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1 Agromayor, Roberto; Müller, Bernhard; Nord, Lars O..
One-Dimensional Annular Diffuser Model for Preliminary Turbomachinery Design. International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power 2019 ;Volum 4.(3) s. -
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2 Agromayor, Roberto; Nord, Lars O..
Preliminary Design and Optimization of Axial Turbines Accounting for Diffuser Performance. International Journal of Turbomachinery, Propulsion and Power 2019 ;Volum 4.(3) s. -
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3 Bamigbetan, Opeyemi Olayinka; Eikevik, Trygve Magne; Nekså, Petter; Bantle, Michael; Schlemminger, Christian.
Experimental investigation of a prototype R-600 compressor for high temperature heat pump. Energy 2019 ;Volum 169. s. 730-738
4 Bamigbetan, Opeyemi Olayinka; Eikevik, Trygve Magne; Nekså, Petter; Bantle, Michael; Schlemminger, Christian.
Theoretical analysis of suitable fluids for high temperature heat pumps up to 125 °C heat delivery. International journal of refrigeration 2018 ;Volum 92. s. 185-195
5 Durakovic, Goran; Skaugen, Geir.
Analysis of Thermodynamic Models for Simulation and Optimisation of Organic Rankine Cycles. Energies 2019 ;Volum 12.(17) s. 1-12
6 Fini, Riccardo; Rasmussen, Einar; Wiklund, Johan; Wright, Mike.
Theories from the Lab: How Research on Science Commercialization can Contribute to Management Studies. Journal of Management Studies 2018
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7 Fu, Chao; Vikse, Matias; Gundersen, Truls.
Challenges in work and heat integration. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2017 ;Volum 61. s. 601-606
8 Fu, Chao; Vikse, Matias; Gundersen, Truls.
Work and heat integration: An emerging research area. Energy 2018 ;Volum 158. s. 796-806
9 Haavik, Torgeir Kolstø; Røyrvik, Jens Olgard Dalseth; Lindheim, Catharina.
A question of power: the politics of kilowatt-hours. Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies 2017 ;Volum 5.(1) s. 17-29
10 Hayter, Christopher S; Rasmussen, Einar; Rooksby, Jacob H.
Beyond formal university technology transfer: innovative pathways for knowledge exchange. Journal of Technology Transfer 2018 s. 1-8
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11 Jakobsen, Siri; Lauvås, Thomas Andre; Steinmo, Marianne Terese.
Collaborative dynamics in environmental R&D alliances. Journal of Cleaner Production 2019 ;Volum 212. s. 950-959
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12 Kauko, Hanne; Kvalsvik, Karoline Husevåg; Rohde, Daniel; Nord, Natasa; Utne, Åmund.
Dynamic modeling of local district heating grids with prosumers: A case study for Norway. Energy 2018 ;Volum 151. s. 261-271
13 Knudsen, Brage Rugstad; Kauko, Hanne; Andresen, Trond.
An Optimal-Control Scheme for Coordinated Surplus-Heat Exchange in Industry Clusters. Energies 2019 ;Volum 12.(10) s. 1-22
14 Lauvås, Thomas Andre; Steinmo, Marianne Terese.
The role of proximity dimensions and mutual commitment in shaping the performance of university-industry research centres. Innovation: Organization and Management 2019
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15 Magnanelli, Elisa; Berglihn, Olaf Trygve; Kjelstrup, Signe.
