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Fra: 2008   Til: 2008   Rapporteringsår   Enhet: Molekylærbiologisk institutt (UiB)   Alle publ. kanaler

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1 Chekenya, Martha; Krakstad, Camilla; Svendsen, Agnete; Netland, Inger Anne; Staalesen, Vidar; Tysnes, Berit Bølge; Selheim, Frode; Wang, Jian; Sakariassen, Per Øystein; Sandal, Tone; Lønning, Per Eystein; Flatmark, Torgeir; Enger, Per Øyvind; Bjerkvig, Rolf; Sioud, M; Stallcup, William B..
The progenitor cell marker NG2/MPG promotes chemoresistance by activation of integrin-dependent PI3K/Akt signaling. Oncogene 2008 ;Volum 27.(39) s. 5182-5194
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2 Arnesen, Thomas; Thompson, Paul R.; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan.
The Protein Acetyltransferase ARD1: A Novel Cancer Drug Target?. Current Cancer Drug Targets 2008 ;Volum 8.(7) s. 545-553
3 Chrisanthar, Ranjan; Knappskog, Stian; Løkkevik, Erik; Anker, Gun Birgitta; Østenstad, Bjørn; Lundgren, Steinar; Berge, Elisabet Ognedal; Risberg, Terje; Mjaaland, Ingvil; Mæhle, Lovise Olaug; Engebretsen, Lars Fredri; Lillehaug, Johan; Lønning, Per Eystein.
CHEK2 mutations affecting kinase activity together with mutations in TP53 indicate a functional pathway associated with resistance to epirubicin in primary breast cancer. PLoS ONE 2008 ;Volum 3:e0003062.(8) s. -
4 Furnes, Clemens; Andresen, Vibeke; Szilvay, Anne Marie.
Functional rescue of an oligomerization-defective HIV-1 Rev mutant by fusion with an oligomeric tag. Archives of Virology 2008 ;Volum 153.(2) s. 357-362
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5 Gunawickrama, S.H. Nandana P.; Aarsæther, Niels; Orbea, Amaia; Cajaraville, Miren P.; Goksøyr, Anders.
PCB77 (3,3 ',4,4 '-tetrachlorobiphenyl) co-exposure prolongs CYP1A induction, and sustains oxidative stress in B(a)P-exposed turbot, Scophthalmus maximus, in a long-term study. Aquatic Toxicology 2008 ;Volum 89.(2) s. 65-74
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6 Helland, Ronny; Fjellbirkeland, Anne; Karlsen, Odd-Arne; Lillehaug, Johan Richard; Jensen, Harald; Ve, Thomas.
An oxidized tryptophan facilitates copper binding in Methylococcus capsulatus-secreted protein MopE. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2008 ;Volum 283.(20) s. 13897-13904
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7 Karlsen, Marius; Nylund, Are; Watanabe, Kuninori; Helvik, Jon Vidar; Nylund, Stian; Plarre, Heidrun.
Characterization of 'Candidatus Clavochlamydia salmonicola': an intracellular bacterium infecting salmonid fish. Environmental Microbiology 2008 ;Volum 10.(1) s. 208-218
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8 Karlsen, Odd Andre; Lillehaug, Johan; Jensen, Harald B.
The presence of multiple c-type cytochromes at the surface of the methanotrophic bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath) is regulated by copper. Molecular Microbiology 2008 ;Volum 70.(1) s. 15-26
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9 Kellmann, Ralf; Mihali, Troco Kaan; Jeon, Young Jae; Pickford, Russell; Pomati, Francesco; Neilan, Brett Adam.
Biosynthetic intermediate analysis and functional homology reveal a saxitoxin gene cluster in cyanobacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008 ;Volum 74.(13) s. 4044-4053
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10 Kellmann, Ralf; Mihali, Troco Kaan; Neilan, Brett A..
Identification of a Saxitoxin Biosynthesis Gene with a History of Frequent Horizontal Gene Transfers. Journal of Molecular Evolution 2008 ;Volum 67.(5) s. 526-538
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11 Mihali, Troco Kaan; Kellmann, Ralf; Muenchhoff, Julia; Barrow, Kevin D.; Neilan, Brett A..
Characterization of the Gene Cluster responsible for Cylindrospermopsin Biosynthesis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008 ;Volum 74.(3) s. 716-722
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12 Mungpakdee, Sutada; Seo, Hee-Chan; Angotzi, Anna Rita; Dong, Xianjun; Akalin, Altuna; Chourrout, Daniel.
Differential evolution of the 13 Atlantic salmon Hox clusters. Molecular biology and evolution 2008 ;Volum 25.(7) s. 1333-1343
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13 Mungpakdee, Sutada; Seo, Hee-Chan; Chourrout, Daniel.
Spatio-temporal expression patterns of anterior Hox genes in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Gene Expression Patterns 2008 ;Volum 8.(7-8) s. 508-514
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14 Niere, Marc; Kernstock, Stefan; Koch-Nolte, Friedrich; Ziegler, Mathias.
Functional localization of two poly(ADP-ribose)-degrading enzymes to the mitochondrial matrix. Molecular and Cellular Biology 2008 ;Volum 28.(2) s. 814-824
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15 Patel, Sonal; Øvergård, Aina-Cathrine; Nerland, Audun H..
CD8 alpha and CD8 beta in Atlantic halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossus: Cloning, characterization and gene expression during viral and bacterial infection. Fish and Shellfish Immunology 2008 ;Volum 25.(5) s. 570-580
16 Sanchez, Wilfried; Goin, Carolyne; Brion, Francois; Olsson, Per-Erik; Goksøyr, Anders; Porcher, Jean-Marc.
A new ELISA for the three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.) spiggin, using antibodies against synthetic peptide. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology 2008 ;Volum 147.(1) s. 129-137
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17 Solstad, Therese; Fismen, Lise; Garberg, Hilde Kristin; Fladmark, Kari Espolin.
Identification of a novel phosphorylation site of acyl-CoA binding protein (ACBP) in nodularin-induced apoptotic hepatocytes. Experimental Cell Research 2008 ;Volum 314.(10) s. 2141-2149
UiB UiO Untitled
18 Starheim, Kristian Kobbenes; Arnesen, Thomas; Gromyko, Darina; Ryningen, Anita; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan.
Identification of the human N-alpha-acetyltransferase complex B (hnatB): a complex important for cell-cycle progression. Biochemical Journal 2008 ;Volum 415. s. 325-331
19 Thorstensen, Tage; Grini, Paul E.; Mercy, Inderjit S.; Alm, Vibeke; Erdal, Sigrid; Aasland, Rein; Aalen, Reidunn B..
The Arabidopsis SET-domain protein ASHR3 is involved in stamen development and interacts with the bHLH transcription factor ABORTED MICROSPORES (AMS). Plant Molecular Biology 2008 ;Volum 66.(1) s. 47-59
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20 Viganò, Luigi; Benfenati, Emilio; van Cauwenberge, Anne; Eidem, Janne K.; Erratico, Claudio; Goksøyr, Anders; Kloas, Werner; Maggioni, Silvia; Mandich, Alberta; Urbatzka, Ralph.
Estrogenicity profile and estrogenic compounds determined in river sediments by chemical analysis, ELISA and yeast assays. Chemosphere 2008 ;Volum 73.(7) s. 1078-1089
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21 Zhao, Xiaofeng; Fjose, Anders; Larsen, Natalia; Helvik, Jon Vidar; Drivenes, Øyvind.
Treatment with small interfering RNA affects the microRNA pathway and causes unspecific defects in zebrafish embryos. The FEBS Journal 2008 ;Volum 275. s. 2177-2184
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