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1 Olsen, Christine; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Bergland, Astrid; Ender-Slegers, Marie-Jose; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Engagement in elderly persons With dementia attending animal-assisted Group activity. Dementia 2019 ;Volum 18.(1) s. 245-261
2 Backe, Ingeborg Flåten; Patil, Grete Grindal; Nes, Ragnhild Bang; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne.
The relationship between physical functional limitations, and psychological distress: Considering a possible mediating role of pain, social support and sense of mastery. SSM - Population Health 2018 ;Volum 4. s. 153-163
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3 Bhargava, Sameer; Tsuruda, Kaitlyn; Moen, Kåre; Bukholm, Ida Rashida Khan; Hofvind, Solveig.
Lower attendance rates in immigrant versus non-immigrant women in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Programme. Journal of Medical Screening 2018 ;Volum 25.(3) s. 155-161
4 Myklebust-Hansen, Thea; Aamodt, Geir; Haugen, Margaretha; Brantsæter, Anne Lise; Vatn, Morten H; Bengtson, May-Bente.
Dietary Patterns in women with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 2018 ;Volum 24.(1) s. 12-24
5 Bengtson, May-Bente; Aamodt, Geir; Mahadevan, Uma; Vatn, Morten H.
Inadequate Gestational Weight Gain, the Hidden Link Between Maternal IBD and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes: Results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 2017 ;Volum 23.(7) s. 1225-1233
6 Bengtson, May-Bente; Martin, Christopher F; Aamodt, Geir; Vatn, Morten H; Mahadevan, Uma.
Inadequate Gestational Weight Gain Predicts Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in Mothers with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results from a Prospective US Pregnancy Cohort. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 2017 ;Volum 62.(8) s. 2063-2069
7 Breistøl, Sara; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne; Van Roy, Betty; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti.
Association Between Participating in Noncompetitive or Competitive Sports and Mental Health among Adolescents – a Norwegian Population-based Cross-sectional Study. Scandinavian Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology 2017 ;Volum 5.(1) s. 28-38
8 Erin, Hetherington; Matthijs, Eggers; Joyce, Wamoyi; Hatfield, Jennifer; Manyama, Mange; Kutz, Susan J.; Bastien, Sheri.
Participatory science and innovation for improved sanitation and hygiene: process and outcome evaluation of project SHINE, a school-based intervention in Rural Tanzania. BMC Public Health 2017 ;Volum 17.(172) s. -
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9 Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Nordh, Helena; Skår, Margrete.
Everyday use of urban cemeteries: a Norwegian case study. Landscape and Urban Planning 2017 ;Volum 159. s. 76-84
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10 Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; Hägerhäll, Caroline; Johansson, Maria; Patil, Grete Grindal.
Nature in the office : an environmental assessment study. Journal of Architectural and Planning Research 2017 ;Volum 34.(2) s. 133-146
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11 Hasseleid, Synva Nesheim; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; LUNDQVIST, CHRISTOFER.
The association between adolescent and parental use of non-prescription analgesics for headache and other somatic pain – A cross-sectional study. Scandinavian Journal of Pain 2017 ;Volum 16. s. 114-121
12 Ihlebæk, Camilla; Aamodt, Geir; Aradi, Renata; Claussen, Bjørgulf; Thoren, Anne-Karine Halvorsen.
Association between urban green space and self-reported lifestyle-related disorders in Oslo, Norway.. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2017 ;Volum 46.(6) s. 589-596
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13 Jøranson, Nina.
Hvordan kan aktivitet med selroboten Paro fremme helse hos sykehjemsbeboere med en demenssykdom?. Tidsskrift for omsorgsforskning 2017 ;Volum 3.(2) s. 94-105
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14 Madsen, Christian; Håberg, Siri Eldevik; Aamodt, Geir; Stigum, Hein; Magnus, Per; London, Stephanie J.; Nystad, Wenche; Nafstad, Per.
Preeclampsia and hypertension during pregnancy in areas with relatively low levels of traffic air pollution. Maternal and Child Health Journal 2017 ;Volum 22.(4) s. 512-519
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15 Madsen, Christian; Håberg, Siri Eldevik; Magnus, Maria Christine; Aamodt, Geir; Stigum, Hein; London, Stephanie J.; Nystad, Wenche; Nafstad, Per.
Pregnancy exposure to air pollution and early childhood respiratory health in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa). BMJ Open 2017 ;Volum 7.(12) s. -
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16 Nordbø, Emma Charlott Andersson; Aamodt, Geir; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Subjective Health Complaints in Individuals With Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis: Associations with the Severity of the Skin Condition and Illness Perceptions - A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2017 ;Volum 24.(3) s. 438-446
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17 Nordh, Helena; Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Skår, Margrete.
