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1 Adarkwah, Gilbert Kofi; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Dealing with high risk environments: Multinational firms in developing countries. Academy of International Business UK & Ireland 2019 Chapter Conference; 2019-04-25 - 2019-04-27
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2 Adarkwah, Gilbert Kofi; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Dealing with high risk environments-Multinational firms in developing countries. AIB 2019 Annual Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark June 24-27, 2019; 2019-06-24 - 2019-06-27
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3 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
French, European or American? The creation and development of INSEAD 1959-1970. Congrès International d'Histoire des Enterprisesen France; 2019-09-11 - 2019-09-13
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4 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
The week of the wives: Women and Executive education in the 1960s and 1970s. Academy of Management Annual Conference; 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-14
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5 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Who should train the European executives? Executive education and the new business schools in Europe 1945-1970. European Business History Association Annual Congress; 2019-08-29 - 2019-08-31
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6 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Why does executive education exist? An historical explanation. Paper development workshop; 2019-03-14 - 2019-03-14
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7 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Bringing temporality in organization theory and history to the study of strategy formation: Harvard Business School's first international strategy. SCANCOR-Weatherhead Conference; 2019-05-09 - 2019-05-10
BI Untitled
8 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Davilla, Carlos.
Introducing executive education in Latin America: Comparing Colombia, Peru and Central America (1960-1980). BHC Annual Business History Conference; 2019-03-14 - 2019-03-16
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9 Aadland, Erik; Cattani, Gino; Ferriani, Simone; Falchetti, Denise.
The Interplay between Status and Social Ties in Peer Audience Evaluations: A Field Study and Online Laboratory Experiment. 34th EGOS Colloquium; 2018-06-05 - 2018-06-07
BI Untitled
10 Aadland, Erik; Cattani, Gino; Ferriani, Simone; Falchetti, Denise.
The interplay between status and social ties in peer audience evaluations: A laboratory experiment and field study. Creative Industries Conference 2018; 2018-06-25 - 2018-06-26
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11 Adarkwah, Gilbert Kofi; Grøgaard, Birgitte; Tomassen, Sverre.
The Effect of Institutional Distances and Government Assistance on Ownership Levels in Sub-Saharan African Countries. 38th Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society in Paris 2018; 2018-09-22 - 2018-09-25
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12 Aguilera, Ruth V.; Grøgaard, Birgitte.
Panel presentation: The dubious role of institutions in international business. A road forward.. Academy of International Business Annual Conference; 2018-06-25 - 2019-07-01
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13 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Business history meets organizational theory: International operation modes. Business history meets organizational theory workshop; 2018-10-25 - 2018-10-25
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14 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Changing operation modes in the maritime industry. Norwegian firms in China and Brazil, 1990s-2012. EBHA Annual Conference 2018; 2018-09-05 - 2018-09-08
BI Untitled
15 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Creating the New Executive: Post-War Executive Education. PDW Boston; 2018-08-02 - 2018-08-02
BI Untitled
16 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
Creating the New Executive: Post-War Executive Education and Socialization into the Managerial Elite. SCANCOR-Weatherhead Conference 2018; 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-28
BI Untitled
17 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik.
The formation of post-war top executives through executive education: A global history. Research seminar; 2018-05-17 - 2018-05-17
BI Untitled
18 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Bjarnar, Ove; Berge, Dag Magne.
Resilience and related variety: The role of family firms in an ocean-related Norwegian region. World Economic History Congress; 2018-07-28 - 2018-08-04
BI HIM Untitled
19 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Kvålshaugen, Ragnhild.
Narratives and the Financialization; The Narrative that Transformed Capitalism in Norway in the 1980s. Business History Conference 2018; 2018-04-06 - 2018-04-07
BI Untitled
20 Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Ove, Bjarnar.
Cluster reconfiguration and regional resilience: The development of related clusters in a Norwegian region over time. 4th RSA Re-Hi workshop; 2018-01-14 - 2018-01-16
BI Untitled
21 Békes, Gabor; Benito, Gabriel R G; Castellani, Davide; Muraközy, Balazs.
Managing in the unknown: How governance characteristics shape firms’ internationalization. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference; 2018-09-22 - 2018-09-25
BI Untitled
22 Benito, Gabriel R G.
IB theories and the digital economy: What should be on our research agenda?. World Investment Forum 2018; 2018-10-22 - 2018-10-26
BI Untitled
23 Benito, Gabriel R G; Petersen, Bent; Welch, Lawrence S..
Understanding mode dynamics and flexibility. European International Business Academy Annual Conference; 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-15
BI Untitled
24 Brinkmann, Johannes.
Putting “troubling times” on the agenda of business ethics?. TABEC Seminar; 2018-11-01 - 2018-11-03
BI Untitled
25 Brinkmann, Johannes.
Teaching (how to think) business ethics – different approaches. Gjesteforelesning; 2018-09-07 - 2018-09-07
BI Untitled
26 Brinkmann, Johannes; Lindemann, Beate; Lämsä, Anna Maija; Riivari, Elina.
The languages of EBEN – Risks and opportunities. EBEN RC; 2018-09-06 - 2018-09-08
BI UiT Untitled
27 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth; Swärd, Anna; Vaagaasar, Anne Live.
How temporality shapes routine enactment and the understanding of past, present and future routine performance.. Process Symposium; 2018-06-20 - 2018-06-23
BI Untitled
28 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth; Swärd, Anna; Vaagaasar, Anne Live.
