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1 Bjerkan, Katrine; Butenko, Melinka Alonso; Brysting, Anne Krag.
The weed that conquered plant scientists: the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. NBS-nytt 2020 ;Volume 1. p. 8-11
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2 Bjerkan, Katrine; Hornslien, Karina Stensland; Johannessen, Ida Marie; Krabberød, Anders Kristian; van Ekelenburg, Yuri Stephan; Kalantarian, Maryam; Shirzadi, Reza; Comai, Luca; Brysting, Anne Krag; Bramsiepe, Jonathan; Grini, Paul Eivind.
Genetic variation and temperature affects hybrid barriers during interspecific hybridization. The Plant Journal 2019 ;Volume 101. p. 122-140
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3 Bjerkan, Katrine; Hornslien, Karina Stensland; Johannessen, Ida Marie; van Ekelenburg, Yuri Stephan; Bramsiepe, Jonathan; Brysting, Anne Krag; Grini, Paul Eivind.
Temperature and genetic variation alter strength of the post-zygotic endosperm based barrier between A. thaliana and A.arenosa. Hybrids - Chances and Challenges of New Genomic Combinations; 2019-06-12 - 2019-06-14
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4 Kenich, Håkon Muland; Bjerkan, Katrine; Bramsiepe, Jonathan; Grini, Paul Eivind; Brysting, Anne Krag.
An investigation of potential hybridisation barriers in Cochlearia / Scurvygrasses. Hybrids - Chances and Challenges of New Genomic Combinations; 2019-06-12 - 2019-06-14
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5 Grini, Paul Eivind; van Ekelenburg, Yuri Stephan; Bjerkan, Katrine; Nowack, Moritz K..
Analysis of Domain Specific Genomic Imprinting in the Arabidopsis Endosperm. International PhD Conference on PLANT DEVELOPMENT; 2018-10-10 - 2018-10-12
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6 Johannessen, Ida Marie; Lafon-Placette, Clément; Hornslien, Karina Stensland; Bramsiepe, Jonathan; Bjerkan, Katrine; Brysting, Anne Krag; Köhler, C.; Grini, Paul Eivind.
The effect of gene and genome dosage on hybridization barriers in Arabidopsis lyrata and Arabidospsis arenosa. Plant Genome Evolution; 2017-10-01 - 2017-10-03
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7 Lafon-Placette, Clément; Johannessen, Ida Marie; Hornslien, Karina Stensland; Ali, Mohammad F.; Bjerkan, Katrine; Bramsiepe, Jonathan; Glöckle, Barbara Magdalena; Rebernig, Carolin A.; Brysting, Anne Krag; Grini, Paul Eivind; Köhler, Claudia.
Endosperm-based hybridization barriers explain the pattern of gene flow between Arabidopsis lyrata and Arabidopsis arenosa in Central Europe. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2017 ;Volume 114.(6) p. E1027-E1035
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8 Bjerkan, Katrine; Grini, Paul Eivind.
The Arabidopsis DDB1 interacting protein WDR55 is required for vegetative development. Plant Signalling & Behavior 2013 ;Volume 8.(9) p. -
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9 Gregis, Veronica; Andrès, Fernandio; Sessa, Alice; Guerra, Rosalinda F; Simonini, Sara; Mateos, Julieta L; Torti, Stefano; Zambelli, Federica; Prazzoli, Gian Marco; Bjerkan, Katrine; Grini, Paul Eivind; Pavesi, Giulio; Colombo, Lucia; Coupland, George; Kater, Martin M.
Identification of pathways directly regulated by SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE during vegetative and reproductive development in Arabidopsis. Genome Biology 2013 ;Volume 14.(6) Suppl. R56
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10 Bjerkan, Katrine; Jung-Romeo, S; Jurgens, G; Genschik, P; Grini, Paul Eivind.
Arabidopsis WD REPEAT DOMAIN55 Interacts with DNA DAMAGED BINDING PROTEIN1 and Is Required for Apical Patterning in the Embryo. The Plant Cell 2012 ;Volume 24.(3) p. 1013-1033
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11 Shirzadi, Reza; Andersen, Ellen Dehnes; Bjerkan, Katrine; Gloeckle, Barbara M; Heese, Maren; Ungru, Alexander; Winge, Per; Koncz, C; Aalen, Reidunn B.; Schnittger, Arp; Grini, Paul Eivind.
Genome-Wide Transcript Profiling of Endosperm without Paternal Contribution Identifies Parent-of-Origin-Dependent Regulation of AGAMOUS-LIKE36. PLoS Genetics 2011 ;Volume 7.(2) p. -
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12 Nowack, MK; Ungru, Alexander; Bjerkan, Katrine; Grini, Paul Eivind; Schnittger, Arp.
Reproductive cross-talk: seed development in flowering plants. Biochemical Society Transactions 2010 ;Volume 38. p. 604-612
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