A peaceful place in the city—A qualitative study of restorative components of the cemetery. Landscape and Urban Planning 2017 ;Volum 167. s. 108-117
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18 Nordh, Helena; Vistad, Odd Inge; Skår, Margrete; Wold, Line Camilla; Bærum, Kim Magnus.
Walking as urban outdoor recreation: Public health for everyone. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism 2017 ;Volum 20. s. 60-66
NINA NMBU Untitled
19 Omholt, Mona Linge; Tveito, Torill Helene; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Subjective health complaints, work-related stress and self-efficacy in Norwegian aircrew. Occupational Medicine 2017 ;Volum 67.(2) s. 135-142
20 Rahbar, Afsar; Touma, Joel; Costa, Helena; Davoudi, Belghis; Bukholm, Ida Rashida Khan; Sauer, Torill; Vetvik, Katja K; Geisler, Jürgen; Söderberg-Naucler, Cecilia.
Low Expression of Estrogen Receptor-α and Progesterone Receptor in Human Breast Cancer Tissues Is Associated With High-Grade Human Cytomegalovirus Protein Expression. Clinical Breast Cancer 2017 ;Volum 17.(7) s. 526-535.e1
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21 Rasalingam, Anurajee; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti.
Peer Victimization and Related Mental Health Problems in Early Adolescence: The Mediating Role of Parental and Peer Support. Journal of Early Adolescence 2017 ;Volum 37.(8) s. 1142-1162
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22 Rybråten, Stine; Skår, Margrete; Nordh, Helena.
The phenomenon of walking: diverse and dynamic. Landscape Research 2017 ;Volum 44.(1) s. 62-74
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23 Wilhelmsen, Christine Koteng; Skalleberg, Katrine; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; Tveite, Håvard; Aamodt, Geir.
Associations between green area in school neighbourhoods and overweight and obesity among Norwegian adolescents. Preventive Medicine Reports 2017 ;Volum 7. s. 99-105
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24 Aamodt, Geir; Dahl, Cecilie.
Magnesium i drikkevannet – Kan rørhelse og folkehelse bli ett?. Vann 2016 ;Volum 51.(1) s. 22-29
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25 Bennetter, Karin Elisabeth; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti.
Sense of mastery as mediator buffering psychological distress among people with diabetes. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications (JDC) 2016 ;Volum 30.(5) s. 839-844
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26 Bjørnstad, Siv; Patil, Grete Grindal; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti.
Nature contact and organizational support during office working hours: Benefits relating to stress reduction, subjective health complaints, and sick leave. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 9-20
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27 Calogiuri, Giovanna; Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Weydahl, Andi; Andersson, Kim; Patil, Grete Grindal; Ihlebæk, Camilla; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti.
Green exercise as a workplace intervention to reduce job stress. Results from a pilot study. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 99-111
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28 Calogiuri, Giovanna; Patil, Grete Grindal; Aamodt, Geir.
Is Green Exercise for All? A Descriptive Study of Green Exercise Habits and Promoting Factors in Adult Norwegians. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) 2016 ;Volum 13.(11) s. -
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29 Ellingsen-Dalskau, Lina Harvold; Berget, Bente; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Tellnes, Gunnar; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Understanding how prevocational training on care farms can lead to functioning, motivation and well-being. Disability and Rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 38.(25) s. 2504-2513
HIOF UiO NMBU Untitled
30 Ellingsen-Dalskau, Lina Harvold; Morken, Margrete Kolsø; Berget, Bente; Pedersen, Ingeborg.
Autonomy support and need satisfaction in prevocational programs on care farms: The self-determination theory perspective. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 73-85
NMBU Untitled
31 Evensen, Katinka Horgen; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; Fyhri, Aslak.
Soundscape and perceived suitability for recreation in an urban designated quiet zone. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 2016 ;Volum 20.(December) s. 243-248
TØI NMBU Untitled
32 Goold, Conor; Vas, Judit; Olsen, Christine; Newberry, Ruth C..
Using network analysis to study behavioural phenotypes: An example using domestic dogs. Royal Society Open Science 2016 ;Volum 3.(10)
NMBU Untitled
33 Halvorsen, Marianne Moe; Clench-Aas, Jocelyne; Patil, Grete Grindal; LUNDQVIST, CHRISTOFER.
Changes over time of prescription and nonprescription analgesics for headache with or without other somatic pain: effects of prescription regulatory changes. Journal of Pain 2016 ;Volum 17.(7) s. 787-795
