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1 Kolstad, Anders Lorentzen; Austrheim, Gunnar; Mulder, Jan; Martinsen, Vegard; Speed, James David Mervyn; Solberg, Erling Johan; Cherubini, Francesco.
Regulering av husdyr og hjortevilt for klimagunstig arealbruk i Norge.. Fagseminar om økosystemer på land og deres betydning for klima; 2019-02-05 - 2019-02-05
2 Martinsen, Vegard; Munera-Echeverri, Jose L; Obia, Alfred; Cornelissen, Gerard; Mulder, Jan.
Significant build-up of soil organic carbon under climate-smart conservation farming in Sub-Saharan Acrisols. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 660. s. 97-104
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3 Obia, Alfred; Martinsen, Vegard; Cornelissen, Gerard; Børresen, Trond; Smebye, Andreas; Munera-Echeverri, Jose L; Mulder, Jan.
Biochar Application to Soil for Increased Resilience of Agroecosystems to Climate Change in Eastern and Southern Africa. I: Agriculture and Ecosystem Resilience in Sub Saharan Africa. Springer Nature 2019 ISBN 978-3-030-12974-3. s. 129-144
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4 O'Connor, David; Hou, Deyi; Ok, Yong Sik; Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei; Wu, Qingru; Wang, Shuxiao; Tack, Filip M.G.; Rinklebe, Jörg.
Mercury speciation, transformation, and transportation in soils, atmospheric flux, and implications for risk management: A critical review. Environment International 2019 ;Volum 126. s. 747-761
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5 Pandit, Naba Raj; Schmidt, Hans Peter; Mulder, Jan; Hale, Sarah; Husson, Olivier; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Nutrient effect of various composting methods with and without biochar on soil fertility and maize growth. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 2019 s. -
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6 Yu, Longfei; Mulder, Jan; Zhu, Jing; Zhang, Xiaoshan; Wang, Zhangwei; Dörsch, Peter.
Denitrification as a major regional nitrogen sink in subtropical forest catchments: Evidence from multi-site dual nitrate isotopes. Global Change Biology 2019 ;Volum 25.(5) s. 1765-1778
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7 Yu, Qian; Si, Gaoyue; Zong, Tianhua; Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei.
High hydrogen sulfide emissions from subtropical forest soils based on field measurements in south China. Science of the Total Environment 2019 ;Volum 651. s. 1302-1309
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8 Bazov, Igor; Sarkisyan, Daniil; Kononenko, Olga; Watanabe, Hiroyuki; Taqi, Malik Mumtaz Hussain; Stålhandske, Lada; Verbeek, Dineke S.; Mulder, Jan; Rajkowska, Grazyna; Sheedy, Donna; Kril, Jillian; Sun, Xueguang; Syvänen, Ann-Christine; Yakovleva, Tatiana; Bakalkin, Georgy.
Neuronal expression of opioid gene is controlled by dual epigenetic and transcriptional mechanism in human brain. Cerebral Cortex 2018 ;Volum 28.(9) s. 3129-3142
9 Cornelissen, Gerard; Jubaedah, *; Nurida, Neneng L.; Hale, Sarah; Martinsen, Vegard; Silvani, Ludovica; Mulder, Jan.
Fading positive effect of biochar on crop yield and soil acidity during five growth seasons in an Indonesian Ultisol. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 634. s. 561-568
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10 Cui, Juan; Zhu, Jing; Wang, Zhangwei; Mulder, Jan; Wang, Bing; Zhang, Xiaoshan.
The regional variation of denitrification phenotypes under anoxic incubation with soils from eight forested catchments in different climate zones of China. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 615. s. 319-329
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11 Munera-Echeverri, Jose L; Martinsen, Vegard; Strand, Line Tau; Zivanovic, Valentina; Cornelissen, Gerard; Mulder, Jan.
Cation exchange capacity of biochar: An urgent method modification. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 642. s. 190-197
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12 Obia, Alfred; Mulder, Jan; Hale, Sarah; Nurida, Neneng; Cornelissen, Gerard.
The potential of biochar in improving drainage, aeration and maize yields in heavy clay soils. PLoS ONE 2018 ;Volum 13.(5) s. -
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13 O'Connor, David; Peng, Tianyue; Li, Guanghe; Wang, Shuxiao; Duan, Lei; Mulder, Jan; Cornelissen, Gerard; Cheng, Zhenglin; Yang, Shengmao; Hou, Deyi.
