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1 Alves, Daniele Evelin; Nilsen, Wendy; Fure, Silje Christine Reistad; Enehaug, Heidi; Howe, Emilie Isager; Løvstad, Marianne; Fink, Louisa; Andelic, Nada; Spjelkavik, Øystein.
What characterizes work and workplaces that retain their employees following acquired brain injury? Systematic review. Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AOEM) 2020 ;Volum 77. s. 122-130
2 Andersen, Bengt; Brattbakk, Ingar.
Områdesatsinger i Norge. Et skjørt kunnskapsgrunnlag for strategier og tiltak. Tidsskrift for boligforskning 2020 ;Volum 3.(2) s. 130-147
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3 Andreassen, Tone Alm; Breit, Eric; Saltkjel, Therese.
Research approaches to networked employment services: A systematic review. Social Policy & Administration 2020
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4 Bakkeli, Vidar; Grønningsæter, Arne Backer.
‘Developing an App Could Be the Wrong Place to Start’: User Reflections and Ideas about Innovation in Municipal Substance Abuse Services. Nordic Journal of Social Research 2020 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 86-108
5 Bernstrøm, Vilde Hoff; Houkes, Inge.
Shift work and sickness absence at a Norwegian hospital: a longitudinal multilevel study. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2020 ;Volum 77. s. 555-563
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6 Bjelland, Martine; Alves, Daniele Evelin.
Bruk av bilder i intervjuer med barn: Et bidrag for å utvide barns beskrivelser av følelser. Tidsskriftet Norges Barnevern 2020 ;Volum 97.(1) s. 22-38
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7 Brattbakk, Ingar.
Trangboddhet og barnefamiliers hverdagsliv i koronaens tid / Crowding and the daily lives of families during the covid-19-pandemic. Tidsskrift for boligforskning 2020 ;Volum 3.(1) s. 25-49
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8 Breit, Eric Martin Alexander; Egeland, Cathrine; Løberg, Ida Bring; Røhnebæk, Maria.
Digital coping: How frontline workers cope with digital service encounters. Social Policy & Administration 2020 s. 1-15
9 Bygdås, Arne; Hagen, Aina Landsverk; Tolstad, Ingrid M.; Skjælaaen, Gudrun R..
Flowline at Work: Transforming Temporalities in News Organizations through Metaphor. I: Time, Temporality, and History in Process Organization Studies. Oxford University Press 2020 ISBN 9780198870715. s. 89-115
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10 Dimka, Jessica; Mamelund, Svenn-Erik.
1918 Influenza Outcomes among Institutionalized Norwegian Populations: Implications for Disability-Inclusive Pandemic Preparedness. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research 2020 ;Volum 22.(1) s. 175-186
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11 Dimka, Jessica; Sattenspiel, Lisa.
“We didn't get much schooling because we were fishing all the time”: Potential impacts of irregular school attendance on the spread of epidemics. American Journal of Human Biology 2020 s. 1-14
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12 Drange, Ida.
Fra loddtrekning til søknadsbasert opptak. Har endret praksis for tildeling av turnusstillinger til nyutdannede leger ført til sosial ulikhet?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning 2020 ;Volum 61.(4) s. 343-371
OSLOMET Untitled
13 Drange, Ida.
From lottery to application: Have the new rules for medical internships caused social inequality in recruitment patterns?. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning 2020 ;Volum 61.(4) s. 343-371
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14 Ellingsen, Dag; Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt.
Ekskluderende maskulinitetskulturer i en mannsbastion: Belyst gjennom et norsk politidistrikt.. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 2020 ;Volum 37.(4) s. 285-298
15 Falkum, Eivind.
Makt og opposisjon i arbeidslivet. Maktforskyvninger fra 1900 til 2020.. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2020 (ISBN 978-82-02-63542-8) 258 s.
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16 Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Thorstensen, Erik; Casagrande, Flavia Dias; Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Lund, Anne; Zouganeli, Evi.
Is RRI a new R&I logic? A reflection from an integrated RRI project.. Journal of Responsible Technology 2020 s. -
17 Frøyland, Kjetil.
Arbeidsinkludering av utsett ungdom - i lys av Supported Employment og kapabilitetstilnærminga. Fagbokforlaget 2020 (ISBN 978-82-450-3314-4) 160 s.
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18 Frøyland, Kjetil.
Arbeidsinkludering av utsett ungdom - kva slags utfordring er det? (Job inclusion of vulnerable youth - what kind of Challenge is it?). Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning 2020 ;Volum 2020.(3) s. 187-200
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19 Frøyland, Kjetil; TERJESEN, Hans Christoffer Aargaard.
Workplace perceptions of older workers and implications for job retention. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies 2020 ;Volum 10.(2) s. 23-41
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20 Gerber, Alexander; Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Shelley-Egan, Clare; Arias, Rosa; Daimer, Stephanie; Dalton, Gordon; Cristobal, Ana Belen; Dreyer, Marion; Griessler, Erich; Lindner, Ralf; Revuelta, Gema; Riccio, Andrea; Steinhaus, Norbert.
