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1 Bricocoli, Massimo; Francesca, Cognetti; Cucca, Roberta; Gaeta, Luca; Ranci, Costanzo; Sabatinelli, Stefania; Tosi, Antonio.
E' ancora possibile un welfare abitativo? Una discussione a partire da "Le case dei poveri" di Antonio Tosi. Territorio 2019 ;Volum 89. s. 175-182
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2 Cucca, Roberta.
Green Gentrification in Europe. Plannord; 2019-08-21 - 2019-08-23
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3 Cucca, Roberta.
Social Dimension of Sustainability. Tekna Conference; 2019-08-29 - 2019-08-29
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4 Cucca, Roberta.
Taking contextual differences into account in green gentrification research. The case of Vienna. Sociologia Urbana e Rurale 2019 s. 46-58
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5 Cucca, Roberta; Beretta, Ilaria.
Ecological Gentrification. A European Perspective. Introduction to the Special Issue. Sociologia Urbana e Rurale 2019 ;Volum 119. s. 7-10
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6 Cucca, Roberta.
Baugruppen in Vienna. What kind of socio-ecological transition?. Pollen Conference in Oslo; 2018-06-16
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7 Cucca, Roberta.
Presentation of the Book "Unequal Cities. The challenge of post-industrial transition in times of Austerity". Word Conference of Sociology; 2018-07-16 - 2019-07-23
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8 Cucca, Roberta.
Urban Greening in Europe and its Social Consequences. The Case of Vienna. I: Urban Greening in Europe and its Social Consequences. The Case of Vienna. : Waxmann Verlag GmbH 2018 ISBN 978-3-8309-3907-8. s. 69-77
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9 Cucca, Roberta; Gaeta, Luca.
Back to renting - Public policies against "the ownership imperative" in Italy. Politiche Sociali 2018 ;Volum 5.(1) s. 87-102
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10 Cucca, Roberta; Kazepov, Yuri.
European Cities. I: Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies. Wiley-Blackwell 2018 ISBN 978-1-118-56845-3.
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11 Lara, Maestripieri; Cucca, Roberta.
Small Is Beautiful? Emerging Organizational Strategies among Italian Professionals. Revue canadienne de sociologie 2018 ;Volum 55.(3) s. 362-384
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