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1 Bauer, W; Fielitz, W; Jacobs, Joachim; Spaeth, G.
Neoproterozoic mafic dykes of the Heimefrontfjella (East Antarctica). Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 33-38
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2 Bauer, W; Jacobs, Joachim; Thomas, R; Spaeth, G; Weber, K.
Geology of the Vardeklettane Terrane, Heimefrontfjella (East Antarctica). Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 29-32
UiB Untitled
3 Burki, Valentin Josef; Larsen, Eiliv; Fredin, Ola; Margreth, Annina.
The formation of sawtooth moraine ridges in Bødalen, western Norway. Geomorphology 2009 ;Volum 105.(3-4) s. 182-192
NGU UiB Untitled
4 Burki, Valentin Josef; Larsen, Eiliv; Fredin, Ola; Nesje, Atle.
Glacial remobilization cycles as revealed by lateral moraine sediment, Bødalsbreen glacier foreland, western Norway. The Holocene 2009 ;Volum 19.(3) s. 415-426
NGU UiB Untitled
5 Emmel, Benjamin; Jacobs, Joachim; Daszinnies, M.C..
Combined titanite and apatite fission-track data from Gjelsvikfjella, East Antarctica – another piece of a concealed intracontinental Permo-Triassic Gondwana rift basin?. Geological Society Special Publication 2009 ;Volum 3724. s. 317-330
UiB Untitled
6 Furnes, Harald; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Staudigel, H.; Banerjee, Neil; Fliegel, Daniel; Mühlenbachs, K; Dewit, M.
Pillow lava as microbial habitat for 3.5 billion years: Petrographic signatures of bioalteration. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A404-A404
UiB Untitled
7 Haflidason, Haflidi; Mienert, Jurgen; Kvamme, B.; Hjelstuen, Berit Oline Blihovde; Bünz, Stefan; Barth, T; Vaular, Espen Nesheim; Chen, Yifeng; Chand, Shyam; Waldmann, David Nicolas; Zuhlsdorff, Christine; Kvalstad, T.J.; Reichel, Thomas.
Gas Hydrates on the Norway - Barents Sea - Svalbard margin (GANS); an overview and preliminary results. EOS 2009 ;Volum 52.
UiB Untitled
8 Haloda, Jakub; Tycova, Patricie; Korotev, Randy L.; Fernandes, Vera A.; Burgess, Ray; Thöni, Martin; Jelenc, Monika; Jakes, Petr; Gabzdyl, Pavel; Kosler, Jan.
Petrology, geochemistry, and age of low-Ti mare-basalt meteorite Northeast Africa 003-A: A possible member of the Apollo 15 mare basaltic suite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(11) s. 3450-3470
UiB Untitled
9 Hansen, Louise; Beylich, Achim; Burki, Valentin Josef; Eilertsen, Raymond S; Fredin, Ola; Larsen, Eiliv; Lyså, Astrid; Nesje, Atle; Stalsberg, Knut; Tønnesen, Jan Fredrik.
Stratigraphic architecture and infill history of a deglaciated bedrock valley based on georadar, seismic profiling and drilling. Sedimentology 2009 ;Volum 56.(6) s. 1751-1773
NGU UiB Untitled
10 Henriksen, Sverre; Hampson, Gary J.; Helland-Hansen, William; Johannessen, Erik P.; Steel, Ron J..
Shelf edge and shoreline trajectories, a dynamic approach to stratigraphic analysis. Basin Research 2009 ;Volum 21.(5) s. 445-453
UiB Untitled
11 Hjelstuen, Berit Oline Blihovde; Haflidason, Haflidi; Sejrup, Hans Petter; Lyså, Astrid.
Sedimentary processes and depositional environments in glaciated fjord systems — Evidence from Nordfjord, Norway. Marine Geology 2009 ;Volum 258.(1-4) s. 88-99
NGU UiB Untitled
12 Jacobs, Joachim.
A review of two decades (1986 – 2008) of geochronological work in Heimefrontfjella, and geotectonic interpretation of western Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica. Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 47-57