34 Hofstad, Hege.
The ambition of Health in All Policies in Norway: The role of political leadership and bureaucratic change. Health Policy 2016 ;Volum 120.(5) s. 567-575
35 Ihlebæk, Camilla; Ellingsen-Dalskau, Lina Harvold; Berget, Bente.
Motivations, experiences and challenges of being a care farmer –results of a survey of Norwegian care farmers. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 113-121
HIOF NMBU Untitled
36 Johnsen, Tone Langjordet; Indahl, Aage; Eriksen, Hege Randi; Ihlebæk, Camilla; Tveito, Torill Helene.
Work and mental complaints: are response outcome expectancies more important than work conditions and number of subjective health complaints?. Journal of occupational rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 27.(2) s. 218-227
37 Jøranson, Nina; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork; Aamodt, Geir; Olsen, Christine; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Group activity with Paro in nursing homes : systematic investigation of behaviors in participants. International Psychogeriatrics 2016 ;Volum 28.(8) s. 1345-1354
38 Jøranson, Nina; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Rokstad, Anne Marie Mork; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Change in quality of life in older people with dementia participating in Paro-activity: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2016 ;Volum 72.(12) s. 3020-3033
39 Nordh, Helena; Asmervik, Sigmund.
Universell utforming som en positive utfordring eller en unødvendig byrde? :. Kart og plan 2016 ;Volum 76, årg. 109.(1) s. 28-38
NMBU Untitled
40 Nordh, Helena; Wiklund, Kristin Tuv; Koppang, Kaja Elisabeth.
Norwegian allotment gardens—a study of motives and benefits. Landscape Research 2016 ;Volum 41.(8) s. 853-868
NMBU Untitled
41 Nordnes, Ekta Therese; Melbye, Elisabeth Lind; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Bjelland, Mona.
Hva betyr kjønn, foreldres utdanningsnivå og foreldrepraksis for ungdommers inntak av ulike typer drikke?. Norsk Tidsskrift for Ernæring 2016 (04) s. 6-12
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42 Olsen, Christine; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Bergland, Astrid; Enders-Slegers, Marie-Jose; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Effect of animal-assisted activity on balance and quality of life in home-dwelling persons with dementia. Geriatric Nursing 2016 ;Volum 37.(4) s. 284-291
43 Olsen, Christine; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Bergland, Astrid; Enders-Slegers, Marie-José; Jøranson, Nina; Calogiuri, Giovanna; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Differences in quality of life in home-dwelling persons and nursing home residents with dementia – a cross-sectional study. BMC Geriatrics 2016 ;Volum 16.(1) s. -
44 Olsen, Christine; Pedersen, Ingeborg; Bergland, Astrid; Enders-Slegers, Marie-José; Patil, Grete Grindal; Ihlebæk, Camilla.
Effect of animal-assisted interventions on depression, agitation and quality of life in nursing home residents suffering from cognitive impairment or dementia: a cluster randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 2016 ;Volum 31.(12) s. 1312-1321
45 Panasevich, Sviatlana; Håberg, Siri Eldevik; Aamodt, Geir; London, Stephanie J; Stigum, Hein; Nystad, Wenche; Nafstad, Per.
Association between pregnancy exposure to air pollution and birth weight in selected areas of Norway. Archives of Public Health 2016 ;Volum 74. s. -
FHI UiO NMBU Untitled
46 Pedersen, Ingeborg; Ellingsen-Dalskau, Lina Harvold; Ihlebæk, Camilla; Patil, Grete Grindal.
Content and key components of vocational rehabilitation on care farms for unemployed people with mental health problems: A case study report. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 21-30
HIOF NMBU Untitled
47 Pedersen, Ingeborg; Patil, Grete Grindal; Berget, Bente; Ihlebæk, Camilla; Gonzalez, Marianne Thorsen.
Mental health rehabilitation in a care farm context: A descriptive review of Norwegian intervention studies. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 31-43
VID NMBU Untitled
48 Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; Patil, Grete Grindal; Alve, Grete.
Patients’ recovery experiences of indoor plants and views of nature in a rehabilitation center. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2016 ;Volum 53.(1) s. 45-55
49 Rohde, Mads Kristian; Aamodt, Geir.
The Association between Residence Floor Level and Cardiovascular Disease: The Health and Environment in Oslo Study. Journal of Environmental and Public health 2016 ;Volum 2016.
NMBU Untitled
50 Ruud, Marte Pilskog; Raanaas, Ruth Kjærsti; Bjelland, Mona.
Caregivers’ perception of factors associated with a healthy diet among people with intellectual disability living in community residences: A Concept mapping method. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2016 ;Volum 59. s. 202-210
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