Sulfur-modified rice husk biochar: A green method for the remediation of mercury contaminated soil. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 621. s. 819-826
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14 Pandit, Naba Raj; Mulder, Jan; Hale, Sarah; Martinsen, Vegard; Schmidt, Hans Peter; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Biochar improves maize growth by alleviation of nutrient stress in a moderately acidic low-input Nepalese soil. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 625. s. 1380-1389
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15 Pandit, Naba Raj; Mulder, Jan; Hale, Sarah; Zimmermann, Andrew R.; Pandit, Bishnu Hari; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Multi-year double cropping biochar field trials in Nepal: Finding the optimal biochar dose through agronomic trials and cost-benefit analysis. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 637-638. s. 1333-1341
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16 Wolka, Kebede; Mulder, Jan; Biazin, Birhanu.
Effects of soil and water conservation techniques on crop yield, runoff and soil loss in Sub-Saharan Africa: A review. Agricultural Water Management 2018 ;Volum 207. s. 67-79
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17 Xie, Danni; Si, Gaoyue; Zhang, Ting; Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei.
Nitrogen deposition increases N2O emission from an N-saturated subtropical forest in southwest China. Environmental Pollution 2018 ;Volum 243. s. 1818-1824
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18 Xie, Danni; Zhang, Ting; Yu, Qian; Huang, Yongmei; Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei.
A Sharp Decline in Nitrogen Input in a N-Saturated Subtropical Forest Causes an Instantaneous Reduction in Nitrogen Leaching. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 2018 ;Volum 123.(10) s. 3320-3330
NMBU Untitled
19 Yu, Qian; Duan, Lei; Yu, Longfei; Chen, Xiao; Si, Gaoyue; Ke, Piaopiao; Ye, Zhixiang; Mulder, Jan.
Threshold and multiple indicators for nitrogen saturation in subtropical forests. Environmental Pollution 2018 ;Volum 241. s. 664-673
NMBU Untitled
20 Zhu, Jing; Yu, Longfei; Bakken, Lars; Mørkved, Pål Tore; Mulder, Jan; Dörsch, Peter.
Controlled induction of denitrification in Pseudomonas aureofaciens: A simplified denitrifier method for dual isotope analysis in NO3−. Science of the Total Environment 2018 ;Volum 633. s. 1370-1378
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21 Cui, Juan; Wang, Zhangwei; Zhang, Xiaoshan; Mulder, Jan; Zhang, Meigen.
Temporal variability of ammonium emission potentials for six plant species in an evergreen subtropical forest in Southwest China. Environmental science and pollution research international 2017 ;Volum 24.(11) s. 10808-10818
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22 Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Behrendt, Thomas; Yu, Longfei; Dörsch, Peter.
Nitric oxide emissions from a N-saturated subtropical forest in Southwest China. EGU General Assembly 2017; 2017-04-23 - 2017-04-28
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23 Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Dörsch, Peter.
Modified method for trapping and analyzing 15N in NO released from soils. Analytical Chemistry 2017 ;Volum 89.(7) s. 4124-4130
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24 Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei; Dörsch, Peter.
Spatial and temporal variability of soil nitric oxide emissions in N-saturated subtropical forest. Biogeochemistry 2017 ;Volum 134.(3) s. 337-351
NMBU Untitled
25 Lajtha, Kate; Bai, Edith; Baisden, Troy; Berhe, Asmeret Asefaw; Bowden, Breck; Brookshire, Jack; Brzostek, Eddie; Crow, Susan; Driscoll, Charles; Evans, Chris; Finlay, Jacques; Fisk, Melany; Grandy, Stuart; Hamdan, Leila; Harrison, John; Hawkes, Christine; Kalbitz, Karsten; Kaushal, Sujay; Kramer, Marc; Matzner, Egbert; Melack, John; Mulder, Jan; Porder, Stephen; Sanderman, Jonathan; Stanley, Emily; Tank, Jennifer; Vile, Melanie; Voss, Maren; Wieder, Kel; Ziegler, Susan.