UiB Untitled
13 Jacobs, Joachim; Bauer, W; Weber, K; Spaeth, G; Thomas, R. J.
Geology of the Sivorg Terrane, Heimefrontfjella (East Antarctica), and new U-Pb Zircon provenance analyses of metasedimentary rocks. Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 11-19
UiB Untitled
14 Jacobs, Joachim; Patzelt, G; Spaeth, G; Thomas, R.J..
A note on the discovery of two new nunataks in southernmost Heimefrontfjella. Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 21-22
UiB Untitled
15 Jöns, Nils; Emmel, Benjamin * Nytt Fnr; Schenk, V.; Razakamanana, T.
From orogenesis to passive margin - the cooling history of the Bemarivo Belt (N Madagascar), a multi-thermochronometer approach. Gondwana Research 2009 (16) s. 72-81
UiB Untitled
16 Kleinhanns, Ilka; Jacobs, Joachim; Roland, NW.
Pan-African granitoid magmatism in central Dronning Maud Land: Comparison of two contrasting emplacement models. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A666-A666
UiB Untitled
17 Kurhila, M; Rämö, Tapani; Ramo, T; Andersen, T; Foland, K; Luttinen, A; Heinonen, J; Romu, I; Jacobs, Joachim.
The dawn and destruction of Gondwana - Isotopic record from Antarctica and Mozambique. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A707-A707
UiB UiO Untitled
18 Li, ZX; Bogdanova, SV; Collins, AS; Davidson, A; De Waele, B; Ernst, RE; Evans, DAD; Fitzsimons, ICW; Fuck, RA; Gladkochub, DP; Jacobs, Joachim; Karlstrom, KE; Lu, S; Natapov, LM; Pease, V; Pisarevsky, SA; Thrane, K; Vernikovsky, V.
How not to build a supercontinent: A reply to JDA Piper. Precambrian Research 2009 ;Volum 174.(1-2) s. 208-214
UiB Untitled
19 Lie, Øyvind; Eldevik, Tor.
Klima i de lange linjers perspektiv. 2009
NERSC UiB Untitled
20 Matthews, John A.; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Dresser, P. Quentin; Berrisford, Mark S.; Lie, Øyvind; Nesje, Atle; Owen, Geraint.
Radiocarbon chronology of Holocene colluvial (debris-flow) events at Sletthamn, Jotunheimen, southern Norway: a window on the changing frequency of extreme climatic events and their landscape impact. The Holocene 2009 ;Volum 19.(8) s. 1107-1129
UiB Untitled
21 Mc Loughlin (also McLoughlin), Nicola; Fliegel, Daniel; Furnes, Harald; Staudigel, H.; Simonetti, Antonio; Zhao, G; Robinson, Paul.
Assessing the biogenicity and syngenicity of candidate bioalteration textures in pillow lavas of the ~2.52 Ga Wutai greenstone terrane of China. Chinese Science Bulletin 2009
UiB Untitled
22 Miskovic, Aleksandar; Spikings, Richard A.; Chew, David M.; Kosler, Jan; Ulianov, Alexej; Schaltegger, Urs.
Tectonomagmatic evolution of Western Amazonia: Geochemical characterization and zircon U-Pb geochronologic constraints from the Peruvian Eastern Cordilleran granitoids. Geological Society of America Bulletin 2009 ;Volum 121.(9-10) s. 1298-1324
UiB Untitled
23 Pertoldova, Jaroslava; Tycova, Patricie; Verner, Krystof; Kosulicova, Monika; Pertold, Zdenek; Košler, Jan; Konopasek, Jiri; Pudilova, Marta.
Metamorphic history of skarns, origin of their protolith and implications for genetic interpretation; an example from three units of the Bohemian Massif. Journal of Geosciences 2009 ;Volum 54. s. 101-134
UiB Untitled
24 Rotevatn, Atle; Tveranger, Jan; Howell, John Anthony; Fossen, Haakon.
Dynamic investigation of the effect of a relay ramp on simulated fluid flow: geocellular modelling of the Delicate Arch Ramp, Utah. Petroleum Geoscience 2009 ;Volum 15.(1) s. 45-58
