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Fra: 2000   Til: 2020   Enhet: Drug transport and drug delivery, forskningsgruppe (UiT)   Hovedkategori: Tidsskriftspublikasjon   Hovedkategori: Bok   Hovedkategori: Rapport/avhandling   Alle publ. kanaler

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1 Cauzzo, Jennifer; Nystad, Mona; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Basnet, Purusotam; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Following the fate of dye-containing liposomes in vitro. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020 ;Volum 21:4847.(14) s. 1-17
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2 Falavigna, Margherita; Klitgaard, Mette; Berthelsen, Ragna; Mullertz, Anette; Flaten, Gøril Eide.
Predicting oral absorption of fenofibrate in lipid-based drug delivery systems by combining in vitro lipolysis with the mucus-PVPA permeability model. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2020
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3 Falavigna, Margherita; Pattacini, Martina; Wibel, Richard; Sonvico, Fabio; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Flaten, Gøril Eide.
The Vaginal-PVPA: A Vaginal Mucosa-Mimicking In Vitro Permeation Tool for Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Formulations. Pharmaceutics 2020
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4 Falavigna, Margherita; Stein, Paul C.; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
Impact of mucin on drug diffusion: Development of a straightforward in vitro method for the determination of drug diffusivity in the presence of mucin. Pharmaceutics 2020 ;Volum 12:168.(2) s. 1-13
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5 Giordani, Barbara; Basnet, Purusotam; Mishchenko, Ekaterina; Luppi, Barbara; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Utilizing liposomal quercetin and gallic acid in localized treatment of vaginal Candida infections. Pharmaceutics 2020 ;Volum 12:9.(1) s. 1-21
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6 Jøraholmen, May Wenche; Bhargava, Abhilasha; Julin, Kjersti; Johannessen, Mona; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
The Antimicrobial Properties of Chitosan Can be  Tailored by Formulation. Marine Drugs 2020 ;Volum 18.
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7 Jøraholmen, May Wenche; Johannessen, Mona; Gravningen, Kirsten Midttun; Puolakkainen, Mirja; Acharya, Ganesh; Basnet, Purusotam; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Liposomes-in-hydrogel delivery system enhances the potential of resveratrol in combating vaginal chlamydia infection. Pharmaceutics 2020 ;Volum 12:1203.(12) s. 1-14
UiT UNN Untitled
8 Ng, Jian Yao; Obuobi, Sybil Akua Okyerewa; Chua, Mei Ling; Zhang, Chi; Hong, Shiqi; Kumar, Yogesh; Gokhale, Rajeev; Ee, Pui Lai Rachel.
Biomimicry of microbial polysaccharide hydrogels for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine - A review. Carbohydrate Polymers 2020 ;Volum 241:116345. s. 1-19
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9 Obuobi, Sybil Akua Okyerewa; Julin, Kjersti; Fredheim, Elizabeth G. Aarag; Johannessen, Mona; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Liposomal delivery of antibiotic loaded nucleic acid nanogels with enhanced drug loading and synergistic anti-inflammatory activity against S. aureus intracellular infections. Journal of Controlled Release 2020 ;Volum 324. s. 620-632
UiT Untitled
10 Obuobi, Sybil Akua Okyerewa; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Nucleic acid hybrids as advanced antibacterial nanocarriers. Pharmaceutics 2020 ;Volum 12. s. 643-
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11 Selvarajan, Vanitha; Obuobi, Sybil Akua Okyerewa; Pui Lai, Rachel Ee.
Silica Nanoparticles—A Versatile Tool for the Treatment of Bacterial Infections. Frontiers in Chemistry 2020 ;Volum 8.(602)
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12 Ternullo, Selenia; Schulte Werning, Laura; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Curcumin-In-Deformable Liposomes-In-ChitosanHydrogel as a Novel Wound Dressing. Pharmaceutics 2020 ;Volum 12.(1)
UiT Untitled
13 Alopaeus, Julia Fredrika; Hellfritzsch, Marie; Gutowski, Tobias; Scherließ, Regina; Almeida, Andreia F; Sarmento, Bruno; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Tho, Ingunn.
