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1 Žáčková, Eliska; Konopásek, Jií; Jeřábek, Petr; Finger, Friedrich; Košler, Jan.
Early Carboniferous blueschist facies metamorphism in metapelites of the West Sudetes (Northern Saxothuringian Domain, Bohemian Massif). Journal of Metamorphic Geology 2010 ;Volum 28.(4) s. 361-379
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2 Chen, Yifeng; Ussler, William III; Haflidason, Haflidi; Lepland, Aivo; Rise, Leif; Hovland, Martin; Hjelstuen, Berit Oline Blihovde.
Sources of methane inferred from pore-water delta C-13 of dissolved inorganic carbon in Pockmark G11, offshore Mid-Norway. Chemical Geology 2010 ;Volum 275.(3-4) s. 127-138
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3 Fliegel, Daniel; Košler, Jan; McLoughlin, Nicola; Simonetti, A; de Wit, M. J.; Wirth, R; Furnes, Harald.
In-situ dating of the Earth's oldest trace fossil at 3.34 Ga. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2010 ;Volum 299.(3-4) s. 290-298
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4 Fossen, Haakon; Schultz, Richard A.; Rundhovde, Egil; Rotevatn, Atle; Buckley, Simon John.
Fault linkage and graben stepovers in the Canyonlands (Utah) and the North Sea Viking Graben, with implications for hydrocarbon migration and accumulation. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 2010 ;Volum 94.(5) s. 597-613
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5 Loiselet, Christelle; Braun, Jean; Husson, Laurent; de Veslud, Christian Le Carlier; Thieulot, Cedric Alexandre; Yamato, Philippe; Grujic, Djordje.
Subducting slabs: Jellyfishes in the Earth's mantle. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 2010 ;Volum 11. s. -
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6 Mcloughlin, Nicola; Fliegel, Daniel; Furnes, Harald; Staudigel, Hubert; Simonetti, Antonio; Zhao, GuoChun; Robinson, Paul T..
Assessing the biogenicity and syngenicity of candidate bioalteration textures in pillow lavas of the similar to 2.52 Ga Wutai greenstone terrane of China. Chinese Science Bulletin 2010 ;Volum 55.(2) s. 188-199
UiB Untitled
7 Peters, M.; Strauss, H.; Farquhar, J.; Ockert, C.; Eickmann, B.; Jost, Cristiane L..
Sulfur cycling at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A multiple sulfur isotope approach. Chemical Geology 2010 ;Volum 269. s. 180-196
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8 Rise, L.; Chand, Sheetal Karam; Hjelstuen, Berit Oline Blihovde; Haflidason, Haflidi; Bøe, R.
Late Cenozoic geological development of the south Voring margin, mid-Norway. Marine and Petroleum Geology 2010 ;Volum 27.(9) s. 1789-1803
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9 Rotevatn, Atle; Tveranger, Jan; Howell, John Anthony; Fossen, Haakon.
Dynamic investigation of the effect of a relay ramp on simulated fluid flow: geocellular modelling of the Delicate Arch Ramp, Utah. Petroleum Geoscience 2010 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 45-58
UiB Untitled
10 Tajcmanová, Lucie; Soejono, Igor; Konopasek, Jiri; Košler, Jan; Klötzli, Urs.
Structural position of high-pressure felsic to intermediate granulites from NE Moldanubian domain (Bohemian Massif). Journal of the Geological Society 2010 ;Volum 167.(2) s. 329-345
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11 Wacey, David; McLoughlin, Nicola; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Kilburn, Matt R..
Two coexisting sulfur metabolisms in a ca. 3400 Ma sandstone. Geology 2010 ;Volum 38.(12) s. 1115-1118
UiB Untitled
12 Waldmann, David Nicolas; Aritzegui, D.; Flavio, S.A.; James, A. Austin Jr.; Moy, C.M.; Stern, Charles; Recasens, Cristina; Dunbar, Robert B..