UiB Untitled
25 Rueda, Gemma; Rosell-Melé, Antoni; Escala, Marina; Gyllencreutz, Richard; Backman, Jan.
Comparison of instrumental and GDGT based estimates of sea surface and air temperatures from the Skagerrak. Organic Geochemistry 2009 ;Volum 40.(2) s. 287-291
UiB Untitled
26 Tajcmanová, Lucie; Konopásek, Jií; Košler, Jan.
Distribution of zinc and its role in the stabilization of spinel in high-grade felsic rocks of the Moldanubian domain (Bohemian Massif). European journal of mineralogy 2009 ;Volum 21.(2) s. 407-418
UiB Untitled
27 Torfstein, Adi; Haase-Schramm, Alexandra; Waldmann, David Nicolas; Kolodny, Yehoshua; Stein, Mordechai.
U-series and oxygen isotope chronology of the mid-Pleistocene Lake Amora (Dead Sea basin). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(9) s. 2603-2630
UiB Untitled
28 Waldmann, David Nicolas; Stein, M; Ariztegui, D.; Starinsky, A..
Stratigraphy, depositional environments and level reconstruction of the last interglacial Lake Samra in the Dead Sea basin. Quaternary Research 2009 ;Volum 72.(1) s. 1-15
UiB Untitled
29 Yamato, Philippe; Husson, Laurent; Braun, Jean; Loiselet, Christelle; Thieulot, Cedric Alexandre.
Influence of surrounding plates on 3D subduction dynamics. Geophysical Research Letters 2009 ;Volum 36.
UiB Untitled
30 Zimmermann, U; Fourie, PB; Naidoo, T; van Staden, A; Chemale, F; Nakamura, E; Kobayashi, J; Kosler, Jan; Beukes, N; Tait, J.
Unroofing the Kalahari craton: Provenance data from Neoproterozoic to Paleozoic successions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A1536-A1536
UiB Untitled
31 Agersborg, Remy; Johansen, Tor Arne; Jakobsen, Morten.
Velocity variations in carbonate rocks due to dual porosity and wave-induced fluid flow. Geophysical Prospecting 2009 ;Volum 57. s. 81-98
UiB Untitled
32 Aggarwal, Jugdeep; Böhm, Florian; Foster, Gavin; Halas, Stanislaw; Hönisch, Bärbel; Jiang, Shao-Yong; Košler, Jan; Liba, Amir; Rodushkin, Illia; Sheehan, Ted; Shen, Jiun-San; Tonarini, Sonia; Xie, Qianli; You, Chen-Fen; Zhao, Zhi-Qi; Zuleger, Evelyn.
How well do non-traditional stable isotope results compare between different laboratories: results from the interlaboratory comparison of boron isotope measurements. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 2009 ;Volum 24.(6) s. 825-831
UiB Untitled
33 Andersen, Charlotte Faust; Grosfeld, V; Wijngaarden, A.J.; Haaland, A.N.
Interactive interpretation of 4D prestack inversion data using rock physics templates, dual classification, and real-time visualization. The Leading Edge 2009 ;Volum 28.(8) s. 898-906
UiB Untitled
34 Andersson, Carin; Pausata, Francesco S. Rocco; Jansen, Eystein; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Telford, Richard.
Holocene trends in the foraminifer record from the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Climate of the Past Discussions 2009 ;Volum 5. s. 2081-2113
UiB Untitled
35 Askeland, Bjørn; Ruud, Bent Ole; Hobæk, Halvor; Mjelde, Rolf.
A seismic field test with a Low-level Acoustic Combustion Source and Pseudo-Noise codes. Journal of Applied Geophysics 2009 ;Volum 67.(1) s. 66-73
UiB Untitled
36 Bastesen, E.ivind; Nøttveit, H.enning; Braathen, Alvar; Gabrielsen, Roy H.; Skar, Tore.
Extensional fault cores in micritic carbonate - Case studies from the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. Journal of Structural Geology 2009 ;Volum 31.(4) s. 403-420
UiB UiO UNIS Untitled
37 Bauer, W; Jacobs, Joachim; Thomas, R.J.; Spaeth, G; Weber, K.
Geology of the Kottas Terrane, Heimefrontfjella (East Antarctica). Polarforschung 2009 ;Volum 79.(1) s. 23-28
UiB Untitled
38 Baumberger, Tamara; Fruh-Green, Grethchen l.; Pedersen, Rolf-Birger; Thorseth, Ingunn Hindenes; Lilley, Marvin D.; Bernasconi, Stefano M..
