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1 Ali, Hussain; Younus, Muhammad; Din, Jaffar; Bischof, Richard; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali.
Do Marco Polo argali Ovis ammon polii persist in Pakistan?. Oryx 2019 ;Volum 53.(2) s. 329-333
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2 Bischof, Richard; Gjevestad, Jon Glenn Omholt; Ordiz, Andres; Eldegard, Katrine; Milleret, Cyril Pierre.
High frequency GPS bursts and path-level analysis reveal linear feature tracking by red foxes. Scientific Reports 2019 ;Volum 9. s. -
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3 Bowler, Diana Elizabeth; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Bischof, Richard; O'Hara, Robert B.; Yu, Thin Thin; Oo, Tun; Aung, Myint; Linnell, John Durrus.
Integrating data from different survey types for population monitoring of an endangered species: the case of the Eld’s deer. Scientific Reports 2019 ;Volum 9. s. -
4 Dupont, Pierre; Milleret, Cyril; Gimenez, Olivier; Bischof, Richard.
Population closure and the bias-precision trade-off in spatial capture-recapture. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2019 ;Volum 10.(5) s. 661-672
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5 Milleret, Cyril Pierre; Dupont, Pierre; Bonenfant, Christophe; Brøseth, Henrik; Flagstad, Øystein; Sutherland, Chris; Bischof, Richard.
A local evaluation of the individual state‐space to scale up Bayesian spatial capture–recapture. Ecology and Evolution 2019 ;Volum 9.(1) s. 352-363
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6 Pigeon, Gabriel; Loe, Leif Egil; Bischof, Richard; Bonenfant, Christophe; Forchhammer, Mads C.; Irvine, R. Justin; Ropstad, Erik; Stien, Audun; Veiberg, Vebjørn; Albon, Steve.
Silver spoon effects are constrained under extreme adult environmental conditions. Ecology 2019 ;Volum 100.(12) s. -
7 Rivrud, Inger Maren; Frank, Shane; Bischof, Richard; Mysterud, Atle; Steyaert, Sam; Hertel, Anne Gabriela; Hagen, Snorre; Eiken, Hans Geir; Swenson, Jon; Zedrosser, Andreas.
Heritability of head size in a hunted large carnivore, the brown bear (Ursus arctos). Evolutionary Applications 2019 ;Volum 12.(6) s. 1124-1135
8 Bischof, Richard; Bonenfant, Christophe; Rivrud, Inger Maren; Zedrosser, Andreas; Friebe, Andrea; Coulson, Tim; Mysterud, Atle; Swenson, Jon.
Regulated hunting re-shapes the life history of brown bears. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2018 ;Volum 2.(1) s. 116-123
9 Frank, Shane C.; Leclerc, Martin; Pelletier, Fanie; Rosell, Frank Narve; Swenson, Jon; Bischof, Richard; Kindberg, Jonas; Eiken, Hans Geir; Hagen, Snorre; Zedrosser, Andreas.
Sociodemographic factors modulate the spatial response of brown bears to vacancies created by hunting. Journal of Animal Ecology 2018 ;Volum 87.(1) s. 247-258
10 Hertel, Anne Gabriela; Bischof, Richard; Langval, Ola; Mysterud, Atle; Kindberg, Jonas; Swenson, Jon; Zedrosser, Andreas.
Berry production drives bottom-up effects on body mass and reproductive success in an omnivore. Oikos 2018 ;Volum 127.(2) s. 197-207
11 Meisingset, Erling L.; Loe, Leif Egil; Brekkum, Øystein; Bischof, Richard; Rivrud, Inger Maren; Lande, Unni Støbet; Zimmermann, Barbara; Veiberg, Vebjørn; Mysterud, Atle.
Spatial mismatch between management units and movement ecology of a partially migratory ungulate. Journal of Applied Ecology 2018 ;Volum 55.(2) s. 745-753
12 Milleret, Cyril Pierre; Dupont, Pierre; Brøseth, Henrik; Kindberg, Jonas; Royle, J. Andrew; Bischof, Richard.
Using partial aggregation in spatial capture recapture. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2018 ;Volum 9.(8) s. 1896-1907
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13 Albrecht, Jorg; Barton, Kamil A; Selva, Nuria; Sommer, Robert S; Swenson, Jon; Bischof, Richard.
Humans and climate change drove the Holocene decline of the brown bear. Scientific Reports 2017 ;Volum 7. s. -
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14 Bischof, Richard; Steyaert, Sam M.J.G.; Kindberg, Jonas.