Brave New World. Biogeochemistry 2017 ;Volum 133. s. 3-5
NMBU Untitled
26 Liu, Wenjing; Yu, Longfei; Zhang, Ting; Kang, Ronghua; Zhu, Jing; Mulder, Jan; Huang, Yongmei; Duan, Lei.
In Situ 15N labeling Experiment reveals different long-term responses to ammonium and nitrate inputs in N-saturated subtropical forest. Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 2017 ;Volum 122. s. 2251-2264
NMBU Untitled
27 Martinsen, Vegard; Shitumbanuma, Victor; Mulder, Jan; Ritz, C.; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Effects of hand-hoe tilled conservation farming on soil quality and carbon stocks under on-farm conditions in Zambia. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 2017 ;Volum 241. s. 168-178
NGI NMBU Untitled
28 Mulder, Jan.
Biochar and Conservation farming Research in Zambia. Kick off meeting Academic collaboration between UNZA and NMBU; 2017-04-20 - 2017-04-20
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29 Mulder, Jan.
Changes in the global Nitrogen cycle: Increased N2O emissions. Styremøte MINA; 2017-01-30 - 2017-01-30
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30 Mulder, Jan; Duan, Lei.
Effects of excess nitrogen in soils on acidification and N gas emissions (NO, N2O, N2). Summer school on sustainable grasslands; 2017-06-12 - 2017-10-23
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31 Mulder, Jan; Zhu, Jing; Yu, Longfei; Kang, Ronghua; Duan, Lei.
Emissions of NO and N2O from N-saturated, subtropical forest in response to climate-change induced effects on carbon, nitrogen and water cycles. International Workshop on Response and Feedback of Forest Ecosystem Carbon, Nitrogen and Water Cycle to Climate Change; 2017-10-12 - 2017-10-15
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32 Munera-Echeverri, Jose L; Martinsen, Vegard; Mulder, Jan; Strand, Line Tau; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Cation Exchange Capacity of Biochar: An urgent method modification. EGU General Assembly 2017; 2017-04-23 - 2017-04-28
NGI NMBU Untitled
33 Obia, Alfred; Børresen, Trond; Martinsen, Vegard; Cornelissen, Gerard; Mulder, Jan.
Effect of biochar on crust formation, penetration resistance and hydraulic properties of two coarse-textured tropical soils. Soil & Tillage Research 2017 ;Volum 170. s. 114-121
NGI NMBU Untitled
34 Pandit, Naba Raj; Mulder, Jan; Hale, Sarah; Schmidt, Hans Peter; Cornelissen, Gerard.
Biochar from "Kon Tiki" flame curtain and other kilns: Effects of nutrient enrichment and kiln type on crop yield and soil chemistry. PLoS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(4) s. -
NGI NMBU Untitled
35 Sjöstedt, Evelina; Bollerslev, Jens; Mulder, Jan; Lindskog, Cecilia; Pontén, Fredrik; Casar-Borota, Olivera.
A specific antibody to detect transcription factor T-Pit: a reliable marker of corticotroph cell differentiation and a tool to improve the classification of pituitary neuroendocrine tumours. Acta Neuropathologica 2017 ;Volum 134.(4) s. 675-677
OUS UiO Untitled
36 Sørbotten, Lars-Erik; Stolte, Jannes; Wang, Yanhui; Mulder, Jan.
Hydrological Responses and Flow Pathways in an Acrisol on a Forested Hillslope with a Monsoonal Subtropical Climate. Pedosphere 2017 ;Volum 27.(6) s. 1037-1048
37 Wang, Yajing; Guo, Jingheng; Vogt, Rolf David; Mulder, Jan; Wang, Jingguo; Zhang, Xiaoshan.
Soil pH as the chief modifier for regional nitrous oxide emissions: New evidence and implications for global estimates and mitigation. Global Change Biology 2017 ;Volum 24.(2) s. e617-e626
UiO NMBU Untitled
38 Yu, Longfei; Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Zhu, Jing; Dörsch, Peter.
Distinct fates of atmogenic NH4+ and NO3- in subtropical, N-saturated forest soils. Biogeochemistry 2017 ;Volum 133.(3) s. 279-294
NMBU Untitled
39 Yu, Longfei; Wang, Yihao; Zhang, Xiaoshan; Dörsch, Peter; Mulder, Jan.
Phosphorus addition mitigates N2O and CH4 emissions in N-saturated subtropical forest, SW China. Biogeosciences 2017 ;Volum 14.(12) s. 3097-3109
NMBU Untitled
40 Yu, Qian; Zhang, Ting; Cheng, Zhenglin; Zhao, Bin; Mulder, Jan; Larssen, Thorjørn; Wang, Shuxiao; Duan, Lei.
Is surface water acidification a serious regional issue in China?. Science of the Total Environment 2017 ;Volum 584-585. s. 783-790
NIVA NMBU Untitled
41 Yu, Qian; Zhang, Ting; Ma, Xiaoxiao; Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Larssen, Thorjørn; Duan, Lei.
