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From: 1950   Unit: Department of Electric Power Engineering (NTNU)   sub-category: Doctoral dissertation   All publishing channels

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1 Aakre, Torstein Grav.
Partial Discharges in voids at Variable Voltage Frequency and Temperature – Diagnostic Testning of Stator Mainwall Insulation. NTNU,Trondheim: NTNU 2020 (ISBN 978-82-326-4634-0) 250 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(220:143)
NTNU Untitled
2 Abid, Fahim.
Characteristics of Switching Arc in Ultrahigh-pressure Nitrogen. NTNU,Trondheim: NTNU 2020 (ISBN 978-82-326-4658-6) 130 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2020:150)
NTNU Untitled
3 Lotfi, Abbas.
Off-core Magnetic Flux Paths in Power Transformers Modeling and Applications. NTNU,Trondheim: NTNU 2020 (ISBN 978-82-326-4628-9) 250 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2020:140)
NTNU Untitled
4 Acharya, Anirudh Budnar.
Evaluation, Modeling and Control of Modular Multilevel Converter for Photovoltaic Applications. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3982.3) 156 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:193)
NTNU Untitled
5 Engevik, Erlend Løklingholm.
Design and Operation Investigations for Large Converter-Fed Synchronous Machines in Hydropower Applications. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3984-7) 165 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:194)
NTNU Untitled
6 Hjelmeland, Martin N..
Medium-Term Hydropower Scheduling In a Multi-Market Setting. Trondheim: NTNU Grafisk senter 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3858-1) 150 p.
NTNU Untitled
7 Håberg, Martin André Hystad.
Optimal Activation and Congestion Management in the European Balancing Energy Market. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-4222-9) 142 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:313)
NTNU Untitled
8 Jakobsen, Sigurd Hofsmo.
Frequency control and stability requirements on hydro power plants. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-4202-1) 134 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019/303)
NTNU Untitled
9 Kantar, Emre.
Longitudinal AC Electrical Breakdown Strength of Polymer Interfaces. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3782-9) 329 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019/93)
NTNU Untitled
10 Kristiansen, Martin.
Multinational transmission Expansion planning Exploring Engineering-economic decision support for a future North Sea offshore grid. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3866-6) 108 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:134)
NTNU Untitled
11 Löschenbrand, Markus.
Dynamic Electricity Market Games Modeling Competition under Large-Scale Storage. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3950-2) 223 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:177)
NTNU Untitled
12 Meyer, Hans Kristian Hygen.
Dielectric Barriers under Lightning impulse stress Breakdown and discharge-dielectric interaction in short non-uniform air gaps. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3810-9) 176 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019/106)
NTNU Untitled
13 Ranaweera, K.M. Iromi Udumbara.
Energy Storage for Control of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Systems. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3641-9) ;Volume 2019.146 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(15)
NTNU Untitled
14 Skjelbred, Hans Ivar.
Unti-based Short-term Hydro Scheduling in competetive Electricity Markets. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-4018-8) 150 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:211)
NTNU Untitled
15 Taxt, Henning.
Ablation-assisted load current interruption in medium voltage switchgear. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-3614-3) 70 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:5)
NTNU Untitled
16 Tiwari, Subhadra.
SiC MOSFETs and Diodes: Characterization, Applications and Low-Inductive Converter Design Considerations. Trondheim: NTNU 2019 (ISBN 978-82-326-4072-0) 162 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2019:238)
NTNU Untitled
17 Graabak, Ingeborg.
Balancing of Wind and solar power Production in Northern Europe With Norwegian hydropower. Trondheim: NTNU 2018 (ISBN 978-82-326-3192-6) 200 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(201)
NTNU Untitled
18 Pandakov, Konstantin.
Improvements in protection of medium voltage resonant grounded networks With distributed sources. Trondheim: NTNU 2018 (ISBN 978-82-326-3560-3) 160 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2018:386)
NTNU Untitled
19 Agheb, Edris.
Medium Frequency High Power Transformers for All-DC Wind Parks - Design, Modeling and Optimization. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2280-1) 157 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017:104)
NTNU Untitled
20 Endegnanew, Atsede Gualu.
Stability Analysis of High Voltage Hybrid AC/DC Power systems. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2583-3) 188 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017/256)
NTNU Untitled
21 Kalemba, Lester.
Multi-variable Control Systems and Analysis Techniques Applied to Power Systems. : NTNU Grafisk senter 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2578-9) 157 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017:253)
NTNU Untitled
22 Lindberg, Karen Byskov.
Impact of Zero Energy Buildings on the Power System. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2144-6) 130 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(1)
NTNU Untitled
23 Røkke, Astrid.
Permanent Magnet Generators for Marine Current Tidal Turbines. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2368-6) 164 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017:148)
NTNU Untitled
24 Soloot, Amir Hayati.
Resonant Overvoltages in Offshore Wind Farms. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2172-9) 84 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017:50)
NTNU Untitled
25 Tønne, Erling.
Planning of the Future Smart and Active Distribution Grids With emphasis on probabilistic load and generation modelling based on data from smart meters. Trondheim: NTNU 2017 (ISBN 978-82-326-2722-6) 210 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2017:327)
NTNU Untitled
26 Duong, Dinh Thuc.
Online Voltage Stability Monitoring and Coordinated Secondary Voltage Control. Trondheim: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1822-4) 182 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2016:242)