Mucoadhesive buccal films based on a graft co-polymer – A mucin-retentive hydrogel scaffold. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 ;Volum 142:105142. s. 1-15
UiO UiT Untitled
14 Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio; Stein, Paul C.
Studying the effect of solubilizing agents on drug diffusion through the unstirred water layer (UWL) by localized spectroscopy. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 2019 ;Volum 139. s. 205-212
UiO UiT Untitled
15 Falavigna, Margherita; Klitgaard, Mette; Steene, Erik; Flaten, Gøril Eide.
Mimicking regional and fasted/fed state conditions in the intestine with the mucus-PVPA in vitro model: The impact of pH and simulated intestinal fluids on drug permeability. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 ;Volum 132. s. 44-54
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16 Fjellaksel, Richard; Moldes-Anaya, Angel; Vasskog, Terje; Oteiza, Ana; Martin-Armas, Maria Montserrat; Hjelstuen, Ole Kristian; Hansen, Jørn H; Riss, Patrick; Sundset, Rune.
Evaluation by metabolic profiling and in vitro autoradiography of two promising GnRH‐receptor ligands for brain SPECT imaging. Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals 2019 s. 1-13
OUS UiO UiT UNN Untitled
17 Jøraholmen, May Wenche; Basnet, Purusotam; Tostrup, Mia Jonine; Moueffaq, Sabrin; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Localized Therapy of Vaginal Infections and Inflammation: Liposomes-In-Hydrogel Delivery System for Polyphenols. Pharmaceutics 2019 ;Volum 11.(2) s. 1-19
UiT UNN Untitled
18 Ternullo, Selenia; Gagnat, Eivind; Julin, Kjersti; Johannessen, Mona; Basnet, Purusotam; Vanić, Željka; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Liposomes augment biological benefits of curcumin for multitargeted skin therapy. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 2019 ;Volum 144. s. 154-164
UiT UNN Untitled
19 Vanic, Zeljka; Rukavina, Zora; Manner, Suvi; Fallarero, Adyary; Uzelac, Lidija; Kralj, Marijeta; Amidzic Klaric, Danijela; Bogdanov, Anita; Raffai, Timea; Virok, Deszo Peter; Filipovic-Grcic, Jelena; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Azithromycin-liposomes as a novel approach for localized therapy of cervicovaginal bacterial infections. International Journal of Nanomedicine 2019 ;Volum 14. s. 5957-5976
UiT Untitled
20 Wu, Iren Yeeling; Bala, Sonali; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
Interpreting non-linear drug diffusion data: Utilizing Korsmeyer-Peppas model to study drug release from liposomes. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 ;Volum 138.
UiO UiT Untitled
21 Wu, Iren Yeeling; Nikolaisen, Trygg Einar; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
The hypotonic environmental changes affect liposomal formulations for nose-to-brain targeted drug delivery. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 ;Volum 108.(8) s. 2570-2579
UiO UiT Untitled
22 Berben, Philippe; Bauer-Brandl, Annette; Brandl, Martin; Faller, Bernard; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Jacobsen, Ann-Cathrine; Brouwers, Joachim; Augustijns, Patrick.
Drug permeability profiling using cell-free permeation tools: Overview and applications. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 ;Volum 119. s. 219-233
UiT Untitled
23 Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio; Clarelli, Fabrizio; Våbenø, Jon; Lesley, Christina; Rahman, Sokar Darsim; Cauzzo, Jennifer; Franceschinis, Erica; Realdon, Nicola; Stein, Paul C.
Experimental Determination of Drug Diffusion Coefficients in Unstirred Aqueous Environments by Temporally Resolved Concentration Measurements. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2018 ;Volum 15.(4) s. 1488-1494
24 Falavigna, Margherita; Klitgaard, Mette; Brase, Christina; Ternullo, Selenia; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Flaten, Gøril Eide.
