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Fra: 2013   Til: 2017   Enhet: Institutt for markedsføring (BI)   Hovedkategori: Tidsskriftspublikasjon   Kun publ. kanaler nivå 2

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1 Moeni-Jazani, Mehrad; Knoeferle, Klemens; De Molière, Laura; Gatti, Elia; Warlop, Luk.
Social Power Increases Interoceptive Accuracy. Frontiers in Psychology 2017 ;Volum 8.
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2 Antia, Kersi D.; Mani, Sudha; Wathne, Kenneth Henning.
Franchisor-Franchisee Bankruptcy and the Efficacy of Franchisee Governance. Journal of Marketing Research 2017 ;Volum 54.(6) s. 952-967
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3 Gebauer, Heiko; Saul, Caroline; Haldimann, Mirella; Gustafsson, Anders.
Organizational capabilities for pay-per-use services in product-oriented companies. International Journal of Production Economics 2017 ;Volum 192.(Oct) s. 157-168
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4 Gustafsson, Anders; Bowen, David.
The curious case of interdisciplinary research deficiency: Cause or symptom of what truly ails us?. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volum 79. s. 269-280
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5 Hunneman, Auke; Verhoef, Peter C.; Sloot, Laurens.
The moderating role of shopping trip type in store satisfaction formation. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volum 78. s. 133-142
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6 Knoeferle, Klemens; Paus, Vilhelm Camillus; Vossen, Alexander.
An upbeat crowd: Fast in-store music alleviates negative effects of high social density on customers’ spending. Journal of Retailing 2017 ;Volum 93.(4) s. 541-549
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7 McColl-Kennedy, Janet, R.; Danaher, Tracey, S.; Gallan, Andrew; Orsingher, Chiara; Lervik-Olsen, Line; Verma, Rohit.
How do you feel today? Managing patient emotions during health care experiences to enhance well-being. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volum 79. s. 247-259
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8 Olson, Erik.
Lead market learning in the development and diffusion of electric vehicles.. Journal of Cleaner Production 2017 ;Volum 172. s. 3279-3288
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9 Olson, Erik.
The rationalization and persistence of organic food beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. Journal of Cleaner Production 2017 ;Volum 140. s. 1007-1013
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10 Petit, Olivia; Spence, Charles; Velasco, Carlos; Woods, Andy T.; Cheok, Adrian David.
Changing the influence of portion size on consumer behavior via imagined consumption. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volum 75. s. 240-248
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11 Voorhees, Clay; Fombelle, Paul; Gregoire, Yany; Bone, Sterling; Gustafsson, Anders; SOUSA, Rui; Walkowiak, Travis.
Myopia in Service Research: A Call and Research Agenda to Expand our Lens Beyond the Core Service Encounter. Journal of Business Research 2017 ;Volum 79.(Oct) s. 269-280
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12 Wang, Qian J; Knoeferle, Klemens; Spence, Charles.
Music to make your mouth water? Assessing the potential influence of sour music on salivation. Frontiers in Psychology 2017 ;Volum 8:638.
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13 Worm, Stefan; Bharadwaj, Sundar; Ulaga, Wolfgang; Reinartz, Werner.
When and why do customer solutions pay off in business markets?. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2017 ;Volum 45.(4) s. 490-512
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14 Lanseng, Even.
Relevant sex appeals in advertising: Gender and commitment context differences. Frontiers in Psychology 2016 ;Volum 7.(September)
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15 Martin, Drew; Gustafsson, Anders; Choi, Sunmee.
Service innovation, renewal, and adoption/rejection in dynamic global contexts. Journal of Business Research 2016 ;Volum 69.(7) s. 2397-2400
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16 Snyder, Hannah; Witell, Lars; Gustafsson, Anders; Fombelle, Paul; Kristensson, Per.
Identifying categories of service innovation: A review and synthesis of the literature. Journal of Business Research 2016 ;Volum 69.(7) s. 2401-2408
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17 Witell, Lars; Snyder, Hannah; Gustafsson, Anders; Fombelle, Paul; Kristensson, Per.
Defining service innovation: A review and synthesis. Journal of Business Research 2016 ;Volum 69.(8) s. 2863-2872
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18 Faraji-Rad, Ali; Samuelsen, Bendik Meling; Warlop, Luk.
On the Persuasiveness of Similar Others: The Role of Mentalizing and the Feeling of Certainty. Journal of Consumer Research 2015 ;Volum 42.(3) s. 458-471
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19 Högström, Claes; Gustafsson, Anders; Tronvoll, Bård.
Strategic brand management: Archetypes for managing brands through paradoxes. Journal of Business Research 2015 ;Volum 68.(2) s. 391-404
BI HINN Untitled
20 Hunneman, Auke; Verhoef, Peter C.; Sloot, Laurens.
The Impact of Consumer Confidence on Store Satisfaction and Share of Wallet Formation. Journal of Retailing 2015 ;Volum 91.(3) s. 516-532
BI UIS Untitled
21 Nygaard, Arne; Biong, Harald; Silkoset, Ragnhild; Kidwell, Roland E..
Leading by example: values-based strategy to instill ethical conduct. Journal of Business Ethics 2015 ;Volum Published ahead of print. s. -
BI HK Untitled
22 Sande, Jon Bingen; Haugland, Sven Arne.
Strategic performance effects of misaligned formal contracting: The mediating role of relational contracting. International Journal of Research in Marketing 2015 ;Volum 32.(2) s. 187-194
BI NHH Untitled
23 Utgård, Jakob; Nygaard, Arne; Dahlstrøm, Robert.
Franchising, local market characteristics and alcohol sales to minors. Journal of Business Research 2015 ;Volum 68.(10) s. 2117-2124
BI HK Untitled
24 Velasco, Carlos; Wan, Xiaoang; Knöferle, Klemens; Zhou, Xi; Salgado-Montejo, Alejandro; Spence, Charles.
Searching for flavor labels in food products: The influence of color-flavor congruence and association strength. Frontiers in Psychology 2015 ;Volum 6.(301)
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25 Watson, George; Worm, Stefan; Palmatier, Robert; Ganesan, Shankar.