Holocene climatic fluctuations and positioning of the Southern Hemisphere westerlies in Tierra del Fuego (548 S), Patagonia. Journal of Quaternary Science 2010 ;Volum 25.(7) s. 1063-1075
UiB Untitled
13 Aas, Tor Even; Howell, John Anthony; Janocko, Michal; Jackson, Cristopher AL.
Control of Aptian palaeobathymetry on turbidite distribution in the Buchan Graben, Outer Moray Firth, Central North Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology 2010 ;Volum 27.(2) s. 412-434
UiB Untitled
14 Aas, Tor Even; Howell, John Anthony; Janocko, Michal; Midtkandal, Ivar.
Re-created Early Oligocene seabed bathymetry and process-based simulations of the Peira Cava turbidite system. Journal of the Geological Society 2010 ;Volum 167.(5) s. 857-875
UiB UiO Untitled
15 Abbate, Ernesto; Albianelli, Andrea; Awad, Amel; Billi, Paolo; Bruni, Piero; Delfino, Massimo; Ferretti, Marco P; Filippi, Omar; Gallai, Gianni; Ghinassi, Massimiliano; Lauritzen, Stein-Erik; Lo Vetro, Domenico; Martinez-Navarro, Bienvenido; Martini, Fabio; Napoleone, Giovanni; Bedri, Omar; Papini, Mauro; Rook, Lorenzo; Sagri, Mario.
Pleistocene environments and human presence in the middle Atbara valley (Khashm El Girba, Eastern Sudan). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 2010 ;Volum 292.(1-2) s. 12-34
UiB Untitled
16 Andersen, Charlotte Faust; Johansen, Tor Arne.
Test of rock physics models for prediction of seismic velocities in shallow unconsolidated sands: a well log data case. Geophysical Prospecting 2010 ;Volum 58.(6) s. 1083-1098
UiB Untitled
17 Andersson, Carin; Pausata, Francesco S. Rocco; Jansen, Eystein; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Telford, Richard.
Holocene trends in the foraminifer record from the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Climate of the Past 2010 ;Volum 6.(2) s. 179-193
NORCE UiB Untitled
18 Astakhov, Valery; Nazarov, Dmitry.
Correlation of Upper Pleistocene sediments in northern West Siberia. Quaternary Science Reviews 2010 ;Volum 29.(25-26) s. 3615-3629
UiB Untitled
19 Bakke, Jostein; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Paasche, Øyvind; Simonsen, Joachim Riis; Kvisvik, Bjørn Christian; Bakke, Kristina; Nesje, Atle.
A complete record of Holocene glacier variability at Austre Okstindbreen, northern Norway: an integrated approach. Quaternary Science Reviews 2010 ;Volum 29.(9-10) s. 1246-1262
UiB Untitled
20 Bastesen, Eivind; Braathen, Alvar.
Extensional faults in fine grained carbonates - analysis of fault core lithology and thickness-displacement relationships. Journal of Structural Geology 2010 ;Volum 32.(11) s. 1609-1628
UiB UNIS Untitled
21 Bauer, Friederike Ursula; Glasmacher, Ulrich A.; Malikwisha, Meni; Mambo, Vikandy S.; Mutete, Bin V..
The Eastern Congo – a beauty spot, rediscovered from a geological point of view. Geology Today 2010 ;Volum 26.(2) s. 55-64
UiB Untitled
22 Bauer, Friederike Ursula; Glasmacher, Ulrich A.; Ring, Uwe; Schumann, Andreas; Nagudi, Betty.
Thermal and exhumation history of the central Rwenzori Mountains, Western Rift of the East African Rift System, Uganda. International journal of earth sciences 2010 ;Volum 99. s. 1575-1597
UiB Untitled
23 Bauer, Friederike Ursula; Koehn, Daniel; Glasmacher, Ulrich A..
Long-term rift evolution. International journal of earth sciences 2010 ;Volum 99. s. 1483-1485
UiB Untitled
24 Be’eri-Shlevin, Yaron; Katzir, Yaron; Blichert-Toft, Janne; Kleinhanns, Ilka; Whitehouse, Martin J..
Nd-Sr-Hf-O isotope provinciality in the northernmostArabian-Nubian Shield: implications for crustal evolution. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 2010 ;Volum 160.(2) s. 181-201
UiB Untitled
25 Bigg, Grant R.; Levine, Richard C.; Clark, Chris D.; Greenwood, Sarah L..; Haflidason, Haflidi; Hughes, Anna L.C.; Nygård, Atle; Sejrup, Hans Petter.