Mucus-PVPA (mucus Phospholipid Vesicle-based Permeation Assay): An artificial permeability tool for drug screening and formulation development. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2018 ;Volum 537.(1-2) s. 213-222
UiT Untitled
25 Fjellaksel, Richard.
Utvikling og evaluering av gonadotropin frigjøringshormon antagonister som SPECT-radiotracere. Norsk Farmaceutisk Tidsskrift 2018 ;Volum 7. s. 21-23
UiT Untitled
26 Fjellaksel, Richard; Dugalic, Damir; Demissie, Taye Beyene; Riss, Patrick; Hjelstuen, Ole Kristian; Sundset, Rune; Hansen, Jørn H.
An acylation-Finkelstein approach to radioiodination of bioactives: The role of amide group anchimeric assistance. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 2018 ;Volum 31.(7) s. 1-12
OUS UiO UiT UNN Untitled
27 Fjellaksel, Richard; Oteiza, Ana; Martin-Armas, Montserrat; Riss, Patrick; Hjelstuen, Ole Kristian; Kuttner, Samuel; Hansen, Jørn H; Sundset, Rune.
First in vivo evaluation of a potential SPECT brain radiotracer for the gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor. BMC Research Notes 2018 ;Volum 11.(1) s. 1-6
OUS UiO UiT UNN Untitled
28 Fjellaksel, Richard; Rustad, Eirik André Lindeløff; Sundset, Rune; Hjelstuen, Ole Kristian.
Nytt PET-senter i Tromsø. Norsk Farmaceutisk Tidsskrift 2018 (8) s. 14-15
UiT Untitled
29 Fjellaksel, Richard; Sundset, Rune; Riss, Patrick; Hansen, Jørn H.
Copper-mediated late-stage iodination and 123I-labelling of triazole-benzimidazole bioactives. Synlett : Accounts and Rapid Communications in Synthetic Organic Chemistry 2018 ;Volum 29.(11) s. 1491-1495
OUS UiO UiT UNN Untitled
30 Grip, Jostein; Engstad, Rolf Einar; Skjæveland, Ingrid; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Isaksson, Johan; Basnet, Purusotam; Holsæter, Ann Mari.
Beta-glucan-loaded nanofiber dressing improves wound healing in diabetic mice. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 ;Volum 121. s. 269-280
UiT UNN Untitled
31 Staven, Vigdis; Wang, Siri; Grønlie, Ingrid; Tho, Ingunn.
Physical stability of an all-in-one parenteral nutrition admixture for preterm infants upon mixing with micronutrients and drugs. European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (EJHP) 2018 ;Volum 27. s. 36-42
32 Ternullo, Selenia.
Nanocarriers for tailored skin delivery: More than just the carriers?. : University of Tromsø The Arctic University of Norway 2018 (ISBN 978-82-7589-622-1) 178 s.
UiT Untitled
33 Ternullo, Selenia; Basnet, Purusotam; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Flaten, Gøril Eide; de Weerd, Louis; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Deformable liposomes for skin therapy with human epidermal growth factor: The effect of liposomal surface charge. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 ;Volum 125. s. 163-171
UiT UNN Untitled
34 Wagner, Theresa; Joshi, Bishnu; James Peter, Jessin Janice; Askarian, Fatemeh; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Hagestad, Ole Christian; Mekhlif, Ahmed; Wai, Sun Nyunt; Hegstad, Kristin; Johannessen, Mona.