Monitoring Effect of SO2 Emission Abatement on Recovery of Acidified Soil and Streamwater in Southwest China. Environmental Science and Technology 2017 ;Volum 51.(17) s. 9498-9506
NIVA NMBU Untitled
42 Austrheim, Gunnar; Speed, James David Mervyn; Evju, Marianne; Hester, Alison; Holand, Øystein; Loe, Leif Egil; Martinsen, Vegard; Mobæk, Ragnhild; Mulder, Jan; Steen, Harald; Thompson, Des B.A.; Mysterud, Atle.
Synergies and trade-offs between ecosystem services in analpine ecosystem grazed by sheep – An experimental approach. Basic and Applied Ecology 2016 ;Volum 17.(7) s. 596-608
43 Busch, Kjersti Eline Tønnessen; Mulder, Jan.
Store klimagassutslipp fra kinesiske skoger. [Internett] 2016-03-26
NMBU Untitled
44 Duan, Lei; Yu, Qian; Zhang, Qiang; Wang, Zifa; Pan, Yuepeng; Larssen, Thorjørn; Tang, Jie; Mulder, Jan.
Acid deposition in Asia: Emissions, deposition, and ecosystem effects. Atmospheric Environment 2016 ;Volum 146. s. 55-69
NIVA NMBU Untitled
45 Kang, Ronghua; Dörsch, Peter; Mulder, Jan.
Nitric oxide (NO) emissions from N-saturated subtropical forest soils are strongly affected by spatial and temporal variability in soil moisture. Europ. Geophys. Union (EGU), General Assembly 2016; 2016-04-17 - 2016-04-22
NMBU Untitled
46 Kang, Ronghua; Mulder, Jan; Dörsch, Peter.
A novel method for trapping and analyzing 15N in NO for tracing NO sources. Europ. Geophys. Union (EGU), General Assembly 2016; 2016-04-17 - 2016-04-22
NMBU Untitled
47 Martinsen, Vegard; Mulder, Jan; Speed, James David Mervyn; Mysterud, Atle; Austrheim, Gunnar.
Grazing & treeline advance in alpine zones: Effects on ecosystem carbon stocks. Seminar: "Soil in a changing world"; 2016-12-05 - 2016-12-05
NTNU UiO NMBU Untitled
48 Martinsen, Vegard; Mulder, Jan; Speed, James David Mervyn; Mysterud, Atle; Austrheim, Gunnar.
Results of long-term grazing Experiments in Norway - focus on C & N. Prosjektetablering og informasjonsmøter i Kina; 2016-04-13 - 2016-04-15
NTNU UiO NMBU Untitled
49 Martinsen, Vegard; Obia, Alfred; Cornelissen, Gerard; Mulder, Jan; Shitumbanuma, Victor; Smebye, Andreas; Sparrevik, Magnus; Breedveld, Gijs D.; Hale, Sarah.
Biochar in Zambia. Biochar systems for Africa International Workshop; 2016-03-01 - 2016-03-02
50 Mezheyeuski, Artur; Lindh, Maja Bradic; Guren, Tormod Kyrre; Dragomir, Anca; Pfeiffer, Per; Kure, Elin H.; Andersen, Tone Ikdahl; Skovlund, Eva; Corvigno, Sara; Strell, Carina; Pietras, Kristian; Pontén, Fredrik; Mulder, Jan; Qvortrup, Camilla; Portyanko, Anna; Tveit, Magne Kjell; Glimelius, Bengt; Sorbye, Halfdan; Ostman, Arne.
Survival-associated heterogeneity of marker-defined perivascular cells in colorectal cancer. OncoTarget 2016 ;Volum 7.(27) s. 41948-41958
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