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1 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth; Swärd, Anna.
Collaborative Project Delivery Models and the Role of Routines in Institutionalizing Partnering. Project Management Journal 2019 ;Volum 50.(2) s. 1-16
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2 La Rocca, Antonella; Perna, Andrea; Snehota, Ivan; Ciabuschi, Francesco.
The role of supplier relationships in the development of new ventures. Industrial Marketing Management 2019 ;Volum 80. s. 149-159
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3 Langley, Ann; Lindberg, Kajsa; Mørk, Bjørn Erik; Nicolini, Davide; raviola, elena; Walter, Lars.
Boundary Work among Groups, Occupations, and Organizations: From Cartography to Process. The Academy of Management Annals 2019 ;Volum 13.(2) s. 704-736
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4 Larsen, Marcus Møller; Manning, Stephan; Pedersen, Torben.
The ambivalent effect of complexity on firm performance: A study of the global service provider industry. Long range planning 2019 ;Volum 52.(2) s. 221-235
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5 Lunnan, Randi; Tomassen, Sverre; Andersson, Ulf; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Dealing with headquarters in the multinational corporation: A subsidiary perspective on organizing costs. Journal of Organization Design 2019 ;Volum 8. s. -
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6 Raziq, Muhammad Mustafa; Benito, Gabriel R G; Toulson, Paul; Malik, Omer; Ahmad, Mansoor.
Roles and strategies of foreign MNE subsidiaries in New Zealand. European Journal of International Management 2019
BI Untitled
7 Santangelo, Grazia D; Dellestrand, Henrik; Andersson, Ulf.
Institutional antecedents of subsidiary external embeddedness: Coping with regulatory competitive constraints. Long range planning 2019 ;Volum 52.(4)
BI Untitled
8 Tarba, Shlomo Y.; Ahammad, Mohammad F.; Junni, Paulina; Stokes, Peter; Morag, Omri.
The Impact of Organizational Culture Differences, Synergy Potential, and Autonomy Granted to the Acquired High-Tech Firms on the M&A Performance. Group & Organization Management 2019 ;Volum 44.(3) s. 483-520
BI Untitled
9 Waluszewski, Alexandra; Håkansson, Håkan; Snehota, Ivan.
The public-private partnership (PPP) disaster of a new hospital ? expected political and existing business interaction patterns. The journal of business & industrial marketing 2019 ;Volum 34.(5) s. 1119-1130
BI Untitled
10 Wathne, Kenneth Henning; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik.
Where do we go from here? The future of B2B governance research.. The journal of business & industrial marketing 2019
BI UIS Untitled
11 Aadland, Erik; Cattani, Gino; Ferriani, Simone.
The Social Structure of Consecration in Cultural Fields: The Influence of Status and Social Distance in Audience–Candidate Evaluative Processes.. Research in the Sociology of Organizations 2018 ;Volum 55. s. 129-157
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12 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Bjarnar, Ove; Wang, Jinmin.
The dynamic role of small- and medium-sized multinationals in global production networks : Norwegian maritime firms in the Greater Shanghai Region in China. Asia Pacific Business Review 2018 ;Volum 24.(1) s. 37-52
BI HIM Untitled
13 Andersen, Espen; Sannes, Ragnvald.
Er du klar for digitalisering?. Praktisk økonomi & finans 2018 ;Volum 34.(3) s. 196-213
BI Untitled
14 Aslesen, Heidi; Martin, Roman; Sardo, Stefania.
The virtual is reality! On physical and virtual space in software firms’ knowledge formation. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 2018 s. 1-14
BI Untitled
15 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth; Endresen, Maria; Fålun, Silje.
The role of formal and informal mechanisms in implementing lean principles in construction projects. Engineering Construction and Architectural Management 2018
BI Untitled
16 Christie, Werner H; Hoholm, Thomas; Mørk, Bjørn Erik.
Innovasjon og samhandling i helsevesenet En praksisbasert tilnærming. Praktisk økonomi & finans 2018 ;Volum 34 [i.e. 35].(1) s. 32-46
BI Untitled
17 Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik; Snow, Charles C..
