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1 Bakke, Jostein; Lie, Øyvind; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Nesje, Atle; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth.
Strength and spatial patterns of the Holocene wintertime westerlies in the NE Atlantic region. Global and Planetary Change 2008 ;Volum 60.(1-2) s. 28-41
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2 Emmel, Benjamin; Jacobs, Joachim; Crowhurst, P; Austegard, Atle; Schwarz-Schampera, Ulrich.
Apatite single-grain (U-Th)/He data from Heimefrontfjella, East Antarctica: Indications for differential echumation related to glacial loading?. Tectonics 2008 ;Volum 27.(6)
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3 Emmel, Benjamin; Jöns, Niels; Kröner, Alfred; Jacobs, Joachim; Wartho, Jo-Anne; Schenk, Volker; Razakamanana, Théodore; Austegard, Atle.
From closure of the Mozambique Ocean to Gondwana breakup: New evidence from geochronological data of the Vohibory terrane, southwest Madagascar. The Journal of geology 2008 ;Volum 116. s. 21-38
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4 Fliegel, Daniel; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Košler, Jan; Banerjee, Neil; Simonetti, Antonio; Furnes, Harald.
Direct in situ dating of titanite in biotextures using laser ablation MC-ICP-MS. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2008 ;Volum 72.(12) Suppl. 1 s. A274-A274
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5 Ganerød, Guri Venvik; Grøneng, G.; Rønning, J.S.; Dalsegg, E.; Elvebakk, H; Tønnesen, Jan Fredrik; Kveldsvik, V; Eiken, T.; Blikra, L. H.; Braathen, Alvar.
Geological model of the Åknes Rockslide, western Norway. Engineering Geology 2008 ;Volum 102. s. 1-18
6 Ganerød, Guri Venvik; Grøneng, G.; Rønning, J.S.; Dalsegg, E.; Elvebakk, H.; Tønnesen, J.F.; Kveldsvik, V.; Eiken, T.; Blikra, LH; Braathen, Alvar.
Geological model of the Aknes rockslide, western Norway. Engineering Geology 2008 ;Volum 102.(1-2) s. 1-18
7 Jacobs, Joachim; Pisarevsky, Sergei A.; Thomas, Robert J.; Becker, Thomas.
The Kalahari Craton during the assembly and dispersal of Rodinia. Precambrian Research 2008 ;Volum 160. s. 142-158
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8 Košler, Jan; Fliegel, Daniel; Slama, Jiri; Pedersen, Rolf-Birger.
Laser ablation MC ICP-MS U-Pb zircon dating using multiple channeltron ion counting detection. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2008 ;Volum 72.(12) Suppl. 1 s. A492-A492
UiB Untitled
9 Konopasek, J.; Kosler, Jan; Tajcmanova, L.; Ulrich, S.; Kitt, S.L..
Neoproterozoic igneous complex emplaced along major tectonic boundary in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia) - ion probe and laser ab-lation ICP-MS dating of magmatic and meta-morphic zircons. Journal of the Geological Society 2008 ;Volum 165. s. 153-165
UiB Untitled
10 Li, Zheng-Xiang; Bogdanova, Svetlana V.; Collins, Alan S.; Davidson, Andrew; De Waele, Bert; Ernst, Richard E.; Fitzsimons, Ian C.W.; Fuck, Reinhardt Adolfo; Gladkochub, Dimitry P.; Jacobs, Joachim; Karlstrom, Karl E.; Lu, Songjian; Natapov, Lev M.; Pease, Victoria; Pisarevsky, Sergei A.; Thrane, Kristine; Vernikovsky, Valery A..
Assembly, configuration, and break-up history of Rodinia: A synthesis. Precambrian Research 2008 ;Volum 160.(1-2) s. 179-210
UiB Untitled
11 Li, Z.X.; Bogdanova, S.V.; Collins, A.S.; Davidson, A.; Waelea, B. De; Ernst, R.E.; Fitzsimons, I.C.W.; Fuck, R.A.; Gladkochub, D.P.; Jacobs, Joachim; Karlstrom, K.E.; Lu, S.; Natapov, L.M.; Pease, V.; Pisarevsky, S.A.; Thrane, K.; Vernikovsky, V..
