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Fra: 2010   Til: 2018   Enhet: Institutt for samfunnsøkonomi (BI)   Underkategori: Vitenskapelig artikkel   Underkategori: Vitenskapelig oversiktsartikkel/review   Kun publ. kanaler nivå 1

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1 Asche, Frank; Cojocaru, Andreea-Laura; Gaasland, Ivar; Straume, Hans-Martin.
Cod stories: Trade dynamics and duration for Norwegian cod exports. Journal of Commodity Markets 2018 s. -
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2 Blandford, David; Gaasland, Ivar; Vårdal, Erling.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Land Use, and Food Supply under the Paris Climate Agreement—Policy Choice in Norway. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 2018 ;Volum 41.(2) s. 249-264
BI UiB Untitled
3 Boenisch, Peter; Geys, Benny; Michelsen, Claus.
David and Goliath in the Poll Booth: Group Size, Political Power and Voter Turnout. Local Government Studies 2018 ;Volum 45. s. 724-747
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4 Bou, Juan Carlos; Satorra, Albert.
Multivariate exploratory data analysis for large databases: An application to modelling firms? innovation using CIS data. BRQ Business Research Quarterly 2018
BI Untitled
5 Dalen, Dag Morten; Locatelli, Marilena; Strøm, Steinar Øivind.
An Equilibrium Model Estimated on Pharmaceutical Data. Atlantic Economic Journal 2018 ;Volum 46.(3) s. 281-296
BI FRISCH UiO Untitled
6 Escribano, Alvaro; Sucarrat, Genaro.
Equation-by-equation estimation of multivariate periodic electricity price volatility. Energy Economics 2018 ;Volum 74.(August) s. 287-298
BI Untitled
7 Foroni, Claudia; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Sadaba, Barbara.
Assessing the predictive ability of sovereign default risk on exchange rate returns. Journal of International Money and Finance 2018 ;Volum 81. s. 242-264
BI Untitled
8 Golombek, Rolf; Irarrazabal Flores, Alfonso; Ma, Lin.
OPECs Market Power: An Empirical Dominant Firm Model for the Oil Market. Energy Economics 2018 ;Volum 70. s. 98-115
9 Helland, Leif; Hovi, Jon; Sælen, Håkon.
Climate Leadership by Conditional Commitments. Oxford Economic Papers 2018 ;Volum 70.(2) s. 417-442
BI CICERO UiO Untitled
10 Holm, Martin Blomhoff.
Consumption with liquidity constraints: An analytical characterization. Economics Letters 2018 ;Volum 167.(June) s. 40-42
BI Untitled
11 Lancia, Francesco; Russo, Alessia.
Sustaining Cooperation Through Strategic Self-Interested Actions. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics 2018 s. 1-11
BI Untitled
12 Maurseth, Per Botolf.
The effect of the Internet on economic growth: Counter-evidence from cross-country panel data. Economics Letters 2018 ;Volum 172. s. 74-77
BI Untitled
13 Reiter, Michael; Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz.
Agency costs and the monetary transmission mechanism. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 2018 ;Volum 2018:20180010. s. 1-11
BI Untitled
14 Røed Larsen, Erling.
Can monetary policy revive the housing market in a crisis? Evidence from high-resolution data on Norwegian transactions. Journal of Housing Economics 2018 ;Volum 42. s. 69-83
BI Untitled
15 Aastveit, Knut Are; Natvik, Gisle James; Sola, Sergio.
Economic uncertainty and the influence of monetary policy. Journal of International Money and Finance 2017 ;Volum 76. s. 50-67
BI Untitled
16 Andersen, Jørgen Juel; Greaker, Mads.
Emission Trading with Fiscal Externalities: The Case for a Common Carbon Tax for the Non-ETS Emissions in the EU. Environmental and Resource Economics 2017 ;Volum 71.(3) s. 803-823
BI SSB Untitled
17 Bruno, Lars Christian.
Palm oil plantation productivity during the establishment of the Malaysian refinery sector 1970–1990. Economic History of Developing Regions 2017 ;Volum 32.(3) s. 221-269
BI Untitled
18 Foldnes, Njål.
The impact of class attendance on student learning in a flipped classroom. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy 2017 ;Volum 12.(1-2) s. 8-18
BI Untitled
19 Francq, Christian; Sucarrat, Genaro.
An Equation-by-Equation Estimation of a Multivariate Log-GARCH-X Model of Financial Returns. Journal of Multivariate Analysis 2017 ;Volum 153. s. 16-32
BI Untitled
20 Gaasland, Ivar; Vårdal, Erling.
Matforsyning og klimapolitikk. Samfunnsøkonomen 2017 (6) s. 39-47
BI UiB Untitled
21 Geys, Benny.
Do Voluntary Associations Show their Bright or Dark Side under Adverse Societal Shocks? Evidence from 9/11. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 2017 ;Volum 46.(6) s. 1189-1208
BI Untitled
22 Geys, Benny; Qari, Salmai.
Will you still trust me tomorrow? The causal effect of terrorism on social trust. Public Choice 2017 ;Volum 173.(3-4) s. 289-305
BI Untitled
23 Geys, Benny; Sørensen, Rune Jørgen.
Never Change a Winning Policy? Public Sector Performance and Politicians’ Preferences for Reforms. Public Administration Review 2017 ;Volum 78.(2) s. 206-216
BI Untitled
24 Grytten, Jostein Ivar; Skau, Irene; Sørensen, Rune Jørgen.
The impact of the mass media on obstetricians' behavior in Norway. Health Policy 2017 ;Volum 121.(9) s. 986-993