Last glacial ice-rafted debris off southwestern Europe: the role of the British-Irish Ice Sheet. Journal of Quaternary Science 2010 ;Volum 25.(5) s. 689-699
UiB Untitled
26 Bjelland, Torbjørg; Grube, Martin; Hoem, Solveig; Jørgensen, Steffen Leth; Daae, Frida Lise; Thorseth, Ingunn Hindenes; Øvreås, Lise.
Microbial metacommunities in the lichen-rock habitat. Environmental Microbiology Reports 2010
UiB Untitled
27 Bjerrum, Louise Wedderkopp; Atakan, Kuvvet; Sørensen, Mathilde B..
Reconnaissance report and preliminary ground motion simulation of the 12 May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 2010 ;Volum 8.(6) s. 1569-1601
UiB Untitled
28 Bjerrum, Louise Wedderkopp; Sørensen, Mathilde B.; Atakan, Kuvvet.
Strong Ground-Motion Simulation of the 12 May 2008 M-w 7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake, Using Various Slip Models. Bulletin of The Seismological Society of America (BSSA) 2010 ;Volum 100.(5B) s. 2396-2424
UiB Untitled
29 Boyd, R; Nordgulen, Øystein; Thomas, RJ; Bingen, Bernard; Bjerkgard, T; Grenne, Tor; Henderson, Iain; Melezhik, Victor A.; Often, Morten; Sandstad, Jan S; Solli, A; Tveten, Einar; Viola, Giulio; Key, R. M.; Smith, RA; Gonzalez, E; Hollick, LJ; Jacobs, Joachim; Jamal, D; Motuza, G; Bauer, W; Daudi, E; Feitio, P; Manhica, V; Moniz, A; Rosse, D.
The geology and geochemistry of the East African Orogen in northeastern Mozambique. South African Journal of Geology 2010 ;Volum 113. s. 87-129
UiB Untitled
30 Braga, Juan C.; Martin, José M.; Aguirre, Julio; Baird, Catherine Daae; Grunnaleite, Ivar; Jensen, Niels Bo; Puga-Bernabéu, Angel; Sælen, Gunnar; Talbot, Michael Richard.
Middle-Miocene (Serravallian) temperate carbonates in a seaway connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (North Betic Strait, S Spain). Sedimentary Geology 2010 ;Volum 225.(1-2) s. 19-33
NORCE UiB Untitled
31 Breivik, Asbjørn Johan; Mjelde, Rolf; Raum, Thomas Johan; Faleide, Jan Inge; Murai, Yoshio; Flueh, Ernst R..
Crustal structure beneath the Trondelag Platform and adjacent areas of the mid-Norwegian margin, as derived from wide-angle seismic and potential field data. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 2010 ;Volum 90.(4) s. 141-161
UiB UiO Untitled
32 Brendryen, Jo; Haflidason, Haflidi; Sejrup, Hans Petter.
Norwegian Sea tephrostratigraphy of marine isotope stages 4 and 5: Prospects and problems for tephrochronology in the North Atlantic region. Quaternary Science Reviews 2010 ;Volum 29.(7-8) s. 847-864
UiB Untitled
33 Bruvoll, Vibeke; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Coakley, Bernard J; Hopper, J.R..
Hemipelagic deposits on the Mendeleev and northwestern Alpha submarine Ridges in the Arctic Ocean: acoustic stratigraphy, depositional environment and an inter-ridge correlation calibrated by the ACEX results. Marine Geophysical Researches 2010 ;Volum 31.(3) s. 149-171
UiB Untitled
34 Bøe, R.; Fossen, Haakon; Smelror, Morten.
Mesozoic sediments and structures onshore Norway and in the coastal zone. Bulletin. Norges geologiske undersøkelse 2010 ;Volum 450. s. 15-32
UiB Untitled
35 Catterall, Vicky; Redfern, Jonathan; Gawthorpe, Robert; Hansen, Dorthe; Thomas, Myron.
Architectural Style and Quantification of a Submarine Channel–Levee System Located in a Structurally Complex Area: Offshore Nile Delta. Journal of Sedimentary Research 2010 ;Volum 80.(11) s. 991-1017
UiB Untitled
36 Chan, Chung-Han; Sørensen, Mathilde B.; Stromeyer, Dietrich; Grünthal, Gottfried; Heidbach, Oliver; Hakimhashemi, Amir; Catalli, Flaminia.