Assembly, configure-ation, and break-up history of Rodinia: A synthesis. Precambrian Research 2008 (160) s. 179-210
UiB Untitled
12 Mcloughlin, Nicola; Wilson, Lucy A.; Brasier, Martin D..
Growth of synthetic stromatolites and wrinkle structures in the absence of microbes - implications for the early fossil record. Geobiology 2008 ;Volum 6.(2) s. 95-105
UiB Untitled
13 Nesje, Atle; Bakke, Jostein; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Lie, Øyvind; Matthews, John A..
Norwegian mountain glaciers in the past, present and future. Global and Planetary Change 2008 ;Volum 60.(1-2) s. 10-27
UiB Untitled
14 Slama, Jiri; Kosler, Jan; Condon, Daniel J.; Crowley, James L.; Gerdes, Axel; Hanchar, John M.; Horstwood, Matthew S.A.; Morris, George A.; Nasdala, Lutz; Norberg, Nicholas; Schaltegger, Urs; Schoene, Blair; Tubrett, Michael N.; Whitehouse, Martin J..
Plešovice zircon – a new natural reference material for U-Pb and Hf isotopic microanalysis. Chemical Geology 2008 ;Volum 249.(1-2) s. 1-35
UiB Untitled
15 Staudigel, Hubert; Furnes, Harald; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Banerjee, Neil; Connel, Laurie B.; Templeton, Alexis.
3.5 billion years of glass bioalteration: Volcanic rocks as a basis for microbial life?. Earth-Science Reviews 2008 ;Volum 89.(3-4) s. 156-176
UiB Untitled
16 Staudigel, Hubert; Furnes, Harald; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Banerjee, Neil; Connell, Laurie B.; Templeton, Alexis.
Microbial glass bioalteration: Inferring mechanisnis of blocorrosion from trace fossil morphology. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2008 ;Volum 72.(12) Suppl. 1 s. A893-A893
UiB Untitled
17 Sturkell, E.; Jakobsson, M.; Gyllencreutz, Richard.
How True are Ceological Maps? An Exercise in Ceological Mapping. Journal of Geoscience Education (JGE) 2008 ;Volum 56. s. 297-301
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18 Ueda, Kosuke Ulrich; Gerya, T.; Sobelev, S.V..
Subduction initiation by thermalchemical plumes: Numerical studies. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 2008 ;Volum 171.(1-4) s. 296-312
UiB Untitled
19 Wacey, D.; Kilburn, Matt R.; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Parnell, J.; Stoakes, C.A.; Grovenor, Chris R.M.; Brasier, M. D..
Use of nanoSIMS in the search for early life on earth: ambient inclusion trails in a c. 3400Ma sandstone. Journal of the Geological Society 2008 ;Volum 165. s. 43-53
UiB Untitled
20 Agersborg, Remy; Johansen, Tor Arne; Jakobsen, Morten; Sothcott, Jeremy; Best, Angus.
Effects of fluids and dual-pore systems on pressure-dependent velocities and attenuations in carbonates. Geophysics 2008 ;Volum 73.(5) Suppl. N35-N47 s. N35-N47
UiB Untitled
21 Agersborg, Remy; Johansen, Tor Arne; Ruud, Bent Ole.
Modelling reflection signatures of pore fluids and dual porosity in carbonate reservoirs. Journal of Seismic Exploration 2008 ;Volum 17.(1) s. 63-83
UiB Untitled
22 Askeland, Bjørn; Hobæk, Halvor; Mjelde, Rolf.
Semiperiodic chirp sequences reduce autocorrelation side lobes of pulsed signals. Geophysics 2008 ;Volum 73.(3) s. Q19-Q27
UiB Untitled
23 Askvik, Helge.
Whetstones from Kaupang, petrographic description and provenance. Norske Oldfunn 2008 s. 5-17
UiB Untitled
24 Atakan, Kuvvet.
The Sichuan earthquake of 12 May: why it happened. Geo 2008 ;Volum 11.(4) s. 77-85
UiB Untitled
25 Avseth, P.A; Dræge, Anders; Van Wijngaarden, A..
Shale rock physics and implications for AVO analysis: a North Sea demonstration: a North Sea demonstration. The Leading Edge 2008 (27) s. 788-797
UiB Untitled
26 Backman, Jan; Jakobsson, Martin; Frank, Martin; Sangiorgi, Franceska; Brinkhuis, Henk; Stickley, Catherine; O'Regan, Matthew; Løvlie, Reidar; Pälike, Heiko; Spofforth, David; Gattacecca, Jérôme; Moran, Kate; King, John; Heil, Chip.