Business Models and Organization Design. Long range planning 2018 ;Volum 51.(1) s. 32-39
BI Untitled
18 Fossum, Guro Haugen; Gjelstad, Svein; Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn; Lindbæk, Morten.
Prescribing antibiotics when the stakes are higher — do GPs prescribe less when patients are pregnant? A retrospective observational study. British Journal of General Practice Open 2018 ;Volum 2.(2) s. 1-12
BI OUS UiO Untitled
19 Fossum, Guro Haugen; Lindbæk, Morten; Gjelstad, Svein; Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn.
Relationship between Maternal and First Year of Life Dispensations of Antibiotics and Antiasthmatics. Antibiotics 2018 ;Volum 7.(3)
BI OUS UiO Untitled
20 Gillmore, Edward; Andersson, Ulf; Memar, Noushan.
How subsidiaries influence innovation in the MNE value chain. Transnational Corporations Journal 2018 ;Volum 25.(1) s. 73-100
BI Untitled
21 Hansen, Eric; Nybakk, Erlend.
Response to the global financial crisis: a follow-up study. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018 ;Volum 7.(7) s. -
BI HK Untitled
22 Harrison, Debbie; Hoholm, Thomas; Prenkert, Frans; Olsen, Per Ingvar.
Boundary objects in network interactions. Industrial Marketing Management 2018
BI Untitled
23 Håkansson, Håkan; Gadde, Lars-Erik.
Four decades of IMP research – the development of a research network. The IMP Journal 2018 ;Volum 12.(1) s. 6-36
BI Untitled
24 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard.
Collaborative organizational forms: on communities, crowds, and new hybrids. Journal of Organization Design 2018 ;Volum 7.(11) s. 1-21
BI Untitled
25 Lu, Ren; Reve, Torger; Huang, Jing; Jian, Ze; Chen, Mei.
A literature review of cluster theory: Are relations among clusters important?. Journal of economic surveys (Print) 2018 ;Volum 32.(4) s. 1201-1220
BI Untitled
26 Matthiesen, Stig Berge; Wilberg, Erik.
Redaktører og endringstrykk: Om koblingen mellom arbeidsmiljø, omstillinger og gjennomtrekk. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2018 ;Volum 21.(2) s. 32-43
BI Untitled
27 Mikhailova, Olga.
Adoption and implementation of new technologies in hospitals: a network perspective. The IMP Journal 2018 ;Volum 12.(2) s. 368-391
BI Untitled
28 Nicolini, Davide; Mørk, Bjørn Erik; Masovic, Jasmina; Hanseth, Ole.
The changing nature of expertise: insights from the case of TAVI. Studies in Continuing Education 2018 ;Volum 40.(3) s. 306-322
BI UiO Untitled
29 O'Brien, Donal; Sharkey Scott, Pamela; Andersson, Ulf; Ambos, Tina C; Fu, Na.
The microfoundations of subsidiary initiatives: How subsidiary manager activities unlock entrepreneurship. Global Strategy Journal 2018
BI Untitled
30 Olaisen, Johan Leif; Revang, Øivind.
The Direction of Knowledge Management Research: Making the Research More Creative, Engaged and Relevant. Proceedings of the ... European conference on knowledge management 2018 ;Volum 2. s. 623-632
BI Untitled
31 Olaisen, Johan Leif; Revang, Øivind; Rosendahl, Tom.
Verdiskapende kommunikasjon i endringsprosesser - Et bedriftseksempel fra en avdeling i Statoil. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2018 ;Volum 21.(4) s. 49-58
