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1 Amundsen, Anita; Bergvik, Svein; Butow, Phyllis; Tattersall, Martin H.N.; Sørlie, Tore; Nordøy, Tone.
Supporting doctor-patient communication: Providing a question prompt list and audio recording of the consultation as communication aids to outpatients in a cancer clinic. Patient Education and Counseling 2018
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2 Amundsen, Anita; Nordøy, Tone; Lingen, Kristine Emilie; Sørlie, Tore; Bergvik, Svein.
Is patient behavior during consultation associated with shared decision-making? A study of patients’ questions, cues and concerns in relation to observed shared decision making in a cancer outpatient clinic. Patient Education and Counseling 2018 ;Volum 101.(3) s. 399-405
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3 Bilger, Angelika; Bretzinger, Eva; Fennell, Jamina; Nieder, Carsten; Lorenz, Hannah; Oehlke, Oliver; Grosu, Anca-Ligia; Specht, Hanno M.; Combs, Stephanie E..
Local control and possibility of tailored salvage after hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy of the cavity after brain metastases resection. Cancer Medicine 2018 ;Volum 7.(6) s. 2350-2359
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4 Bräutigam, Elisabeth; Lampl, Christian; Track, Christine; Nieder, Carsten; Pichler, Josef; Hammer, Josef; Geinitz, Hans.
Re-irradiation of recurrent glioblastoma as part of a sequential multimodality treatment concept. Clinical and Translational Oncology 2018 s. 1-6
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5 Brunvoll, Sonja Hjellegjerde; Thune, Inger; Frydenberg, Hanne; Flote, Vidar Gordon; Bertheussen, Gro Falkener; Schlichting, Ellen; Bjerve, Kristian S; Hjartåker, Anette.
Validation of repeated self-reported n-3 PUFA intake using serum phospholipid fatty acids as a biomarker in breast cancer patients during treatment 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1112 Oncology and Carcinogenesis. Nutrition Journal 2018 ;Volum 17:94. s. 1-12
6 Bucher-Johannessen, Cecilie; Page, Christian M.; Haugen, Trine B.; Fosså, Sophie Dorothea; Haugnes, Hege Sagstuen; Grotmol, Tom; Rounge, Trine Ballestad.
Epigenetic changes in testicular cancer survivors treated with cisplatin. 25th Biennial Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research; 2018-06-30 - 2018-07-03
7 Dønnem, Tom; Reynolds, Andrew; Kuczynski, Elizabeth A.; Gatter, Kevin C.; Vermeulen, Peter B.; Kerbel, Robert S.; Harris, Adrian L.; Pezzella, Francesco.
Non-angiogenic tumours and their influence on cancer biology. Nature Reviews. Cancer 2018 ;Volum 18.(5) s. 323-336
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8 Grindstad, Thea K.W.; Richardsen, Elin; Andersen, Sigve; Skjefstad, Kaja Konstanse; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Dønnem, Tom; Ness, Nora; Nordby, Yngve; Bremnes, Roy M.; Al-Saad, Samer; Busund, Lill-Tove.
Progesterone receptors in prostate cancer: Progesterone receptor B is the isoform associated with disease progression. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volum 8:11358. s. 1-10
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9 Grønberg, Bjørn Henning; Sjøblom, Bjørg; Wentzel-Larsen, Tore; Baracos, Vickie Elaine; Hjermstad, Marianne Jensen; Aass, Nina Kathrine; Bremnes, Roy M.; Fløtten, Øystein; Bye, Asta; Jordhøy, Marit Slaaen.
A comparison of CT based measures of skeletal muscle mass and density from the Th4 and L3 levels in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018 s. 1-8
10 Hald, Sigurd; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Martinez, Inigo Zubiavrre; Richardsen, Elin; Al-Saad, Samer; Paulsen, Erna Elise; Blix, Egil Støre; Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Andersen, Sigve; Busund, Lill-Tove; Bremnes, Roy M.; Dønnem, Tom.
LAG-3 in Non-Small-cell Lung Cancer: Expression in Primary Tumors and Metastatic Lymph Nodes Is Associated With Improved Survival. Clinical Lung Cancer 2018 ;Volum 19.(3) s. 249-259.e2
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11 Hammer, Josef; Geinitz, Hans; Nieder, Carsten; Track, Christine; Thames, Howard D.; Seewald, Dietmar H.; Petzer, Andreas L.; Helfgott, Ruth; Spiegl, Kurt J.; Heck, Dietmar; Brautigam, Elisabeth.