NTNU Untitled
27 Hasheminezhad, Seyed Majid.
Tangential Electric Breakdown Strength and PD Inception Voltage of Solid-Solid Interface. Trondheim, Norway: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1996-2) 98 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2016:329)
NTNU Untitled
28 Hillberg, Emil.
Perception, Prediction and Prevention of Extraordinary Events in the Power System. Trondheim: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1364-9) ;Volume 2016.165 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2016/10)
NTNU Untitled
29 Holtsmark, Nathalie Marie-Anna.
Investigation of the Matrix converter in a DC series-connected wind farm Modulation, control and efficiency. Trondheim: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1378-6) ;Volume 2016.244 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(16)
NTNU Untitled
30 Preda, Traian Nicolae.
Modelling of Active Distribution Grids for Stability Analysis. Trondheim: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1422-6) ;Volume 2016.210 p. Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) Thesis(41)
NTNU Untitled
31 Skar, Christian.
Modeling low emission scenarios for the European power sector. Trondheim: NTNU 2016 (ISBN 9788232617340) 179 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2016:198)
NTNU Untitled
32 Ummaneni, Ravindra Babu.
Design and Modelling of Linear Permanent Magnet Actuator with Gas Springs for Offshore Applications. Trondheim: Norwegian University of Science and Technology 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1598-8) 195 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2016:130)
NTNU Untitled
33 Zadeh, Mehdi Karbalaye.
Stability Analysis Methods and Tools for Power Electronics-Based DC Distribution Systems, Applicable to On-Board Electric Power Systems and Smart Microgrids. Trondheim: Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU 2016 (ISBN 978-82-326-1881-1) ;Volume 2016.150 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(271)
NTNU Untitled
34 Bergna Diaz, Gilbert.
Modular Multilevel Converter Control for HVDC Operation. Trondheim: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 9788232609437) 260 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:143)
NTNU Untitled
35 Barrera-Cardenas, Rene Alexander.
Meta-parametrised meta-modelling approach for optimal design in power electronics conversion systems. Trondheim: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 9788232608720) 171 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:108)
NTNU Untitled
36 Gebrekiros, Yonas Tesfay.
Analysis of Integrated Balancing Markets in Northern Europe under Different Market Design Options. Trondheim, Norway: NTNU graphic center 2015 (ISBN 978-82-326-1278-9) 169 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:311)
NTNU Untitled
37 Klæboe, Gro.
Stochastic Short-term Bidding Optimisation for Hydro Power Producers. Trondheim: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 9788232610099) 135 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:176)
NTNU Untitled
38 Sanchez Acevedo, Santiago.
Stability Investigation of Power Electronics Systems A Microgrid Case. NTNU: Institutt for elkraftteknikk, NTNU 2015 (ISBN 978-82-326-0658-0) 181 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:2)
NTNU Untitled
39 Støa-Aanensen, Nina Sasaki.
Air Load Break Switch Design Parameters. Gløshaugen, Trondheim: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 978-82-326-1160-7) 73 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:252)
NTNU Untitled
40 Tayyib, Muhammad.
Degradation and Performance Studies of Elkem Solar Grade Silicon in Comparison to the Reference Polysilicon. Universitetet i Agder 2015 120 p. Doctoral dissertations at University of Agder(000)
NTNU UIA Untitled
41 Valavi, Mostafa.
Magnetic Forces and Vibration in Wind Power Generators Analysis of Fractional-Slot Low-Speed PM Machines with Concentrated Windings. Trondheim, Gløshaugen: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 978-82-326-1064-8) 100 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:204)
NTNU Untitled
42 Zhang, Zhaoqiang.
Ironless Permanent Magnet Generators for Direct-Driven Offshore Wind Turbines. Gløshaugen, Trondheim: NTNU 2015 (ISBN 978-82-326-0932-1) 155 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2015:138)
NTNU Untitled
43 Jelani, Nadeem.
Investigating the Role of Active Loads in the Future Electrical Grid Dominated by Power Electronics. Trondheim: NTNU 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0270-4) 152 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(174)
NTNU Untitled
44 Jonsson, Erik.
Load Current Interruption in Air for Medium Voltage Ratings. : Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0091-5) 75 p.
NTNU Untitled
45 Kile, Håkon.
Evaluation and Grouping of Power Market Scenarios in Security of Electricity Supply Analysis. Trondheim: NTNU 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0094-6) 131 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(85)
NTNU Untitled
46 Nademi, Hamed.
Advanced Control of Power Converters: Modular Multilevel Converter. Trondheim: NTNU-trykk 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0598-9) 199 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2014:343)
NTNU Untitled
47 Toh, Chuen Ling.
Communication Network for Internal Monitoring and Control in Multilevel Power Electronics Converter. Trondheim: NTNU-trykk 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0620-7) 194 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2014:354)
NTNU Untitled
48 Zahedi, Bijan.
Shipboard DC Hybrid Power Systems - Modelling, Efficiency Analysis and Stability Control. Trondheim: NTNU-trykk 2014 (ISBN 978-82-326-0514-9) 141 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2014:301)
NTNU Untitled
49 Aigner, Tobias.
System Impacts from Large Scale Wind Power. Trondheim: NTNU, Institutt for elkraftteknikk 2013 (ISBN 978-82-471-4508-1) 167 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2013:198)
NTNU Untitled
50 Gjerde, Sverre Skalleberg.
Analysis and Control of a Modular Series Connected Converter for a Transformerless Offshore Wind Turbine. Trondheim, Norway: NTNU, Insitutt for elkraftteknikk 2013 (ISBN 978-82-471-4688-0) 193 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(2013:279)
NTNU Untitled
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