Joint declaration on mainstreaming RRI across Horizon Europe. Journal of Responsible Innovation 2020 ;Volum 7.(1)
21 Gialis, Stelios; Paitaridis, Dimitris; Seretis, Stergios; Ioannidis, Alexis; Underthun, Anders.
In what terms and at what cost resilient? 'Unregulated flexibilization' in regional 'troubled waters'. European Planning Studies 2020 ;Volum 28.(1) s. 166-191
OSLOMET Untitled
22 Grønstad, Anniken; Kjekshus, Lars Erik; Tjerbo, Trond; Bernstrøm, Vilde Hoff.
Work-related moderators of the relationship between organizational change and sickness absence: a longitudinal multilevel study. BMC Public Health 2020 ;Volum 20:1218. s. 1-14
OSLOMET UiO Untitled
23 Gutierrez, Helen; Lee, Gwenyth O.; Corozo Angulo, Betty; Dimka, Jessica; Eisenberg, Joseph N.S.; Trostle, James A.; Hardin, Rebecca.
Perceptions of local vulnerability and the relative importance of climate change in rural ecuador. Ekologiya Cheloveka 2020 s. 1-13
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24 Gyüre, Krisztina; Tøge, Anne Grete; Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira.
Strengthening the working alliance between social workers and parents living in households with low income. European Journal of Social Work 2020 s. 1-13
OSLOMET Untitled
25 Hall, Steve; Kuldova, Tereza; Horsley, Mark.
Introduction. I: Crime, Harm, Consumerism. Routledge 2020 ISBN 9781138388628. s. -
OSLOMET Untitled
26 Hammervold, Unn Elisabeth; Norvoll, Reidun; Vevatne, Kari; Sagvaag, Hildegunn.
Post-incident reviews—a gift to the Ward or just another procedure? Care providers’ experiences and considerations regarding post-incident reviews after restraint in mental health services. A qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research 2020 ;Volum 20.(499) s. 1-13
27 Hestmark, Lars; Romøren, Maria; Heiervang, Kristin S.; Weimand, Bente; Ruud, Torleif; Norvoll, Reidun; Hansson, Kristiane Myckland; Norheim, Irene; Aas, Eline; Landeweer, Elisabeth Geke Marjan; Pedersen, Reidar.
Implementation of guidelines on family involvement for persons with psychotic disorders in community mental health centres (IFIP): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Health Services Research 2020 ;Volum 20:934. s. 1-15
28 Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Thorstensen, Erik; Karterud, Dag; Laliberte Rudman, Debbie; Lund, Anne.
Community Health Care Workers’ Experiences on Enacting Policy on Technology with Citizens with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2020 ;Volum 13. s. 447-458
OSLOMET Untitled
29 Horbach, Serge; Breit, Eric; Halffman, Willem; Mamelund, Svenn-Erik.
On the willingness to and consequences of reporting research misconduct: The role of power relations. Science and Engineering Ethics 2020 ;Volum 26. s. -
OSLOMET Untitled
30 Howe, Emilie; Fure, Silje Christine Reistad; Løvstad, Marianne; Enehaug, Heidi; Sagstad, Kjersti; Hellstrøm, Torgeir; Brunborg, Cathrine; Røe, Cecilie; Nordenmark, Tonje Haug; Søberg, Helene L.; Twamley, Elizabeth W.; Lu, Juan; Andelic, Nada.
Effectiveness of Combining Compensatory Cognitive Training and Vocational Intervention vs. Treatment as Usual on Return to Work Following Mild-to-Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury: Interim Analysis at 3 and 6 Month Follow-Up. Frontiers in Neurology 2020
31 Kadasia, Vanessa Nyagoha Idland; Andersen, Bengt; Dalseide, Astri Margareta.
Trivsel og usikkerhet på Tøyen: En studie av foreldrebilder av et løftet byområde. Tidsskrift for boligforskning 2020 ;Volum 3.(2) s. 164-179
OSLOMET Untitled
32 Kenens, Joke; Van Oudheusden, Michiel; Yoshizawa, Go; Van Hoyweghen, Ine.
Science by, with and for citizens: rethinking 'citizen science' after the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Palgrave Communications 2020 ;Volum 6. s. 1-8
OSLOMET Untitled
33 Kuldova, Tereza.
Luxury Brands in the Wrong Hands: Of Harleys, Harm and Sovereignty. I: Crime, Harm, Consumerism. Routledge 2020 ISBN 9781138388628. s. -
OSLOMET Untitled
34 Kuldova, Tereza Østbø.
Imposter Paranoia in the Age of Intelligent Surveillance: Policing Outlaws, Borders and Undercover Agents. Journal of Extreme Anthropology 2020 ;Volum 4.(1) s. 45-73
OSLOMET Untitled
35 Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt; Ellingsen, Dag; Sløk-Andersen, Beate.
