, Simon; Rosell, Frank Narve; Campbell-Palmer, Róisín.
The outcomes of a “one health” monitoring approach to a five year beaver (Castor fiber) reintroduction trial in Scotland. EcoHealth 2016 ;Volum 14. s. 139-143
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45 Graf, Patricia Maria; Hochreiter, J,; Hackländer, Klaus; Wilson, R. P.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Short-term effects of tagging on activity and movement patterns of Eurasian beavers (Castor fiber). European Journal of Wildlife Research 2016 ;Volum 62. s. 725-736
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46 Graf, Patricia Maria; Mayer, Martin; Zedrosser, Andreas; Hackländer, Klaus; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Territory size and age explain movement patterns in the Eurasian beaver. Mammalian Biology 2016 ;Volum 81.(6) s. 587-594
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47 Wilson, Rory P; Holton, Mark D.; Walker, James S.; Shepard, Emily L. C.; Scantlebury, Mike; Wilson, Vianney L.; Wilson, Gwendoline I.; Tysse, Brenda; Gravenor, Mike; Ciancio, Javier; McNarry, Melitta A.; Mackintosh, Kelly A.; Qasem, Lama; Rosell, Frank Narve; Graf, Patricia Maria; Quintana, Flavio; Gomez-Laich, Agustina; Sala, Juan-Emilio; Mulvenna, Christina C.; Marks, Nicola J.; Jones, Mark W..
A spherical-plot solution to linking acceleration metrics with animal performance, state, behaviour and lifestyle. Movement Ecology 2016 ;Volum 4. s. -
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48 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Dickinson, H.; Wilson, K.; Rosell, Frank Narve.
Group size and reproductive rates within the Tayside beaver population, Perthshire. : Scottish natural heritage commission 2015 22 s.
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49 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Gow, Derek; Needham, Robert; Jones, Simon; Rosell, Frank Narve.
The Eurasian beaver. Pelagic Publishing 2015 (ISBN 978-1-78427-034-6)
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50 Campbell-Palmer, Róisín; Pozo, Jorge Del; Gottstein, Bruno; Girling, Simon; Cracknell, John; Schwab, Gerhard; Rosell, Frank Narve; Pizzi, Romain.
Echinococcus multilocularis Detection in Live Eurasian Beavers (Castor fiber) Using a Combination of Laparoscopy and Abdominal Ultrasound under Field Conditions. PLOS ONE 2015 ;Volum 10.(7) s. -
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