Caught in the mesh: roads and their network-scale impediment to animal movement. Ecography 2017 ;Volum 40.(12) s. 1369-1380
15 Hertel, Anne Gabriela; Swenson, Jon; Bischof, Richard.
A case for considering individual variation in diel activity patterns. Behavioral Ecology 2017 ;Volum 28.(6) s. 1524-1531
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16 Kabir, Muhammad; Hameed, Shoaib; Ali, Hussain; Bosso, Luciano; Din, Jaffar Ud; Bischof, Richard; Redpath, Steve; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali.
Habitat suitability and movement corridors of grey wolf (Canis lupus) in Northern Pakistan. PLOS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(11) s. -
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17 Lan, Tianying; Gill, Stephanie; Bellemain, Eva; Bischof, Richard; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali; Lindqvist, Charlotte.
Evolutionary history of enigmatic bears in the Tibetan plateau - Himalaya region and the identity of the yeti. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences 2017 ;Volum 284.(1868) s. -
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18 Bischof, Richard; Brøseth, Henrik; Gimenez, Olivier.
Wildlife in a Politically Divided World: Insularism Inflates Estimates of Brown Bear Abundance. Conservation Letters 2016 ;Volum 9.(2) s. 122-130
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19 Bischof, Richard; Gregersen, Espen Rise; Brøseth, Henrik; Ellegren, Hans; Flagstad, Øystein.
Noninvasive genetic sampling reveals intrasex territoriality in wolverines. Ecology and Evolution 2016 ;Volum 6.(5) s. 1527-1536
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20 Khatiwada, Janak Raj; Ghimire, Subarna; Khatiwada, Shanta Paudel; Paudel, Bikash; Bischof, Richard; Jiang, Jianping; Haugaasen, Torbjørn.
Frogs as potential biological control agents in the rice fields of Chitwan, Nepal. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 2016 ;Volum 230. s. 307-314
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21 Linnell, John Durrus; Trouwborst, Arie; Boitani, Luigi; Kaczensky, Petra; Huber, Djuro; Reljic, Slaven; Kusak, Josip; Majic, Aleksandra; Skrbinsek, Tomaz; Potočnik, Hubert; Hayward, Matt W.; Milner-Gulland, E.J.; Buuveibaatar, Bayarbaatar; Olson, Kirk A.; Badamjav, Lkhagvasuren; Bischof, Richard; Zuther, Steffen; Breitenmoser, Urs.
Border security fencing and wildlife: The end of the transboundary paradigm in Eurasia?. PLoS Biology 2016 ;Volum 14.(6) s. -
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22 Loe, Leif Egil; Hansen, Brage Bremset; Stien, Audun; Albon, Steve D.; Bischof, Richard; Carlsson, Anja M.; Irvine, Justin; Meland, Morten; Rivrud, Inger Maren; Ropstad, Erik; Veiberg, Vebjørn; Mysterud, Atle.
Behavioral buffering of extreme weather events in a high-Arctic herbivore. Ecosphere 2016 ;Volum 7.(6) s. -
23 Rivrud, Inger Maren; Bischof, Richard; Meisingset, Erling L.; Zimmermann, Barbara; Loe, Leif Egil; Mysterud, Atle.
Leave before it's too late: Anthropogenic and environmental triggers of autumn migration in a hunted ungulate population. Ecology 2016 ;Volum 97.(4) s. 1058-1068
24 Gilroy, James; Ordiz, Andres; Bischof, Richard.
Carnivore coexistence: Value the wilderness. Science 2015 ;Volum 347.(6220) s. 382-
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25 Rognes, Are; Odden, John; Loe, Leif Egil; Bischof, Richard; Linnell, John Durrus.
Aktivitetsmønstre hos rådyr, gaupe, rev og mennesker studert med viltkamera. Hjorteviltet 2015
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26 Bischof, Richard.
Hello kitty! Shy snow leopard is caught on camera in the mountains of Pakistan. Daily Mail [Internett] 2014-02-11
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27 Bischof, Richard.
National Geographic har trykket Ås-forskeres bilder og funn. Ås Avis [Avis] 2014-04-18
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28 Bischof, Richard.
Non-invasive monitoring of carnivores: advancing methodology and ecological knowledge. Final Report to the Research Council of Norway.. Ås: INA/NMBU 2014 4 s.
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29 Bischof, Richard.
Olympic Publicity Could Boost Snow Leopard Conservation Efforts. The Dodo [Internett] 2014-01-28
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30 Bischof, Richard.