Risk factors for local relapse and inferior disease-free survival after breast-conserving management of breast cancer: Recursive partitioning analysis of 2161 patients. Clinical Breast Cancer 2018 s. 1-5
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12 Haugnes, Hege Sagstuen; Stenklev, Niels Christian; Brydøy, Marianne; Dahl, Olav; Wilsgaard, Tom; Laukli, Einar; Fosså, Sophie Dorothea.
Hearing loss before and after cisplatin-based chemotherapy in testicular cancer survivors: a longitudinal study. Acta Oncologica 2018 ;Volum 57.(8) s. 1075-1083
13 Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Hellevik, Turid; Östman, Arne; Strell, Carina; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove; Dønnem, Tom; Martinez, Inigo Zubiavrre.
Tissue analyses reveal a potential immune-adjuvant function of FAP-1 positive fibroblasts in non-small cell lung cancer. PLoS ONE 2018 ;Volum 13.(2)
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14 Kiselev, Yury; Andersen, Sigve; Johannessen, Charles; Fjukstad, Bjørn; Olsen, Karina Standahl; Stenvold, Helge; Al-Saad, Samer; Dønnem, Tom; Richardsen, Elin; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove.
Transcription factor PAX6 as a novel prognostic factor and putative tumour suppressor in non-small cell lung cancer. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volum 8.
15 Kocik, Lukas; Geinitz, Hans; Track, Christine; Geier, Michael; Nieder, Carsten.
Feasibility of radiotherapy in nonagenarian patients: a retrospective study. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie (Print) 2018 s. 1-7
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16 Nieder, Carsten; Dalhaug, Astrid; Haukland, Ellinor Christin; Engljähringer, Kirsten.
Patient-reported symptom burden, rate of completion of palliative radiotherapy and 30-day mortality in two groups of cancer patients managed with or without additional care by a multidisciplinary palliative care team. Anticancer Research 2018 ;Volum 38.(4) s. 2271-2275
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17 Nieder, Carsten; Gaspar, Laurie E.; De Ruysscher, Dirk; Guckenberger, Matthias; Mehta, Minesh P.; Rusthoven, Chad G.; Sahgal, Arjun; Gkika, Eleni.
Repeat reirradiation of the spinal cord: multi-national expert treatment recommendations. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie (Print) 2018 ;Volum 194.(5) s. 365-374
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18 Nieder, Carsten; Haukland, Ellinor Christin; Pawinski, Adam; Norum, Jan.
Seven-month prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is prognostic in patients with prostate cancer initially diagnosed with distant metastases. Medical Oncology 2018 ;Volum 35.(46) s. -
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19 Nieder, Carsten; Kämpe, Thomas A..
Contribution of patient-reported symptoms before palliative radiotherapy to development of multivariable prognostic models. Anticancer Research 2018 ;Volum 38.(3) s. 1705-1709
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20 Nieder, Carsten; Kämpe, Thomas A..
Does marital status influence levels of anxiety and depression before palliative radiotherapy?. In Vivo 2018 ;Volum 32.(2) s. 327-330
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21 Nieder, Carsten; Kämpe, Thomas A.; Engljähringer, Kirsten.
Does patient-reported dyspnea reflect thoracic disease characteristics in patients with incurable cancer?. Anticancer Research 2018 ;Volum 38.(2) s. 901-904
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22 Nieder, Carsten; Kämpe, Thomas A.; Pawinski, Adam; Dalhaug, Astrid.
Patient-reported symptoms before palliative radiotherapy predict survival differences. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie (Print) 2018 ;Volum 194.(6) s. 533-538
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23 Nieder, Carsten; Langendijk, Johannes A.; Guckenberger, Matthias; Grosu, Anca L..
Second re-irradiation: a narrative review of the available clinical data. Acta Oncologica 2018 ;Volum 57.(3) s. 305-310
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24 Nieder, Carsten; Mehta, Minesh P.; Geinitz, Hans; Grosu, Anca L..
Prognostic and predictive factors in patients with brain metastases from solid tumors: A review of published nomograms. Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 2018 ;Volum 126. s. 13-18
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25 Nieder, Carsten; Tollåli, Terje; Haukland, Ellinor Christin; Reigstad, Anne; Flatøy, Liv Randi; Dalhaug, Astrid.
A Four-Tiered Prognostic Score for Patients Receiving Palliative Thoracic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer. Cancer Investigation 2018 ;Volum 36.(1) s. 59-65
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26 Nieder, Carsten; Yobuta, Rosalba; Mannsåker, Bård; Dalhaug, Astrid.
