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Fra: 2005   Til: 2005   Rapporteringsår   Enhet: Molekylærbiologisk institutt (UiB)   Alle publ. kanaler

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1 Hasselberg, Linda; Goksøyr, Anders; Grøsvik, Bjørn Einar; Celander, Malin.
Interactions between xenoestrogens and ketoconazole on CYP1A and CYP3A in juvenile Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Comparative Hepatology 2005
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2 Hovde, S.C.; Vidal, M.C.; Opstad, I.; Raae, Arnt Johan.
Design and synthesis of C-labelled proteins as tools for protein digestion studies in fish larvae. Aquaculture Nutrition 2005 ;Volum 11. s. 395-401
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3 Karlsen, Odd Andre; Kindingstad, Louise; Angelskår, Solveig Mjelstad; Bruseth, Live J.; Straume, Daniel; Puntervoll, Pål; Fjellbirkeland, Anne; Lillehaug, Johan; Jensen, Harald B.
Identification of a copper-repressible cytochrome c peroxidase of Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath); a member of a novel group of the bacterial di-heme cytochrome c peroxidase family of proteins. The FEBS Journal 2005 ;Volum 272.(24) s. 6324-6335
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4 Oei, Shiao li; Keil, Claudia; Ziegler, Mathias.
Poly(ADP-ribosylation) and genomic stability. Biochemistry and Cell Biology 2005 ;Volum 83. s. 263-269
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5 Panek, Josef; Eidhammer, Ingvar; Aasland, Rein.
A New Method for Identification of Protein (Sub)Families in a Set of Proteins Based on Hydropathy Distribution in Proteins. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics 2005 ;Volum 58. s. 923-934
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6 Slagsvold, Thomas; Aasland, Rein; Hirano, Satoshi; Bache, Kristi g; Raiborg, Camilla; Trambaiolo, Daniel; Wakatsuki, Soichi; Stenmark, Harald.
Eap45 in Mammalian ESCRT-II Binds Ubiquitin via a Phosphoinositide-interacting GLUE Domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005 ;Volum 280. s. 19600-19606
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7 Troedsson, Christofer; Grahl-Nielsen, Otto; Thompson, Eric.
Variable fatty acid composition of the pelagic appendicularian Oikopleura dioica in response to dietary quality and quantity. Marine Ecology Progress Series 2005 ;Volum 289. s. 165-176
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8 van Ackere, Ann; Davidsen, Pål; Ruud, Morten.
Managing a reservoir-based hydro-energy plant: building understanding in the buy and sell decisions in a changing environment. Energy Policy 2005 ;Volum 33.(7) s. 939-947
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9 Al-Arabi, Syed A.M.; Adolfsson-Erici, M; Waagbø, Rune; Ali, MS; Goksøyr, Anders.
Contaminant accumulation and biomarker responses in caged fish exposed to effluents from anthropogenic sources in the Karnaphuly River, Bangladesh. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2005 ;Volum 24.(8) s. 1968-1978
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10 Arnesen, Thomas; Anderson, Dave; Baldersheim, Christian; Lanotte, Michel; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan.
Identification and characterization of the human ARD1-NATH protein acetyltransferase complex. Biochemical Journal 2005 ;Volum 386. s. 433-443
11 Arnesen, Thomas; Gromyko, Darina; Horvli, Ole; Fluge, Øystein; Lillehaug, Johan; Varhaug, Jan Erik.
Expression of N-Acetyl Transferase Human and Human Arrest Defective 1 Proteins in Thyroid Neoplasms. Thyroid 2005 ;Volum 15.(10) s. 1131-1136
12 Arnesen, Thomas; Kong, Xianguo; Evjenth, Rune Henrik; Gromyko, Darina; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lin, Zhao; Sang, Nianli; Caro, Jaime; Lillehaug, Johan.
Interaction between HIF-1 alpha (ODD) and hARD1 does not induce acetylation and destabilization of HIF-1 alpha. FEBS Letters 2005 ;Volum 579.(28) s. 6428-6432
13 Berger, F.; Lau, Corinna; Dahlmann, M.; Ziegler, Mathias.
Subcellular Compartmentation and Differential Catalytic Properties of the Three Human Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferase Isoforms. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2005 ;Volum 280.(43) s. 36334-36341
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14 Hevrøy, Ernst Morten; Espe, Marit; Waagbø, Rune; Sandnes, Kjartan; Ruud, Morten; Hemre, Gro Ingunn.
Nutrient utilization in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fed increased levels of fish protein hydrolysate during a period of fast growth. Aquaculture Nutrition 2005 ;Volum 11.(4) s. 301-313
15 Kamisaka, Y; Drivenes, Øyvind; Kurokawa, T; Tagawa, M; Rønnestad, Ivar; Tanaka, M; Helvik, Jon Vidar.
Cholecystokinin mRNA in Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus - molecular cloning, characterization, and distribution in the digestive tract during the early life stages. Peptides 2005 ;Volum 26.
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16 Karlsen, Odd Andre; Ramsevik, Linda; Bruseth, Live J.; Larsen, Øivind; Brenner, Annette Katharina; Berven, Frode; Jensen, Harald B; Lillehaug, Johan.
Characterisation of a prokaryotic hemerythrin from the methanotrophic bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath). The FEBS Journal 2005 ;Volum 272.(10) s. 2428-2440
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17 Lotsberg, Jon Kåre; Zhao, Xiaofeng; Jain, Momodou; Dhayalan, Velauthapillai; Sithambaranathan, Glen S.; Stamnes, Jakob J.; Jiang, Dabang.
Focusing of electromagnetic waves into a biaxial crystal, experimental results. Optics Communications 2005 ;Volum 250.(4-6) s. 231-240
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18 Mandich, Alberta; Benfenati, Emilio; Cronin, Marc TD; Goksøyr, Anders; Grøsvik, Bjørn Einar; Kloas, Werner; Cauwenberge, Anne van; Viganò, Luigi.
Environmental agent susceptibility assessment using existing and novel biomarkers as rapid noninvasive testing methods. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2005 ;Volum 1040. s. 381-386
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19 Oftedal, Bergithe Eikeland; Ladstein, Sigve; Telle, Wenche; Male, Rune.
Ligand-dependent protein interactions of the estrogen receptors using the yeast two-hybrid system. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2005 ;Volum 1040. s. 420-425
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20 Reigstad, Laila Johanne; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan.
Structural and functional specificities of PDGF-C and PDGF-D, the novel members of the platelet-derived growth factors family. The FEBS Journal 2005 ;Volum 272.(22) s. 5723-5741
21 Ziegler, Mathias.
A vital link between energy and signal transduction - Regulatory functions of NAD(P). The FEBS Journal 2005 ;Volum 272. s. 4561-4564
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22 Ziegler, Mathias.
The adenine nucleotide translocase - a carrier protein potentially required for mitochondrial generation of NAD. Biochemistry (Moscow) 2005 ;Volum 70. s. 173-177
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