Enterococcus faecium produces membrane vesicles containing virulence factors and antimicrobial resistance related proteins. Journal of Proteomics 2018
UiT UNN Untitled
35 Wu, Iren Yeeling.
Nasal administrering av nanomedisin. NBS-nytt 2018
UiT Untitled
36 Andersen, Toril; Mishchenko, Ekaterina; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Sollid, Johanna U Ericson; Mattsson, Sofia; Tho, Ingunn; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Chitosan-based nanomedicine to fight genital Candida infections: Chitosomes. Marine Drugs 2017 ;Volum 15:64.(3) s. 1-12
UiO UiT Untitled
37 Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
The potential of cyclodextrins as novel active pharmaceutical ingredients: A short overview. Molecules 2017 ;Volum 22.(1) s. 1-14
UiT Untitled
38 Falavigna, Margherita; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Cavallari, Cristina; Pini, Andrea; Luppi, Barbara; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
Novel in situ gel-forming solid dosage form (gfSDF) prepared by the simple syringe-based moulding: A screening study. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 ;Volum 105. s. 11-18
UiT Untitled
39 Grip, Jostein; Engstad, Rolf Einar; Skjærveland, Ingrid; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Holsæter, Ann Mari.
Sprayable Carbopol hydrogel with soluble beta-1,3/1,6-glucan as an active ingredient for wound healing – Development and in-vivo evaluation. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 ;Volum 107. s. 24-31
UiT Untitled
40 Ingebrigtsen, Sveinung Gaarden; Didriksen, Alena; Johannessen, Mona; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Holsæter, Ann Mari.
Old drug, new wrapping – A possible comeback for chloramphenicol?. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2017 ;Volum 526.(1-2) s. 538-546
UiT Untitled
41 Ingebrigtsen, Sveinung Gaarden; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Cavalcanti Jacobsen, Cristiane de Albuquerque; Holsæter, Ann Mari.
Successful co-encapsulation of benzoyl peroxide and chloramphenicol in liposomes by a novel manufacturing method - dual asymmetric centrifugation. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 ;Volum 97. s. 192-199
UiT Untitled
42 Jøraholmen, May Wenche; Basnet, Purusotam; Acharya, Ganesh; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
PEGylated liposomes for topical vaginal therapy improve delivery of interferon alpha. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 2017 ;Volum 113. s. 132-139
UiT UNN Untitled
43 Kumari, Jaya; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Tveiten, Helge.
Molecular transfer to Atlantic salmon ovulated eggs using liposomes. Aquaculture 2017 ;Volum 479. s. 404-411
NOFIMA UiT Untitled
44 Ternullo, Selenia; de Weerd, Louis; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
The isolated perfused human skin flap model: A missing link in skin penetration studies?. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2017 ;Volum 96. s. 334-341
UiT UNN Untitled
45 Ternullo, Selenia; de Weerd, Louis; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Flaten, Gøril Eide; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa.
Going skin deep: a direct comparison of penetration potential of lipid-based nanovesicles on the isolated perfused human skin flap model. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 2017 ;Volum 121. s. 14-23
UiT UNN Untitled
46 Wu, Iren Yeeling; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio.
Influence of the environmental tonicity perturbations on the release of model compounds from large unilamellar vesicles (LUVs): A mechanistic investigation. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2017 ;Volum 157. s. 65-71
UiT Untitled
47 Øverbye, Anders; Holsæter, Ann Mari; Fusser, Markus; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Iversen, Tore Geir; Torgersen, Maria Lyngaas; Sønstevold, Tonje; Engebråten, Olav; Flatmark, Kjersti; Mælandsmo, Gunhild; Skotland, Tore; Sandvig, Kirsten.
Ceramide-containing liposomes with doxorubicin: time and cell-dependent effect of C6 and C12 ceramide. OncoTarget 2017 ;Volum 8.(44) s. 76921-76934
OUS UiO UiT Untitled
48 Engesland, André; Skalko-Basnet, Natasa; Flaten, Gøril Eide.
In vitro models to estimate drug penetration through the compromised stratum corneum barrier. Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 2016 ;Volum 42.(11) s. 1742-1751
UiT Untitled
49 Flaten, Gøril Eide.
Skammelig nedprioritering. Nordlys 2016
UiT Untitled
50 Flaten, Gøril Eide.
Skammelig nedprioritering av forskning på kvinnesykdommer. Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2016
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