How should palliative thoracic radiotherapy be fractionated for octogenarians with Lung cancer?. In Vivo 2018 ;Volum 32.(2) s. 331-336
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27 Norum, Jan; Nieder, Carsten.
Tobacco smoking and cessation and PDL1 inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): a review of the literature. ESMO Open 2018 ;Volum 3:e000406.(6) s. 1-6
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28 Nystad, Mona; Sitras, Vasilis; Nordbakken, Cecilie Valborg; Pedersen, Mona Irene; Acharya, Ganesh.
Laeverin Protein Expression in Normal and Preeclamptic Placentas using Tissue Microarray Analysis. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 2018 ;Volum 97.(5) s. 536-544
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29 Popp, Ilinca; Bott, Stefan; Mix, Michael; Oehlke, Oliver; Schimek-Jasch, Tanja; Nieder, Carsten; Nestle, Ursula; Bock, Michael; Yuh, William T.C.; Meyer, Philipp Tobias; Weber, Wolfgang A.; Urbach, Horst; Mader, Irina; Grosu, Anca-Ligia.
Diffusion-weighted MRI and ADC versus FET-PET and GdT1w-MRI for gross tumor volume (GTV) delineation in re-irradiation of recurrent glioblastoma. Radiotherapy and Oncology 2018 s. 1-11
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30 Rakaee, Mehrdad; Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Dalen, Stig Manfred; Richardsen, Elin; Paulsen, Erna Elise; Hald, Sigurd; Al-Saad, Samer; Andersen, Sigve; Dønnem, Tom; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove.
Evaluation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes using routine H&E slides predicts patient survival in resected non-small cell lung cancer. Human Pathology 2018 ;Volum 79. s. 188-198
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31 Skjefstad, Kaja Konstanse; Grindstad, Thea K.W.; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Richardsen, Elin; Dønnem, Tom; Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Andersen, Sigve; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove; Al-Saad, Samer.
Corrigendum to "Prognostic relevance of estrogen receptor α, β and aromatase expression in non-small cell lung cancer" [Steroids 113 (2016) 5-13]. Steroids 2018 ;Volum 130. s. 36-37
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32 Skjefstad, Kaja Konstanse; Johannessen, Charles; Grindstad, Thea K.W.; Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Paulsen, Erna Elise; Pedersen, Mona Irene; Dønnem, Tom; Andersen, Sigve; Bremnes, Roy M.; Richardsen, Elin; Al-Saad, Samer; Busund, Lill-Tove.
A gender specific improved survival related to stromal miR-143 and miR-145 expression in non-small cell lung cancer. Scientific Reports 2018 ;Volum 8.
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33 Valan, Christine Damgaard; Slagsvold, Jens Erik; Halvorsen, Tarje Onsøien; Herje, Martin; Bremnes, Roy M.; Brunsvig, Paal Fr.; Brustugun, Odd Terje; Fløtten, Øystein; Levin, Nina; Sundstrøm, Stein Harald; Grønberg, Bjørn Henning.
Survival in Limited Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer According to N3 Lymph Node Involvement. Anticancer Research 2018 ;Volum 38.(2) s. 871-876
34 Al-Saad, Samer; Richardsen, Elin; Kilvær, Thomas Karsten; Dønnem, Tom; Andersen, Sigve; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove.
The impact of MET, IGF-1, IGF1R expression and EGFR mutations on survival of patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. PLoS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12:e0181527.(7) s. 1-20
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35 Andersen, Sigve.
EXIPOX pilot studie. Brukermedvirkningsmøte med kreftforeningen; 2017-11-03 - 2017-11-03
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36 Andersen, Sigve.
Langt kommet Prostatakreft – hva gjør vi nå?. Folkemøte; 2017-11-22 - 2017-11-22
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37 Andersen, Sigve.
Vi trenger et helsevesen som er mer opptatt av døden. TV 2 [TV] 2017-08-28
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38 Andersen, Sigve; Dønnem, Tom; Trosten, Bodil; Larsen, Kari Margrethe; Nordøy, Tone; Ervik, Bente.
Palliative indicators in a university hospital - a cross-sectional prevalence study combined with ESAS-r symptom assesment and follow up of death. 15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care; 2017-05-18 - 2017-05-20
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39 Andersen, Sigve; Richardsen, Elin; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Bertilsson, Helena; Bremnes, Roy M.; Børset, Magne; Busund, Lill-Tove; Slørdahl, Tobias Schmidt.