Exergy-based performance indicators for industrial practice. International Journal of Energy Research 2018 ;Volum 42.(13) s. 3989-4007
16 Magnanelli, Elisa; Solberg, Simon Birger Byremo; Kjelstrup, Signe.
Nature-inspired geometrical design of a chemical reactor. Chemical engineering research & design 2019 ;Volum 152. s. 20-29
17 Mastrowski, Mikolaj; Smolka, Jacek; Hafner, Armin; Haida, Michal; Palacz, Michal; Banasiak, Krzysztof.
Experimental study of the heat transfer problem in expansion devices in CO2 refrigeration systems. Energy 2019 ;Volum 173. s. 586-597
18 Nilsen, Trond; Lauvås, Thomas Andre.
The Role of Proximity Dimensions in Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration in Peripheral Regions: Insights from a Comparative Case Study in Northern Norway. Arctic Review on Law and Politics 2018 ;Volum 9. s. 312-331
19 Rammohan Subramanian, Avinash Shankar; Anantharaman, Rahul; Gundersen, Truls.
Conceptual design of an efficient Hydrogen production process from Natural Gas using an extension to the “G-H” methodology. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2018 ;Volum 44. s. 379-384
20 Rammohan Subramanian, Avinash Shankar; Gundersen, Truls; Adams, Thomas Alan.
Modeling and simulation of energy systems: A review. Processes 2018 ;Volum 6:238.(12) s. 1-45
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21 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Andreasen, Glenn; Larsen, Lars F.S.; Stoustrup, Jakob; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Control structure design for a CO2-refrigeration system with heat recovery. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2019
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22 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Multiple-Input Single-Output Control for Extending the Steady-State Operating Range—Use of Controllers with Different Setpoints. Processes 2019 ;Volum 7.(12)
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23 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Systematic design of active constraint switching using classical advanced control structures. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2019
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24 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Zotica, Cristina Florina; Das, Tamal; Krishnamoorthy, Dinesh; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Changing between Active Constraint Regions for Optimal Operation: Classical Advanced Control versus Model Predictive Control. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2018 ;Volum 43. s. 1015-1020
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25 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Zotica, Cristina Florina; Forsman, Leif Krister; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Systematic Design of Split Range Controllers. IFAC-PapersOnLine 2019 ;Volum 52.(1) s. 898-903
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26 Reyes-Lúa, Adriana; Zotica, Cristina Florina; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Optimal Operation with Changing Active Constraint Regions using Classical Advanced Control. IFAC-PapersOnLine 2018 ;Volum 51.(18) s. 440-445
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27 Rohde, Daniel; Andresen, Trond; Nord, Natasa.
Analysis of an integrated heating and cooling system for a building complex with focus on long–term thermal storage. Applied Thermal Engineering 2018 ;Volum 145. s. 791-803
28 Sevault, Alexis; Soibam, Jerol; Haugen, Nils Erland L; Skreiberg, Øyvind.
Investigation of an Innovative Latent Heat Storage Concept in a Stovepipe. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2018 ;Volum 65. s. 25-30
29 Solheim, Asbjørn.
Inert Anodes – the Blind Alley to Environmental Friendliness?. Light Metals 2018 ;Volum Part F4. s. 1253-1260
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30 Steinmo, Marianne Terese; Lauvås, Thomas Andre; Eidem, Per Anders; Salamonsen, Krister; Paulsen, Monica.
Bedrifters innovasjonstilnærming i perifere regioner. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 2018 ;Volum 35.(03) s. 221-238
31 Steinmo, Marianne Terese; Rasmussen, Einar.
The interplay of cognitive and relational social capital dimensions in university-industry collaboration: Overcoming the experience barrier. Research Policy 2018
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32 Straus, Julian; Skogestad, Sigurd.
A new termination criterion for sampling for surrogate model generation using partial least squares regression. Computers and Chemical Engineering 2019 ;Volum 121. s. 75-85
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33 Straus, Julian; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Self-Optimizing Control in Chemical Recycle Processes. IFAC-PapersOnLine 2018 ;Volum 51.(18) s. 536-541
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34 Straus, Julian; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Surrogate model generation using self-optimizing variables. Computers and Chemical Engineering 2018 ;Volum 119.(2) s. 143-151
NTNU Untitled
35 Straus, Julian; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Use of Latent Variables to Reduce the Dimension of Surrogate Models. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2017 ;Volum 40. s. 445-450
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36 Vikse, Matias; Fu, Chao; Barton, Paul I; Gundersen, Truls.
