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1 Aditya, Konduri; Gruber, Andrea; Xu, Chao; Lu, Tianfeng F.; Krisman, Alex; Bothien, Mirko R.; Chen, Jacqueline H..
Direct numerical simulation of flame stabilization assisted by autoignition in a reheat gas turbine combustor. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 2019 ;Volum 37.(2) s. 2635-2642
2 Almenningen, Stian; Betlem, Peter; Hussain, Arif; Roy, Srikumar; Senger, Kim; Ersland, Geir.
Demonstrating the potential of CO2 hydrate self-sealing in Svalbard, Arctic Norway. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2019 ;Volum 89. s. 1-8
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3 Anantharaman, Rahul; Roussanaly, Simon; Ditaranto, Mario.
Feasibility of Selective Exhaust Gas Recycle Process for Membrane-based CO2 Capture from Natural Gas Combined Cycles – Showstoppers and Alternative Process Configurations. SSRN 2019
4 Betlem, Peter; Birchall, Thomas; Ogata, Kei; Park, Joonsang; Skurtveit, Elin; Senger, Kim.
Digital Drill Core Models: Structure-from-Motion as a Tool for the Characterisation, Orientation, and Digital Archiving of Drill Core Samples. Remote Sensing 2020 ;Volum 12.(2) s. -
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5 Deng, Han; Roussanaly, Simon; Skaugen, Geir.
Techno-economic analyses of CO2 liquefaction: Impact of product pressure and impurities. International journal of refrigeration 2019 ;Volum 103. s. 301-315
6 Dupuy, Bastien; Romdhane, Anouar; Eliasson, Peder; Querendez, Etor; Yan, Hong; Torres Caceres, Veronica Alejandra; Ghaderi, Amir.
Quantitative seismic characterisation of CO2 at the Sleipner storage site, North Sea. Interpretation 2017 ;Volum 5.(4) s. SS23-SS42
7 Dupuy, Bastien; Torres Caceres, Veronica Alejandra; Romdhane, Mohamed Anouar; Ghaderi, Amir.
Norwegian large-scale CO2 storage project (Smeaheia): baseline geophysical models. SSRN 2019
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8 Grimstvedt, Andreas Magnar; Wiig, Merete; Einbu, Aslak; Vevelstad, Solrun Johanne.
Multi-component analysis of monethanolamine solvent samples by FTIR. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2019 ;Volum 83. s. 293-307
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9 Gruber, Andrea; Richardson, Edward S.; Aditya, Konduri; Chen, Jacqueline H..
Direct numerical simulations of premixed and stratified flame propagation in turbulent channel flow. Physical Review Fluids 2018 ;Volum 3.(11)
10 Hennings, Peter H.; Lund Snee, Jens-Erik; Osmond, Johnathon Lee; DeShon, Heather R.; Dommisse, Robin; Horne, Elizabeth; Lemons, Casee; Zoback, Mark D..
Injection-induced seismicity and fault-slip potential in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas. Bulletin of The Seismological Society of America (BSSA) 2019 ;Volum 109.(5) s. 1615-1634
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11 Horne, Elizabeth; Hennings, Peter H.; Osmond, Johnathon L.; DeShon, Heather R..
Structural characterization of potentially seismogenic faults in the Fort Worth Basin. Interpretation 2020
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12 Jiang, Yuanjie; del Alamo Serrano, Gonzalo; Gruber, Andrea; Bothien, Mirko R.; Seshadri, Kalyanasundaram; Williams, Forman Arthur.
A skeletal mechanism for prediction of ignition delay times and laminar premixed flame velocities of hydrogen-methane mixtures under gas turbine conditions. International journal of hydrogen energy 2019 ;Volum 44.(33) s. 18573-18585
13 Lavrov, Alexandre; Torsæter, Malin.
All microannuli are not created equal: Role of uncertainty and stochastic properties in well leakage prediction. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2018 ;Volum 79. s. 323-328
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14 Li, Zuoan; Polfus, Jonathan Marc; Xing, Wen; Denonville, Christelle; Fontaine, Marie-Laure; Bredesen, Rune.
Factors Limiting the Apparent Hydrogen Flux in Asymmetric Tubular Cercer Membranes Based on La27W3.5Mo1.5O55.5−δ and La0.87Sr0.13CrO3−δ. Membranes 2019 ;Volum 9.(126)
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15 Lubrano-Lavadera, Paul Louis Francois; Senger, Kim; Lecomte, Isabelle; Mulrooney, Mark Joseph; Kühn, Daniela.
Seismic modelling of metre-scale normal faults at a reservoir-cap rock interface in Central Spitsbergen, Svalbard: implications for CO2 storage. Norwegian Journal of Geology 2019 ;Volum 99.(2) s. 329-347
16 Løvseth, Sigurd Weidemann; Westman, Snorre Foss; Austegard, Anders; Stang, Hans Georg Jacob.
Need and Measurements of Accurate Thermodynamic Data for CCS. SSRN 2019
17 Mulrooney, Mark Joseph; Larsen, Leif; Van Stappen, Jeroen; Rismyhr, Bjarte; Senger, Kim; Braathen, Alvar; Olaussen, Snorre; Mørk, Mai Britt Engeness; Ogata, Kei; Cnudde, Veerle.
Fluid flow properties of the Wilhelmøya Subgroup, a potential unconventional CO2 storage unit in central Spitsbergen. Norwegian Journal of Geology 2018 ;Volum 99.(4) s. 85-116
18 Mølnvik, Mona J.; Brunsvold, Amy; Tangen, Grethe; Henriksen, Partow Pakdel; Munkejord, Svend Tollak; Jakobsen, Jana Poplsteinova.