AHUS BI UiO Untitled
25 Hassan, Mamdouh; Geys, Benny.
What Do We Value Most In Schools? An Empirical Study of Stakeholders’ Preference Rankings of School Attributes. Social Science Quarterly 2017 ;Volum 98.(5) s. 1313-1327
BI Untitled
26 Isachsen, Arne Jon.
Statseide foretak på offensiven i Kina. Samfunnsøkonomen 2017 (3)
BI Untitled
27 Mahieu, Bram; Geys, Benny; Heyndels, Bruno.
Fiscal fairness as a political argument. Kyklos (Basel) 2017 ;Volum 70.(4) s. 622-640
BI Untitled
28 Maurseth, Per Botolf; Medin, Hege.
Market-specific Sunk Export Costs: The Impact of Learning and Spillovers. The World Economy 2017 ;Volum 40.(6) s. 1105-1127
BI NHH NUPI Untitled
29 Mehlum, Halvor; Torvik, Ragnar; Valente, Simone.
Sparemultiplikatoren. Samfunnsøkonomen 2017 (6) s. 51-53
BI UiO Untitled
30 Straume, Hans-Martin.
Here today, gone tomorrow: The duration of Norwegian salmon exports. Aquaculture Economics & Management 2017 ;Volum 21.(1) s. 88-104
BI Untitled
31 Sucarrat, Genaro; Escribano, Alvaro.
Estimation of log-GARCH models in the presence of zero returns. European Journal of Finance 2017 ;Volum 24.(10) s. 809-827
BI Untitled
32 Sveen, Tommy; Weinke, Lutz.
Optimal Monetary Policy with Nominal Rigidities and Lumpy Investment. The International Journal of Central Banking 2017 ;Volum 13.(4) s. 35-62
BI Untitled
33 Blockmans, Tom; Geys, Benny; Heyndels, Bruno; Mahieu, Bram.
Bargaining complexity and the duration of government formation: evidence from Flemish municipalities. Public Choice 2016 ;Volum 167.(1-2) s. 131-143
BI Untitled
34 Bluwstein, Kristina; Canova, Fabio.
Beggar-thy-neighbor? The international effects of ECB unconventional monetary policy measures. The International Journal of Central Banking 2016 ;Volum 12.(3) s. 69-120
BI Untitled
35 Exbrayat, Nelly; Geys, Benny.
Economic Integration, Corporate Tax Incidence and Fiscal Compensation. The World Economy 2016 ;Volum 39.(11) s. 1792-1811
BI Untitled
36 Foldnes, Njål.
The flipped classroom and cooperative learning: Evidence from a randomised experiment. Active Learning in Higher Education 2016 ;Volum 17.(1) s. 39-49
BI Untitled
37 Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf H..
A simple simulation technique for non-normal data with pre-specified skewness, kurtosis and covariance matrix. Multivariate Behavioral Research 2016 ;Volum 51.(2-3) s. 207-219
BI Untitled
38 Halvorsen, Jørn Inge; Jacobsen, Dag Henning.
The bank-lending channel empirically revisited. Journal of Financial Stability 2016 ;Volum 27.(Dec.) s. 95-105
BI Untitled
39 Johnsen, Thore; Holden, Steinar; Moen, Espen Rasmus.
Valg av kapitaliseringsrente i erstatningssaker. Samfunnsøkonomen 2016 (6) s. 18-32
BI NHH UiO Untitled
40 Lombardi, Marco J; Ravazzolo, Francesco.
On the correlation between commodity and equity returns: Implications for portfolio allocation. Journal of Commodity Markets 2016 ;Volum 2.(1) s. 45-57
BI Untitled
41 Mauritzen, Johannes.
The effect of oil prices on field production: evidence from the Norwegian continental shelf. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 2016 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 124-144
BI Untitled
42 Murdoch, Zuzana; Trondal, Jarle; Geys, Benny.
Representative bureaucracy and seconded national government officials in the European Commission. Regulation & Governance 2016 ;Volum 10.(4) s. 335-349
BI UIA UiO Untitled
43 Rattsø, Jørn; Sørensen, Rune Jørgen.
Public–private political cleavage: what happens after retirement?. Public Choice 2016 ;Volum 166.(3-4) s. 315-333
BI NTNU Untitled
44 Rebnor, Robert; Vårdal, Erling.
Er dollarens dager talte? Globale valutaer. Samfunnsøkonomen 2016 ;Volum 130.(1) s. 28-38
BI UiB Untitled
45 Asatryan, Zareh; Feld, Lars P.; Geys, Benny.
Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Subnational Government Fiscal Discipline: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries. Public Choice 2015 ;Volum 163.(3-4) s. 307-320
BI Untitled
46 Cools, Sara; Markussen, Simen; Strøm, Marte.
Menns og kvinners sykefravær: Hvilken rolle spiller antall barn?. Søkelys på arbeidslivet 2015 ;Volum 32.(4) s. 325-343
47 Daniele, Gianmarco; Geys, Benny.
Interpersonal Trust and Welfare State Support. European Journal of Political Economy 2015 ;Volum 39. s. 1-12
BI Untitled
48 Foldnes, Njål; Olsson, Ulf.
Correcting too much or too little? The performance of three chi-square corrections. Multivariate Behavioral Research 2015 ;Volum 50.(5) s. 533-543
BI Untitled
49 Geys, Benny.
Looks Good, You're Hired? Evidence from Extra-Parliamentary Activities of German Parliamentarians. The German Economic Review 2015 ;Volum 16.(1) s. 1-12
BI Untitled
50 Heggedal, Tom-Reiel; Rosendahl, Knut Einar.
Norsk klimapolitikk i et globalt perspektiv. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2015 ;Volum 18.(5) s. 65-77
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