The Evolution of Marketing Channels: Trends and Research Directions. Journal of Retailing 2015 ;Volum 91.(4) s. 546-568
BI Untitled
26 Acar-Burkay, Sinem; Fennis, Bob; Warlop, Luk.
Trusting others: The polarization effect of need for closure. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2014 ;Volum 107.(4) s. 719-735
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27 Lopez, Ines; Ruiz, Salvador; Warlop, Luk.
When Sharing Consumption Emotions With Strangers Is More Satisfying Than Sharing Them With Friends. Journal of Service Research 2014 ;Volum 17.(4) s. 475-488
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28 Warlop, Luk; Shrum, LJ; Merunka, Dwight; de Barnier, Virginie.
Utterly fresh perspectives on consumer research and advertising: Introducing the special issue from the 2013 La Londe conference. Journal of Business Research 2014 ;Volum 67.(7) s. 1519-1521
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29 Dorotic, Matilda; Verhoef, Peter C.; Fok, Dennis; Bijmolt, Tammo H.A..
Reward redemption effects in a loyalty program when customers choose how much and when to redeem. International Journal of Research in Marketing 2014 ;Volum 31.(4) s. 339-355
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30 Fennis, Bob; Stroebe, Wolfgang.
Softening the Blow: Company Self-Disclosure of Negative Information Lessens Damaging Effects on Consumer Judgment and Decision Making. Journal of Business Ethics 2014 ;Volum 120.(1) s. 109-120
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31 Heide, Jan B.; Kumar, Alok; Wathne, Kenneth Henning.
Concurrent Sourcing, Governance Mechanisms, and Performance Outcomes in Industrial Value Chains. Strategic Management Journal 2014 ;Volum 35.(8) s. 1164-1185
BI UIS Untitled
32 Knox, George; van Oest, Rutger Daniel.
Customer Complaints and Recovery Effectiveness: A Customer Base Approach. Journal of Marketing 2014 ;Volum 78.(5) s. 42-57
BI Untitled
33 Nes, Erik Bertin; Yelkur, Rama; Silkoset, Ragnhild.
Consumer affinity for foreign countries: Construct development, buying behavior consequences and animosity contrasts. International Business Review 2014 ;Volum 23.(4) s. 774-784
BI Untitled
34 Olson, Erik.
Green Innovation Value Chain analysis of PV solar power. Journal of Cleaner Production 2014 ;Volum 64.(February) s. 73-80
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35 Ou, Yi-Chun; Vries de, Lisette; Wiesel, Thorsten; Verhoef, Peter C..
The Role of Consumer Confidence in Creating Customer Loyalty. Journal of Service Research 2014 ;Volum 17.(3) s. 339-354
BI Untitled
36 Risselada, Hans; Verhoef, Peter C.; Bijmolt, Tammo H.A..
Dynamic Effects of Social Influence and Direct Marketing on the Adoption of High-Technology Products. Journal of Marketing 2014 ;Volum 78.(2) s. 52-68
BI Untitled
37 Salmon, Stefanie J.; Fennis, Bob; De Ridder, Denise TD; Adriaanse, Marieke A.; De Vet, Emely.
Health on impulse: When low self-control promotes healthy food choices. Health Psychology 2014 ;Volum 33.(2) s. 103-109
BI Untitled
38 Worm, Stefan; Srivastava, Rajendra K..
Impact of Component Supplier Branding on Profitability. International Journal of Research in Marketing 2014 ;Volum 31.(4) s. 409-424
BI Untitled
39 Feld, Sebastian; Frenzen, Heiko; Krafft, Manfred; Peters, Kay; Verhoef, Peter C..
The effects of mailing design characteristics on direct mail campaign performance. International Journal of Research in Marketing 2013 ;Volum 30.(2) s. 143-159
BI Untitled
40 Olson, Erik.
It's not easy being green: the effects of attribute tradeoffs on green product preference and choice. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2013 ;Volum 41.(2) s. 171-184
BI Untitled
41 Olson, Erik.
Perspective: The Green Innovation Value Chain: A Tool for Evaluating the Diffusion Prospects of Green Products. The Journal of product innovation management 2013 ;Volum 30.(4) s. 782-793
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42 Tarasi, Crina; Bolton, Ruth; Gustafsson, Anders; Walker, Beth.
Relationship characteristics and cash flow variability: implications for satisfaction, loyalty, and customer portfolio management. Journal of Service Research 2013 ;Volum 16.(2) s. 121-137
BI Untitled
43 van Oest, Rutger Daniel.
Why are Consumers Less Loss Averse in Internal than External Reference Prices?. Journal of Retailing 2013 ;Volum 89.(1) s. 62-71
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