Forecasting Italian seismicity through a spatio-temporal physical model: importance of considering time-dependency and reliability of the forecast. Annals of Geophysics 2010 ;Volum 53.(3) s. 129-140
UiB Untitled
37 Dahl, Svein Olaf; Linge, Henriette Christell; Fabel, D.; Murray, A..
Extent and timing of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the Late Weichselian (MIS 3/2) glacier maximum in central southern Norway – link to the Norwegian Channel Ice Stream?. NGF abstracts and proceedings 2010 s. 37-38
UiB Untitled
38 De Waele, Jo; Martina, Mario L.V.; Sanna, Laura; Cabras, Salvatore; Cossu, Q. Antonio.
Flash flood hydrology in karstic terrain: Flumineddu Canyon, central-east Sardinia. Geomorphology 2010 ;Volum 120.(3-4) s. 162-173
UiB Untitled
39 Dove, Dayton; Coakley, Bernard J; Hopper, John; Kristoffersen, Yngve.
Bathymetry, controlled source seismic and gravity observations of the Mendeleev ridge; implications for ridge structure, origin, and regional tectonics. Geophysical Journal International 2010 ;Volum 183.(2) s. 481-U29
UiB Untitled
40 Eisen, Olaf; Hofstede, Coen; Miller, Heinrich; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Blenkner, Rick; Lambrecht, Astrid; Mayer, Christoph.
A New Approach for Exploring Ice Sheets and Sub-Ice Geology. EOS : Transactions 2010 ;Volum 91.(46) s. 429-430
UiB Untitled
41 Enge, Håvard Drange; Howell, John Anthony.
Impact of deltaic clinothems on reservoir performance: Dynamic studies of reservoir analogs from the Ferron Sandstone Member and Panther Tongue, Utah. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 2010 ;Volum 94.(2) s. 139-161
UiB Untitled
42 Enge, Håvard Drange; Howell, John Anthony; Buckley, Simon John.
Quantifying clinothem geometry in a forced-regressive river-dominated delta, Panther Tongue Member, Utah, USA. Sedimentology 2010 ;Volum 57.(7) s. 1750-1770
NORCE UiB Untitled
43 Enge, Håvard Drange; Howell, John Anthony; Buckley, Simon John.
The Geometry and Internal Architecture of Stream Mouth Bars in the Panther Tongue and the Ferron Sandstone Members, Utah, U.S.A. Journal of Sedimentary Research 2010 ;Volum 80.(11-12) s. 1018-1031
UiB Untitled
44 Euler, Christine; Ninnemann, Ulysses Silas.
Climate and Antarctic intermediate water coupling during the late Holocene. Geology 2010 ;Volum 38.(7) s. 647-650
NORCE UiB Untitled
45 Fanavoll, S.; Hesthammer, Jonny; Danielsen, J.; Stefatos, A..
Controlled source electromagnetic technology and hydrocarbon exploration efficiency. First Break 2010 ;Volum 28.(5) s. 61-69
UiB Untitled
46 Fedo, C.M.; Hage, M.M.; Schoenberg, Ronald; Whitehouse, M.J..
Can Fe isotopes be used to fingerprint Precambrian BIF?. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2010 ;Volum 74.(12) s. A282-A282
UiB Untitled
47 Fliegel, Daniel; Wirth, Richard; Simonetti, Antonio; Furnes, Harald; Staudigel, Hubert; Hanski, Eero; Muehlenbachs, Karlis.
Septate-tubular textures in 2.0-Ga pillow lavas from the Pechenga Greenstone Belt: a nano-spectroscopic approach to investigate their biogenicity. Geobiology 2010 ;Volum 8.(5) s. 372-390
UiB Untitled
48 Fossen, Haakon.
Deformation bands formed during soft-sediment deformation: Observations from SE Utah. Marine and Petroleum Geology 2010 ;Volum 27.(1) s. 215-222
UiB Untitled
49 Fossen, Haakon.
Extensional tectonics in the North Atlantic Caledonides: a regional view. Geological Society Special Publication 2010 ;Volum 333. s. 767-793
UiB Untitled
50 Furnes, Harald; De Wit, M.; Robins, Brian.
Petrological and tectonic evolution of the Palaeoarchean Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2010 ;Volum 74.(12) s. A311-A311
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