Expression of phosphatase of regenerating liver (PRL)-3, is independently associated with biochemical failure, clinical failure and death in prostate cancer. PLoS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(11) s. -
40 Bilger, Angelika; Frenzel, Florian; Oehlke, Oliver; Wiehle, Rolf; Milanovic, Dusan; Prokic, Vesna; Nieder, Carsten; Grosu, Anca-Ligia.
Local Control and overall survival after frameless radiosurgery: A single center experience. Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 2017 ;Volum 7. s. 55-61
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41 Bye, Asta; Sjøblom, Bjørg; Wentzel-Larsen, Tore; Grønberg, Bjørn Henning; Baracos, Vickie E.; Hjermstad, Marianne Jensen; Aass, Nina Kathrine; Bremnes, Roy M.; Fløtten, Øystein; Jordhøy, Marit Slaaen.
Muscle mass and association to quality of life in non-small cell lung cancer patients. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle 2017 ;Volum 8. s. 759-767
42 Dønnem, Tom.
"Foredrag om forskning og brukermedvirkning". Møte for Kreftforeningen og ulike pasientorganisasjoner; 2017-11-03
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43 Dønnem, Tom.
"Immunologi innen lungekreft". Nasjonalt møte for Lungekreftforeningen med pasientorganisasjon; 2017-11-09
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44 Dønnem, Tom.
"IT og medisinsk forskning". NRK [TV] 2017-09-01
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45 Haukland, Ellinor Christin; von Plessen, Christian; Nieder, Carsten; Vonen, Barthold.
Adverse events in hospitalised cancer patients: a comparison to a general hospital population. Acta Oncologica 2017 ;Volum 56.(9) s. 1218-1223
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46 Helland, Åslaug; Brustugun, Odd Terje; Nakken, Sigve; Halvorsen, Ann Rita; Dønnem, Tom; Bremnes, Roy M.; Busund, Lill-Tove; Sun, Jinchang; Lorenz, Susanne; Solberg, Steinar; Jørgensen, Lars Hilmar; Vodak, Daniel; Myklebost, Ola; Hovig, Eivind; Meza, Leonardo Zepeda.
High number of kinome-mutations in non-small cell lung cancer is associated with reduced immune response and poor relapse-free survival. International Journal of Cancer 2017 ;Volum 141.(1) s. 184-190
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47 Johannessen, Charles; Moi, Line; Kiselev, Yury; Pedersen, Mona Irene; Dalen, Stig Manfred; Braaten, Tonje; Busund, Lill-Tove.
Expression and function of the miR-143/145 cluster in vitro and in vivo in human breast cancer. PLoS ONE 2017 ;Volum 12.(10) s. -
HIOA UiT UNN Untitled
48 Kaasa, Stein; Andersen, Sigve; Bahus, Marianne Klungland; Broen, Peder; Farsund, Helge; Flovik, Anne Marie; Hagerup, Søren Vincent; Husby, Bodil; Pedersen, Natasha; Rønsen, Astrid; Schjødt, Borrik; Slaaen, Joran.
NOU 2017:16 : På liv og død : Palliasjon til alvorlig syke og døende : utredning fra utvalg oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon 11. mai 2016. Avgitt til Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet 20. desember 2017. : Departementenes servicesenter, Informasjonsforvaltning 2017 (ISBN 978-82-583-1343-1) 200 s. NOU - Norges offentlige utredninger(2017:16)
49 Krauze, Andra; Attia, Albert; Braunstein, Steve; Chan, Michael; Combs, Stephanie E; Fietkau, Rainer; Fiveash, John; Flickinger, John; Grosu, Anca-Ligia; Howard, Steven; Nieder, Carsten; Niyazi, Maximilian; Rowe, Lindsay; Smart, Dee Dee; Tsien, Christina; Camphausen, Kevin.
Expert consensus on re-irradiation for current glioma. Radiation Oncology 2017 ;Volum 12.(194) s. -
NLSH UiT Untitled
50 Ness, Nora; Andersen, Sigve; Rakaee, Mehrdad; Nordbakken, Cecilie; Valkov, Andrey Yurjevich; Paulsen, Erna-Elise; Nordby, Yngve; Bremnes, Roy M.; Dønnem, Tom; Busund, Lill-Tove; Richardsen, Elin.
The prognostic role of immune checkpoint markers programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) and programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) in a large, multicenter prostate cancer cohort. OncoTarget 2017 ;Volum 8.(16) s. 26789-26801
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