The Norwegian CCS Research Centre: Industry-Driven Innovation for Fast-Track Ccs Deployment. SSRN 2019
19 Møyner, Olav; Nilsen, Halvor Møll.
Multiresolution coupled vertical equilibrium model for fast flexible simulation of CO2 storage. Computational Geosciences 2018 s. 1-20
20 Neumann, Tobias; Thol, Monika; Bell, Ian H.; Lemmon, Eric W.; Span, Roland.
Fundamental thermodynamic models for mixtures containing ammonia. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2020 ;Volum 511.
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21 Ohm, Sverre Ekrene; Larsen, Leif; Olaussen, Snorre; Senger, Kim; Birchall, Thomas; Demchuk, Thomas; Hodson, Andrew; Johansen, Ingar; Titlestad, Geir Ove; Karlsen, Dag Arild; Braathen, Alvar.
Discovery of shale gas in organic-rich Jurassic successions, Adventdalen, Central Spitsbergen, Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology 2019 ;Volum 99.(2) s. 349-376
22 Olaussen, Snorre; Senger, Kim; Braathen, Alvar; Grundvåg, Sten-Andreas; Mørk, Atle.
You learn as long as you drill; research synthesis from the Longyearbyen CO2 Laboratory, Svalbard, Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology 2019 ;Volum 99.(2) s. 157-187
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23 Osmond, Johnathon Lee; Meckel, Timothy A..
Enhancing trap and fault seal analyses by integrating observations from HR3D seismic data with well logs and conventional 3D seismic data, Texas inner shelf. Geological Society Special Publication 2019 s. -
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24 Ottøy, Sindre; Neumann, Tobias; Stang, Hans Georg Jacob; Jakobsen, Jana Poplsteinova; Austegard, Anders; Løvseth, Sigurd Weidemann.
Thermodynamics of the carbon dioxide plus nitrogen plus methane (CO2 + N2 + CH4) system: Measurements of vapor-liquid equilibrium data at temperatures from 223 to 298 K and verification of EOS-CG-2019 equation of state. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2019 ;Volum 509.
25 Polfus, Jonathan M.; Yang, Jing; Yildiz, Bilge.
Interplay between H2O and CO2 coadsorption and space-charge on Y-doped BaZrO3 surfaces. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2018 ;Volum 6. s. 24823-24830
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26 Polfus, Jonathan M.; Yildiz, Bilge; Tuller, Harry; Bredesen, Rune.
Adsorption of CO2 and Facile Carbonate Formation on BaZrO3 Surfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2018 ;Volum 122.(1) s. 307-314
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27 Ringrose, Philip; Meckel, T A.
Maturing global CO2 storage resources on offshore continental margins to achieve 2DS emissions reductions. Scientific Reports 2019 ;Volum 9.(1) s. 1-10
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28 Romdhane, Mohamed Anouar; Eliasson, Peder.
Optimised Geophysical Survey Design for CO2 Monitoring – A Synthetic Study. SSRN 2019
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29 Roussanaly, Simon.
Calculating CO2 avoidance costs of Carbon Capture and Storage from industry. Carbon Management 2019 ;Volum 10.(1) s. 105-112
30 Roussanaly, Simon; Anantharaman, Rahul; Lindqvist, Karl Erik Artur; Hagen, Brede Andre Larsen.
A new approach to the identification of high-potential materials for cost-efficient membrane-based post-combustion CO2 capture. Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2018 ;Volum 2.(6) s. 1225-1243
31 Roussanaly, Simon; Ouassou, Jabir Ali; Anantharaman, Rahul; Haaf, Martin.
Impact of uncertainties on the design and cost of CCS from a waste-to-energy plant. Frontiers in Energy Research 2020
32 Sazinas, Rokas; Sunding, Martin Fleissner; Thøgersen, Annett; Sakaguchi, Isao; Norby, Truls Eivind; Grande, Tor; Polfus, Jonathan M..
Surface reactivity and cation non-stoichiometry in BaZr1-xYxO3-δ (x=0-0.2) exposed to CO2 at elevated temperature. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2019 ;Volum 7.(8) s. 3848-3856
33 Størset, Sigmund Østtveit; Tangen, Grethe; Berstad, David Olsson; Eliasson, Peder; Hoff, Karl Anders; Langørgen, Øyvind; Munkejord, Svend Tollak; Roussanaly, Simon; Torsæter, Malin.
Profiting from CCS innovations: A study to measure potential value creation from CCS research and development. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2019 ;Volum 83. s. 208-215
34 Torsæter, Malin; Cerasi, Pierre.
Geological and geomechanical factors impacting loss of near-well permeability during CO2 injection. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2018 ;Volum 76. s. 193-199
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35 Westman, Snorre Foss; Austegard, Anders; Stang, Hans Georg Jacob; Løvseth, Sigurd Weidemann.
Vapor-liquid equilibrium data for the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (CO2 + CO) system at the temperatures 253, 273, 283 and 298 K and pressures up to 13 MPa. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2018 ;Volum 473. s. 37-49
36 Yan, Hong; Dupuy, Bastien; Romdhane, Mohamed Anouar; Arntsen, Børge.
CO2 saturation estimates at Sleipner (North Sea) from seismic tomography and rock physics inversion. Geophysical Prospecting 2018 ;Volum 67.(4) s. 1055-1071
37 Æsøy, Eirik; Aguilar, Jose; Wiseman, Samuel; Bothien, Mirko R.; Worth, Nicholas; Dawson, James.
Scaling and prediction of transfer functions in lean premixed H2/CH4-flames. Combustion and Flame 2020 ;Volum 215. s. 269-282
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