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Etternavn: Gomez   Fornavn: David Lapena   Alle publ. kanaler

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1 Eijsink, Vincent; Bunæs, Anne Cathrine; Gomez, David Lapena.
Møte med Aker Biomarine for å drøfte samarbeid. Møte med Aker Biomarine; 2019-11-14
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2 ; Gomez, David Lapena.
Production of yeast from spruce sugars and hydrolysates of protein-rich by-products as feed ingredient. ÅS: NMBU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-575-1620-8) 185 s.
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3 Gomez, David Lapena.
Production and characterization of yeasts grown on media composed of spruce-derived sugars and protein hydrolysates from chicken by-products. The 35th International Specialised Symposium on Yeasts; 2019-10-21 - 2019-10-25
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4 Gomez, David Lapena; Eijsink, Vincent.
Pigs and salmon can eat proteins generated from Norwegian wood and byproducts. [Internett] 2019-08-30
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5 Gomez, David Lapena; Vuoristo, Kiira; Horn, Svein Jarle; Eijsink, Vincent.
Foods of Norway: Upgrading of protein-rich industrial by-products by enzymatic processing and fermentation to single cell protein. VLAG course “Food and Biorefinery Enzymology; 2017-09-25 - 2017-09-29
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