Geochemistry of rift valley sediments and hydrothermal fluids at the ultra-slow spreading S.Knipovich ridge. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A95-A95
UiB Untitled
39 Be’eri-Shlevin, Y; Katzir, Y.; Whitehouse, M.J; Kleinhanns, Ilka.
Contribution of pre Pan-African crust to formation of the Arabian Nubian Shield: new SIMS U-Pb and O studies of zircon. Geology 2009 ;Volum 37.(10) s. 899-902
UiB Untitled
40 Bingen, Bernard; Jacobs, Joachim; Henderson, Iain H.C.; Skår, Øyvind; Boyd, Rognvald; Thomas, Robert J.; Solli, Arne; Key, Roger M.; Daudi, Elias X.F.; Daudi, EXF.
Geochronology of the Precambrian crust in the Mozambique belt in NE Mozambique, and implications for Gondwana assembly. Precambrian Research 2009 ;Volum 170.(3-4) s. 231-255
NGU UiB Untitled
41 Blinova, Maria Konstantinovna; Thorsen, Rune; Mjelde, Rolf; Faleide, Jan Inge.
Structure and evolution of the Bellsund Graben between Forlandsundet and Bellsund (Spitsbergen) based on marine seismic data. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift 2009 ;Volum 89.(3) s. 215-228
UiB UiO Untitled
42 Braathen, Alvar; Tveranger, Jan; Fossen, Haakon; Skar, Tore; Cardozo, Nestor; Semshaug, Siv Lise; Bastesen, Eivind; Sverdrup, Einar.
Fault facies and its application to sandstone reservoirs. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 2009 ;Volum 93.(7) s. 891-917
UiB UIS Untitled
43 Breivik, Asbjørn; Faleide, Jan Inge; Mjelde, Rolf; Flueh, Ernst R..
Magma productivity and early seafloor spreading rate correlation on the northern Vøring Margin, Norway — Constraints on mantle melting. Tectonophysics 2009 ;Volum 468.(1-4) s. 206-223
UiB UiO Untitled
44 Bruvoll, Vibeke; Breivik, Asbjørn Johan; Mjelde, Rolf; Pedersen, Rolf-Birger.
Burial of the Mohn-Knipovich seafloor spreading ridge by the Bear Island Fan: Time constraints on tectonic evolution from seismic stratigraphy. Tectonics 2009 ;Volum 28. s. -
UiB UiO Untitled
45 Bullimore, Scott Alan; Helland-Hansen, William.
Trajectory analysis of the Brent Group (Jurassic), Northern North Sea: Contrasting depositional patterns during the advance of a major deltaic system. Basin Research 2009 ;Volum 21.(5) s. 559-572
UiB Untitled
46 Dazinnies, M.C.; Jacobs, Joachim; Wartho, J.A:; Grantham, G.
Post Pan-African thermo-tectonic evolution of the north Mozambican basement and its implication for the Dondwana rifting. Inferences from 40Ar/39Ar hornblende, biotite and titanite fission-track dating. Geological Society Special Publication 2009 ;Volum 324. s. 261-286
UiB Untitled
47 De Jong, Rixt; Hammarlund, Dag; Nesje, Atle.
Late Holocene effective precipitation variations in the maritime regions of south-west Scandinavia. Quaternary Science Reviews 2009 ;Volum 28.(1-2) s. 54-64
UiB Untitled
48 Dilek, Y; Furnes, Harald; Scoenberg, R.
Structure and geochemistry of the incipient oceanic crust of the Red Sea and the rifted margin of Western Arabia. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2009 ;Volum 73.(13) s. A293-A293
UiB Untitled
49 Dilek, Yildirim; Furnes, Harald.
Structure and geochemistry of Tethyan ophiolites and their petrogenesis in subduction rollback systems. Lithos 2009
UiB Untitled
50 Engen, Øyvind; Gjengedal, Jakob Andreas; Faleide, Jan Inge; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Eldholm, Olav.
Seismic stratigraphy and sediment thickness of the Nansen Basin, Arctic Ocean. Geophysical Journal International 2009 ;Volum 176.(3) s. 805-821
UiB UiO Untitled
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