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Community participation, activity and collaboration for marginalised groups

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Anita Berg

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The group profile focuses on research and development work aimed at knowledge about community participation, activity and cooperation for marginalised groups. In the field of community participation, the group develops knowledge of how the voice of marginalised groups can be heard, both in society in general as well as through self-determination in his or her own life. A key focus is how groups at risk can influence assistance and welfare services, participate in work life as well as in meaningful cultural and leisure activities in their everyday lives. The group will also contribute with groundbreaking knowledge of how to facilitate activities that allow people with physical impairments to develop their own resources through participation in meaningful activity together with others. The research group will also focus on developing further knowledge of the opportunities and obstacles for cooperation between different parts of the public service sector when it comes to maintaining the users’ rights and influence in health and care services. The group has three purposes: 1. Be a meeting place for academic staff at Nord University who conduct research and development work focusing on community participation, activity and cooperation. 2. Contribute to the publishing of research results, and to research being closely related to praxis through tying the research area into the education programmes in health and social studies. 3. Contribute with current research in relevant research networks both nationally as well as internationally. Participate in networks focused on the theme of this research group and actively participate at relevant conferences, workshops etc. The group organises at least two seminars per semester and also organises a workshop on a relevant theme during the academic year.


The disciplining of Self-Help: Doing self-help the Norwegian way (2016)
Hedlund, Marianne;Landstad, Bodil J.;Tritter, Jonathan
Stepping through the door- exploring low-threshold services in Norwegian family centres (2016)
Bulling, Ingunn Skjesol
Child & Family Social Work
Peeling Potatoes as Health Promotion? Self-perceived Benefits of Volunteers in a Norwegian Volunteer Centre (2017)
Berg, Anita;Johansen, Oddbjørn
Open Journal of Social Sciences
Selvbestemmelse for ungdom med minoritetsbakgrunn og utviklingshemming – å måtte velge mellom familien og velferdsstaten? (2017)
Appoh, Lily;Johannesen, Berit Overå
SOR rapport
The Influence of Place on Everyday Life: Observations of Persons with Dementia in Regular Day Care and at the Green Care Farm (2017)
Myren, Gunn Eva Solum;Enmarker, Ingela Christina;Hellzén, Ove;Saur, Ellen
Health (Irvine, Calif.)
Transforming identity through participation in music and theatre: exploring narratives of people with mental health problems (2017)
Ørjasæter, Kristin Berre;Stickley, Theodore;Hedlund, Marianne;Ness, Ottar
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being
Korsang som recovery-fremmende tiltak for personer med psykiske helseplager (2017)
Bjøru, Anna Maria Dyrstad;Almvik, Arve;Bjerkeset, Ottar;Ness, Ottar
Scandinavian Psychologist
The voices of Young Sexual offenders in Norway: A Qualitative study (2017)
Sandvik, Marita;Nesset, Merete Berg;Berg, Anita;Søndenaa, Erik
Open Journal of Social Sciences
“It's our children!” Exploring intersectorial collaboration in family centres. (2018)
Bulling, Ingunn Skjesol;Berg, Berit
Child & Family Social Work
‘It’s my home and your work’ : the views of a filmed vignette describing a challenging everyday situation from the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities (2018)
Hellzèn, Per Ove;Haugenes, Marit;Østby, May
International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being

Affiliated projects/research groups

Mitt hjem - Min arbeidsplass  
Samhandling og utvikling av helse og omsorgstjenester i Ytre Namdal og Bindal et følgeforskningsprosjekt  
Recovery ved langvarige psykiske lidelser  
Dagtilbud for personer med demes som bor hjemme  
Seniorers motivasjon og utbytte av deltakelse i frivillig arbeid  
Familiens hus som arena for helsefremming  
Sammenheng mellom deltakelse i idrett/kulturaktiviteter og barn og unges mentale helse  
Fysisk aktivitet i hverdagsrehabilitering rettet mot hjemmeboende eldre  
Syng deg friskere - korsang og psykisk helse