Age model and core-seismic integration for the Cenozoic Arctic Coring Expedition sediments from the Lomonosov Ridge. Paleoceanography 2008 ;Volum 23.(1)
NPI UiB Untitled
27 Bale, Arthur; Fossen, Haakon.
Comprehensive Mini-Frac Testing in the Gullfaks Field as a Tool for Characterization of Reservoir Structure and Rock Mechanics. Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal : SPE Journal 2008 s. -
UiB Untitled
28 Banerjee, Neil; Furnes, Harald; Muehlenbachs, Karlis; Staudigel, Hubert; Mcloughlin, Nicola; Bebout, Gray.
Biogeochemical tracers of modern and ancient life in seafloor lavas. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2008 ;Volum 72.(12) Suppl. 1 s. A51-A51
UiB Untitled
29 Braun, J.; Thieulot, C.; Fullsack, P.; DeKool, M.; Beaumont, C; Huismans, Ritske.
DOUAR: A new three-dimensional creeping flow numerical model for the solution of geological problems. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 2008 (171) s. 76-91
UiB Untitled
30 Breivik, Asbjørn; Faleide, Jan Inge; Mjelde, Rolf.
Neogene magmatism northeast of the Aegir and Kolbeinsey ridges, NE Atlantic: Spreading ridge-mantle plume interaction?. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 2008 ;Volum 9. s. -
UiB UiO Untitled
31 Buckley, Simon John; Howell, John Anthony; Enge, Håvard Drange; Kurz, Tobias Herbert.
Terrestrial laser scanning in geology: data acquisition, processing and accuracy considerations. Journal of the Geological Society 2008 ;Volum 165.(Part 3) s. 625-638
UiB Untitled
32 Buiter, S.J.H.; Huismans, Ritske; Beaumont, C.
Dissipation Analysis as a Guide to Mode Selection during Crustal Extension and Implications for the Styles of Sedimentary Basins. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR) 2008 (113) Suppl. B06406
UiB Untitled
33 Chatelain, Jean-Luc; Guillier, Bertrand; Cara, Fabrizio; Duval, Anne-Marie; Atakan, Kuvvet; Bard, Pierre-Yves.
Evaluation of the influence of experimental conditions on H/V results from ambient noise recordings. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 2008 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 33-74
UiB Untitled
34 Clark, Peter U.; Delworth, Thomas L.; Weaver, Andrew J.; Kleiven, Helga Flesche; Kissell, Catherine; Laj, Carlo; Ninnemann, Ulysses S; Richter, Thomas; Cortijo, Elsa.
Freshwater Forcing: Will History Repeat Itself?. Science 2008 ;Volum 320.(5874) s. 316-317
UiB Untitled
35 Currie, Claire A.; Huismans, Ritske; Beaumont, Christopher.
Thinning of continental backarc lithosphere by flow-induced gravitational instability. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2008 ;Volum 269.(3-4) s. 435-446
UiB Untitled
36 Czuba, W; Grad, M; Guterch, A; Majdanski, M; Malinowski, M; Mjelde, Rolf; Moskalik, M; Sroda, P; Wilde-Piorko, M; Nishimura, Y.
Seismic crustal structure along the deep transect Horsted'05, Svalbard. Polish Polar Research 2008 ;Volum 29.(3) s. 279-290
UiB Untitled
37 Czuba, W; Mjelde, Rolf; et al, [Mangler fornavn].
Seismic crustal structure along the deep transect Horsted`05, Sval-bard. Polish Polar Research 2008 ;Volum 29.(3) s. 279-290
UiB Untitled
38 De Jong, R.; Hammarlund, D; Nesje, Atle.
Late Holo-cene effective precipitation variations in the mari-time regions of south-west Scandinavia. Quaternary Science Reviews 2008 ;Volum 28. s. 54-64