Pictures of the day (snow leopard in Pakistan). The Telegraph [Internett] 2014-02-11
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31 Bischof, Richard.
Rare Pictures: Snow Leopards Caught in Camera Trap. Endangered big cats photographed in northern Pakistan. National Geographic [Internett] 2014-06-02
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32 Bischof, Richard.
The Elusive Snow Leopard, Caught in a Camera Trap. Researchers managed to capture images of notoriously elusive snow leopards in Pakistan. Smithsonian [Internett] 2014-01-28
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33 Bischof, Richard; Ali, H; Kabir, M.; Hameed, Shaista; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali.
Being the underdog: An elusive small carnivore uses space with prey and time without enemies. Journal of Zoology 2014 ;Volum 293.(1) s. 40-48
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34 Bischof, Richard; Hameed, Shoaib; Ali, Hussain; Kabir, Muhammad; Younas, Muhammad; Shah, Kursheed; Din, Jaffar; Nawaz, Muhammad.
Using time-to-event analysis to complement hierarchical methods when assessing determinants of photographic detectability during camera trapping. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2014 ;Volum 5.(1) s. 44-53
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35 Hameed, Shoaib; Din, Jaffar Ud; Shah, Khurshid Ali; Kabir, Muhammad; Ayub, Muhammad; Khan, Siraj; Bischof, Richard; Nawaz, Doost Ali; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali.
Pallas's cat photgraphed in Qurumber National Park, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Cat News 2014 ;Volum 60.(Spring) s. 3-4
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36 Bischof, Richard.
Carnivore Guild Ecology Project. Activity Brief (#2).
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37 Bischof, Richard.
Detectability of carnivores during camera trap surveys. Pakistan Congress of Zoology; 2013-04-02 - 2013-04-04
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38 Bischof, Richard.
Spying on wildlife: science and the real world. Introductory lecture for new INA students; 2013-08-12
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39 Bischof, Richard; Swenson, Jon; Ordiz Fernandez, Andres Avelino; Conniff, Richard.
The Surprising Fallout From Trophy Hunting for Wolves and Bears. Take Part [Internett] 2013-10-25
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40 Nawaz, Muhammad Ali; Bischof, Richard.
Ecological exercise: Tech-driven research reveals interesting facts. The Express Tribune (with the International Herald Tribune) [Internett] 2013-06-07
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41 Ordiz Fernandez, Andres Avelino; Bischof, Richard; Swenson, Jon.
Saving large carnivores, but losing the apex predator?. Biological Conservation 2013 ;Volum 168. s. 128-133
NINA NMBU Untitled
42 Sahlén, Veronica; Brøseth, Henrik; Bischof, Richard; Ersson, Linda; Hansson, Hans Olov; Johansen, Thomas; Kindberg, Jonas; Persson, Lars Thomas.
Björnarbetsgruppens förslag för övervakning av björn i Skandinavien. : Naturvårdsverket 2013 17 s.
NINA NMBU Untitled
43 Zedrosser, Andreas; Pelletier, Fanie; Bischof, Richard; Festa-Bianchet, Marco; Swenson, Jon.
Determinants of lifetime reproduction in female brown bears: early body mass, longevity, and hunting regulations. Ecology 2013 ;Volum 94.(1) s. 231-240
44 Bischof, Richard.
A novel approach to analyzing camera trap data. Modern Research Techniques in Ecology; 2012-04-16
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45 Bischof, Richard.
Applied wildlife management. Course (Ecology); 2012-04-25
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46 Bischof, Richard.
Carnivore Guild Ecology Project. Activity Brief (#1).
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47 Bischof, Richard.
Carnivore monitoring in Pakistan. INA seminar; 2012-09-05
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48 Bischof, Richard; Loe, Leif Egil; Meisingset, Erling; Zimmermann, Barbara; Van Moorter, Bram F. A.; Mysterud, Atle.
A Migratory Northern Ungulate in the Pursuit of Spring: Jumping or Surfing the Green Wave?. American Naturalist 2012 ;Volum 180.(4) s. 407-424
49 Bischof, Richard; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Brøseth, Henrik; Männil, Peep; Ozolins, Jaanis; Linnell, John Durrus.
Implementation uncertainty when using recreational hunting to manage carnivores. Journal of Applied Ecology 2012 ;Volum 49.(4) s. 824-832
NINA NMBU Untitled
50 Bischof, Richard; Swenson, Jon.
Linking noninvasive genetic sampling and traditional monitoring to aid management of a trans-border carnivore population. Ecological Applications 2012 ;Volum 22.(1) s. 361-373
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