Towards the use of mathematical optimization for work and heat exchange networks. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2017 ;Volum 61. s. 1351-1356
37 Vikse, Matias; Watson, Harry AJ; Gundersen, Truls; Barton, Paul I.
Versatile Simulation Method for Complex Single Mixed Refrigerant Natural Gas Liquefaction Processes. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2018 ;Volum 57.(17) s. 5881-5894
NTNU Untitled
38 Vikse, Matias; Watson, Harry AJ; Gundersen, Truls; Barton, Paul I..
Simulation of dual mixed refrigerant natural gas liquefaction processes using a nonsmooth framework. Processes 2018 ;Volum 6.(10)
NTNU Untitled
39 Watson, Harry AJ; Vikse, Matias; Gundersen, Truls; Barton, Paul I.
Optimization of single mixed-refrigerant natural gas liquefaction processes described by nondifferentiable models. Energy 2018 ;Volum 150. s. 860-876
NTNU Untitled
40 Watson, Harry AJ; Vikse, Matias; Gundersen, Truls; Barton, Paul I.
Reliable flash calculations: Part 1. Nonsmooth inside-out algorithms. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2017 ;Volum 56.(4) s. 960-973
NTNU Untitled
41 Yamasaki, Haruhiko; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi; Hattori, Kazuyuki; Nekså, Petter.
Experimental Observation of CO2 Dry-ice Behavior in an Evaporator/Sublimator. Energy Procedia 2017 ;Volum 143. s. 375-380
42 Yu, Haoshui; Eason, John; Biegler, Lorenz T; Feng, Xiao; Gundersen, Truls.
Process optimization and working fluid mixture design for organic Rankine cycles (ORCs) recovering compression heat in oxy-combustion power plants. Energy Conversion and Management 2018 ;Volum 175. s. 132-141
NTNU Untitled
43 Yu, Haoshui; Fu, Chao; Gundersen, Truls.
Work and Heat Exchange Networks – Opportunities and Challenges. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2018 ;Volum 44. s. 481-486
44 Yu, Haoshui; Fu, Chao; Vikse, Matias; Gundersen, Truls.
Work and heat integration—A new field in process synthesis and process systems engineering. AIChE Journal 2018 s. 1-16
45 Yu, Haoshui; Fu, Chao; Vikse, Matias; He, Chang; Gundersen, Truls.
Identifying optimal thermodynamic paths in work and heat exchange network synthesis. AIChE Journal 2018 ;Volum 65.(2) s. 549-561
46 Yu, Haoshui; Gundersen, Truls.
Review of work Exchange Networks (WENs) and work and Heat Exchange Networks (WHENs). Chemical Engineering Transactions 2017 ;Volum 61. s. 1345-1350
NTNU Untitled
47 Yu, Haoshui; Gundersen, Truls; Feng, Xiao.
Process integration of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and heat pump for low temperature waste heat recovery. Energy 2018 ;Volum 160. s. 330-340
NTNU Untitled
48 Yu, Haoshui; Vikse, Matias; Anantharaman, Rahul; Gundersen, Truls.
Model reformulations for Work and Heat Exchange Network (WHEN) synthesis problems. Computers and Chemical Engineering 2019 ;Volum 125. s. 89-97
49 Zotica, Cristina Florina; Nord, Lars O.; Kovács, Jenő; Skogestad, Sigurd.
Optimal Operation and Control of Heat-to-Power Cycles: a New Perspective using a Systematic Plantwide Control Approach. Computer-aided chemical engineering 2019 ;Volum 46. s. 1429-1434
NTNU Untitled
50 Zühlsdorf, Benjamin; Bühler, F.; Bantle, Michael; Elmegaard, Brian.
Analysis of technologies and potentials for heat pump-based process heat supply above 150 °C. Energy Conversion and Management 2019