UiB Untitled
39 Dilek, Yildirim; Furnes, Harald; Shallo, Minella.
Geochemistry of the Jurassic Mirdita Ophiolite (Albania) and the MORB to SSZ evolution of a marginal basin oceanic crust. Lithos 2008 ;Volum 100.(1-4) s. 174-209
UiB Untitled
40 Dössing, A; Dahl-Jensen, T; Thybo, H; Mjelde, Rolf; Nishimura, Y.
East Greenland Ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean: An integrated geophysical study of a continental silver in a boundary transform fault setting. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2008 ;Volum 113.(B10) s. -
UiB Untitled
41 Duclaux, Guillaume; Rolland, Yann; Ruffet, Gilles; Ménot, René-Pierre; Guillot, Stéphane; Peucat, Jean-Jacques; Fanning, Mark; Pêcher, Arnaud.
Superimposed Neoarchaean and Paleoproterozoic tectonics in the Terre Adélie Craton (East Antarctica): evidence from Th–U–Pb ages on monazite and 40 Ar/39 Ar ages. Precambrian Research 2008 ;Volum 167.(3) s. 316-338
UiB Untitled
42 Einen, Jørn; Thorseth, Ingunn Hindenes; Øvreås, Lise.
Enumeration of Archaea and Cacteria in seafloor basalt using real-time quantitative PCR and fluorescence microscopy. FEMS Microbiology Letters 2008 ;Volum 282.(2) s. 182-187
UiB Untitled
43 Engelen, Bert; Ziegelmüller, Katja; Wolf, Lars; Köpke, Beate; Gittel, Antje; Cypionka, Heribert; Treude, Tina; Nakagawa, Satoshi; Inagaki, Fumio; Lever, Mark Alexander; Steinsbu, Bjørn Olav.
Fluids from the oceanic crust support microbial activities within the deep biosphere. Geomicrobiology Journal 2008 ;Volum 25.(1) s. 56-66
UiB Untitled
44 Faleide, JI; Tsikalas, F.; Breivik, A.J; Mjelde, Rolf; Ritzmann, O; Engen, Ø; Wilson, J.; Eldholm, Olav.
Structure and evolution of the continental margin off Norway and the Barents Sea. Episodes 2008 ;Volum 31.(1) Suppl. Sp Issue s. 82-91
UiB UiO Untitled
45 Fliegel, Daniel; Guenther, Detlef.
Electrical characteristics of a millisecond pulsed glow discharge. Spectrochimica Acta Part B - Atomic Spectroscopy 2008 ;Volum 63. s. 630-637
UiB Untitled
46 Fredman, Niclas; Tveranger, Jan; Cardozo, N; Braathen, A; Soleng, Harald Heimtun; Røe, Per; Skorstad, Arne; Syversveen, Anne Randi.
Fault facies modeling: Technique and approach for 3-D conditioning and modeling of faulted grids. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 2008 ;Volum 92.(11) s. 1457-1478
47 Ganerød, G.V.; Ganerød, Guri Venvik; Braathen, Alvar; Willemoes-Wissing, B.; Willemoes Wissing, B.
Predictive permeability model of extensional faults in crystalline and metamorphic rocks; verification by pre-grouting in two sub-sea tunnels, Norway. Journal of Structural Geology 2008 ;Volum 30.(8) s. 993-1004
NGU UiB UNIS Untitled
48 Gee, David G.; Fossen, Haakon; Henriksen, Niels; Higgins, Anthony K..
From the early Paleozoic platforms of Baltica and Laurentia to the Caledonide orogen of Scandinavia and Greenland. Episodes 2008 ;Volum 31.(1) s. 44-51
UiB Untitled
49 Guillier, Bertrand; Atakan, Kuvvet; Chatelain, Jean-Luc; Havskov, Jens; Ohrnberger, Matthias; Cara, Fabrizio; Duval, Anne-Marie; Zacharopoulos, Stratos; Teves-Costa, Paula.
Influence of instruments on the H/V spectral ratios of ambient vibrations. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 2008 ;Volum 6.(1) s. 3-31
UiB Untitled
50 Haghshenas, Ebrahim; Bard, Pierre-Yves; Theodulidis, N.; Atakan, Kuvvet; The SESAME team, ..
Empirical evaluation of microtremor H/V spectral ratio. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 2008 (6) s. 75-108
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