Routines as Truces in multipartner collaborations. Pros Conference,; 2018-06-19 - 2018-06-23
BI Untitled
29 Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth; Swärd, Anna; Vaagaasar, Anne Live.
Routines in temporary multi-organizations. EGOS colloqium- Tallinn; 2018-07-05 - 2018-07-07
BI Untitled
30 Fredheim, Arne; Reve, Torger.
Future Prospects of Marine Aquaculture. OCEANS 2018 Conference; 2018-10-22 - 2018-10-25
BI NTNU Untitled
31 Friesl, Martin; Stensaker, Inger G.; Colman, Helene Loe.
Implementing Strategy: The Design, Meaning Making and Political Perspectives of Strategy Implementation Work. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference; 2018-09-22 - 2018-09-25
BI NHH Untitled
32 Grøgaard, Birgitte; Colman, Helene Loe; Stensaker, Inger G..
Addressing Multiple Competitive Pressures in the MNE through Recombination. Academy of Management Conference; 2018-08-10 - 2018-08-14
NHH BI Untitled
33 Grøgaard, Birgitte; Rygh, Asmund; Benito, Gabriel R G.
Bringing corporate governance into internalization theory: Foreign entry of state owned enterprises. European International Business Academy Annual Conference; 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-15
BI Untitled
34 Grøgaard, Birgitte; Zeng, Rong.
Do the acquirer’s origin matter for the post-acquisition performance of the developed country target?. Strategic Management Society Special Conference; 2018-06-07 - 2018-06-09
BI Untitled
35 Harrison, Debbie; Huemer, Lars; Andersen, Espen; Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Swärd, Anna.
Deliberate network orchestration and deliberate non- network strategizing: Developing seamless travel experiences.. IMP Marseilles; 2018-09-04 - 2018-09-07
BI Untitled
36 Huemer, Lars.
The uncertainty of creation and the risk of execution: Trust, predictability and the production of experimental music. IMP Asia; 2018-12-02 - 2018-12-05
BI Untitled
37 Huemer, Lars; Wang, Xiaobei.
An interactive resource analysis of supply chain interdependencies. IMP Conference; 2018-09-05 - 2018-09-07
BI Untitled
38 Johnson, Chandler; Sasson, Amir.
Excavating Structural Holes: Formal Decomposition and Disconfirmation. EGOS; 2018-07-05 - 2018-07-07
BI Untitled
39 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard.
Collaborative Organizational Forms: On Communities, Crowds, and New Hybrids. Journal of Organization Design Conference: New Trends in Organization Design; 2018-05-29 - 2018-05-31
BI Untitled
40 Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik.
Organizing Large-Scale Distributed Problem Solving: the Case of Collaborative Drug Discovery. Strategic Management Society Special Conference on Sharing Strategies for the Connected World; 2018-06-07 - 2018-06-09
BI Untitled
41 Kratochvil, Renate.
"Solving Local Problems and Seizing Global Opportunities: An Analysis of Individuals’ Knowledge Search Behavior in MNCs". Nomination for the Gunnar Hedlund Best Dissertation Award 2016-2018; 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-15
BI Untitled
42 Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn.
Innovative Procurement: a Tool to Untangle the Tangle of Uncoordinated Care?. EURO Working Group on OR Applied to Health Services (ORAHS) conference; 2018-07-29 - 2018-08-03
BI Untitled
43 Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn; Olsen, Per Ingvar; Sampietro-Colom, Laura.
Innovative procurement with early decisional support: Accelerating value-based health.The HTAi Conference in Vancouver. The HTAi Conference in Vancouver; 2018-06-02 - 2018-06-05
BI Untitled
44 Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn; Støme, Linn Nathalie; Norrud, A; Fjordholm, Marte Beate.
Digital Home Services. The HTAi Conference in Vancouver; 2018-06-02 - 2018-06-05
BI Untitled
45 Kvålshaugen, Ragnhild; Breunig, Karl Joachim.
Longitudinal research design and analysis in routine change. Routines Research Meeting; 2018-10-26 - 2018-10-26
46 Kvålshaugen, Ragnhild; Bygballe, Lena Elisabeth.
Practices in Institutional Projects as Mobilizers of Change: A Case of Adaptation to Climate Change. Academy of Management; 2018-08-10 - 2018-08-14
BI Untitled
47 Leppäaho, Tanja; Amdam, Rolv Petter Storvik; Jack, Sarah; Korhonen, Satu.
Embeddedness of international new ventures during the first global economy. EIBA 2018; 2018-12-13 - 2018-12-15
BI Untitled
48 Lombardo, Sebastiano; Lædre, Ola; Berg, Ingrid Løvendahl.
Innovation With Creative Collaborative Practices. International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC); 2018-07-17 - 2018-07-21
BI NTNU Untitled
49 Lunde, Pernille; Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad; Bergland, Astrid; Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn; Bye, Asta.
Smarttelefon-applikasjon for å bedre livsstil hos pasienter med ikke-overførbare sykdommer: En systematisk oversikt og meta-analyser. Fysiokongressen; 2018-02-12 - 2018-02-14
50 Lunde, Pernille; Nilsson, Birgitta Blakstad; Bergland, Astrid; Kvaerner, Kari Jorunn; Bye, Asta.
The effectiveness of smartphone-application for lifestyle improvement in noncommunicable diseases: A systematic review and meta-analyses. EuroPrevent 2018; 2018-04-19 - 2018-04-21
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