BI Untitled
32 Rai, Ranvir Singh.
Facilitating transformative change in medication adherence practices. Service Industries Journal 2018 ;Volum 38.(1-2) s. 48-66
BI HK Untitled
33 Revang, Øivind; Olaisen, Johan Leif.
Knowledge Management in Turbulent Times: Combining the Soft and Hard Issues. Proceedings of the ... European conference on knowledge management 2018 ;Volum 2. s. 747-754
BI Untitled
34 Rouzies, Audrey; Colman, Helene Loe; Angwin, Duncan.
Recasting the dynamics of post-acquisition integration: An embeddedness perspective. Long range planning 2018
BI Untitled
35 Wang, Pengfei.
Outsiders favor the most: Status and the heterogeneity of audience coverage in M&A deals. Long range planning 2018 ;Volum 51.(2) s. 234-251
BI Untitled
36 Yin, Juelin; Chen, Huan.
Dual-goal management in social enterprises: evidence from China. Management Decision 2018
BI Untitled
37 Aarikka-Stenroos, Leena; Jaakkola, Elina; Harrison, Debbie; Mäkitalo-Keinonen, Tiina.
How to manage innovation processes in extensive networks: A longitudinal study. Industrial Marketing Management 2017 ;Volum 67. s. 88-105
BI Untitled
38 Andersen, Espen; Sannes, Ragnvald.
Hva er digitalisering?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2017 ;Volum 20.(6) s. 18-24
BI Untitled
39 Aslesen, Heidi; Hydle, Katja Maria; Wallevik, Kristin.
Extra-regional linkages through MNCs in organizationally thick and specialized RISs: a source of new path development?. European Planning Studies 2017 ;Volum 25.(3) s. 443-461
BI NORCE Untitled
40 Aslesen, Heidi; Pettersen, Inger Beate.
Entrepreneurial firms in STI and DUI mode clusters: do they need differentiated cluster facilitation?. European Planning Studies 2017 ;Volum 25.(6) s. 904-922
BI HVL Untitled
41 Brinkmann, Johannes.
Nathan the Wise: Addressing Enlightenment, Wisdom, and Tolerance. Journal of Business Ethics Education 2017 ;Volum 14. s. -
BI Untitled
42 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth.
Toward a conceptualization of supplier-switching processes in business relationships. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 2017 ;Volum 23.(1) s. 40-53
BI Untitled
43 Huemer, Lars.
Strategizing in horizons and verizons: Distinguishing between mediators and firms' mediating functions.. The IMP Journal 2017 ;Volum 11.(2) s. 274-288
BI Untitled
44 Iurkov, Viacheslav; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Domestic Alliance Formation and the Foreign Divestment Decisions of Firms. Progress in International Business Research 2017 ;Volum 12. s. 517-538
BI Untitled
45 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard.
Agency problems and governance mechanisms in collaborative communities. Strategic Organization 2017 ;Volum 15.(2) s. 141-173
BI Untitled
46 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard.
Kunstig intelligens og lederens nye jobb. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2017 ;Volum 2017.(6) s. 33-42
BI Untitled
47 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Amico, Richard; Thomas, Robert J..
Partnering with Al: How organizations can win over skeptical managers. Strategy & Leadership 2017 ;Volum 45.(1) s. 37-43
BI Untitled
48 Kolltveit, Bjørn Johannes; Reve, Torger; Hennestad, Bjørn Wessel; Grønhaug, Kjell.
Strategic renewal through large projects - Building a new campus. Beta 2017 ;Volum 31.(2) s. 138-158
BI NHH Untitled
49 La Rocca, Antonella; Hoholm, Thomas; Mørk, Bjørn Erik.
Practice theory and the study of interaction in business relationships: Some methodological implications. Industrial Marketing Management 2017 ;Volum 60. s. 187-195
AHUS BI OUS UiO Untitled
50 La Rocca, Antonella; Snehota, Ivan.
Business Models in Business Networks – How do they emerge ?. The IMP Journal 2017 ;Volum 11.(3) s. 398-416
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