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From: 2006   To: 2006   Unit: Department of Business and Management Science (NHH)   sub-category: Academic anthology/Conference proceedings   sub-category: Academic monograph   sub-category: Academic commentary   sub-category: Academic chapter/article/Conference paper   All publishing channels

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1 Rönnqvist, Mikael; Audy, Jean-François; D`Amours, Sophie; Rönnqvist, Mikael.
Business Models for Collaborative Planning in Transportation: An Application to Wood Products. I: FeBR 2006 Frontiers of e-Business Research 2006 ICEB + eBRF 2006 - Conference Proceedings. Tampere, Finland: Tampereen yliopiston laitosten julkaisut 2006 p. 7-
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2 Rönnqvist, Mikael; Broman, Håkan; Frisk, Mikael; Rönnqvist, Mikael.
Usage of OR tools for logistics support in forest operations at Sveaskog after the storm Gudrun. I: INFORMATION CONTROL PROBLEMS IN MANUFACTURING 2006 A Proceedings volume from the 12th IFAC International Symposium, Saint-Etienne, France, 17-19 May 2006, Volume III Operational Research. Elsevier 2006 p. 409-415
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3 Rönnqvist, Mikael; Epstein, Rafael; Karlsson, Jenny; Rönnqvist, Mikael; Weintraub, Andrés.
Harvest Operational Models in Forestry. I: Handbook on Operations Research in Natural Resources. Kluwer Academic Publishers 2006 p. 387-400
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4 Rönnqvist, Mikael; Epstein, Rafael; Rönnqvist, Mikael; Weintraub, Andrés.
Forest Transportation. I: Handbook on Operations Research in Natural Resources. Kluwer Academic Publishers 2006 p. 413-426
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5 Rönnqvist, Mikael; Frisk, Mikael; Jörnsten, Kurt; Göthe-Lundgren, Maud; Rönnqvist, Mikael.
Cost allocation in forestry operations. I: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain. Lyon, Frankrike: INSA de Lyon, Frankrike 2006 p. 11-
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6 Schjelderup, Guttorm.
En enkel model for NOKUS-beskatning. I: Rederiskatteutvalget. Oslo: Finansdepartementet 2006 p. 129-131
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