Humorens tvetydige funksjon: Hva kjennetegner humor som kan fungere ekskluderende i tradisjonelle mannsbastioner?. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2020 ;Volum 44.(1) s. 8-12
36 Løberg, Ida Bring.
Efficiency through digitalization? How electronic communication between frontline workers and clients can spur a demand for services. Government Information Quarterly: an international journal of information technology management, policies, and practices 2020
OSLOMET Untitled
37 Malmberg-Heimonen, Ira; Tøge, Anne Grete.
Comparing the Effects of Governmental and Local Family Intervention Projects on Social Work Practices in Norway: A Cluster-Randomised Study. The British Journal of Social Work 2020 ;Volum 50. s. 1475-1494
OSLOMET Untitled
38 Markusson, Nils; Tyfield, David; Stephens, Jennie; Gjefsen, Mads Dahl.
Promises of climate engineering after neoliberalism. I: Has It Come to This? The Promises and Perils of Geoengineering on the Brink. Rutgers University Press 2020 ISBN 1978809360.
OSLOMET Untitled
39 Middleton, Anna; Milne, Richard; Almarri, Mohamed A.; Anwer, Shamim; Atutornu, Jerome; Baranova, Elena E.; Bevan, Paul; Cerezo, Maria; Cong, Yali; Critchley, Christine; Fernow, Josepine; Goodhand, Peter; Hasan, Qurratulain; Hibino, Aiko; Houeland, Gry; Howard, H. C.; Hussain, S. Zakir; Malmgren, Charlotta Ingvoldstad; Izhevskaya, Vera L.; Jędrzejak, Aleksandra; Jinhong, Cao; Kimura, Megumi; Kleiderman, Erika; Leach, Brandi; Liu, Keying; Mascalzoni, Deborah; Mendes, Álvaro; Minari, Jusaku; Wang, Nan; Nicol, Dianne; Niemiec, Emilia; Patch, Christine; Pollard, Jack; Prainsack, Barbara; Rivière, Marie; Robarts, Lauren; Roberts, Jonathan; Romano, Virginia; Sheerah, Haytham A.; Smith, James; Soulier, Alexandra; Steed, Claire; Stefansdottir, Vigdis; Tandre, Cornelia; Thorogood, Adrian; Voigt, Torsten H.; West, Anne V.; Yoshizawa, Go; Morley, Katherine I..
Global Public Perceptions of Genomic Data Sharing: What Shapes the Willingness to Donate DNA and Health Data?. American Journal of Human Genetics 2020 ;Volum 107.(4) s. 743-752
OSLOMET Untitled
40 Opdal, Ida Marie; Morseth, Bente; Handegård, Bjørn Helge; Lillevoll, Kjersti; Nilsen, Wendy; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Furberg, Anne-Sofie; Rosenbaum, Simon; Rognmo, Kamilla.
Is change in mental distress among adolescents predicted by sedentary behavior or screen time? Results from the longitudinal population study The Tromsø Study: Fit Futures. BMJ Open 2020 ;Volum 10.(2) s. -
41 Raymen, Thomas; Kuldova, Tereza Østbø.
Clarifying ultra-realism: A response to Wood et al.. Continental Thought & Theory: A Journal of Intellectual Freedom (CT&T) 2020 ;Volum 3.(2)
OSLOMET Untitled
42 Salomon, Robert H; Solem, Per Erik.
Nordic responses to extending working life.. Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research 2020 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 75-82
OSLOMET Untitled
43 Shammas, Victor Lund.
Kritikk av den liberale populismekritikk. Agora : Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon 2020 ;Volum 37.(1-2) s. 115-131
OSLOMET Untitled
44 Shammas, Victor Lund; Sandset, Tony Joakim.
Reproduction and the welfare state: Notes on Norwegian biopolitics. Nordic Journal of Social Research 2020 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 1-18
OSLOMET UiO Untitled
45 Shelley-Egan, Clare.
Testing the Obligations of Presence in Academia in the COVID-19 Era. Sustainability 2020 ;Volum 12.(6350) s. 1-10
OSLOMET Untitled
46 Shelley-Egan, Clare; Gjefsen, Mads Dahl; Nydal, Rune.
Consolidating RRI and Open Science: Understanding the potential for transformative change. Life Sciences, Society and Policy 2020 ;Volum 16.(7) s. 1-14
47 Skrede, Joar; Andersen, Bengt.
Remembering and reconfiguring industrial heritage: the case of the digester in Moss, Norway. Landscape Research 2020 s. 1-14
48 Skrede, Joar; Andersen, Bengt.
Selling homes: the polysemy of visual marketing. Social Semiotics 2020 s. 1-20
49 Solem, Per Erik; Salomon, Robert H; TERJESEN, Hans Christoffer Aargaard.
Does a raised mandatory retirement age influence managers' attitudes to older workers?. Nordisk välfärdsforskning | Nordic Welfare Research 2020 ;Volum 5.(2) s. 122-136
OSLOMET Untitled
50 Thorstensen, Erik; Holthe, Torhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Karterud, Dag; Lund, Anne.
Technological Care. Health Professionals’ Discourses on Technology in Home-Based Services Seen Through a Capability Approach. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2020 (12208) s. 177-195
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