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1 Chavez Panduro, Elvia Anabela; Cordonnier, Benoit; Gawel, Kamila; Børve, Ingrid; Iyer, Jaisree; Carroll, Susan; Michels Brito Miranda, Leander Edward; Rogowska, Melania; McBeck, Jessica Ann; Sørensen, Henning Osholm; Walsh, Stuart D.C.; Renard, Francois; Gibaud, Alain; Torsæter, Malin; Breiby, Dag Werner.
Real time 3D observations of Portland Cement Carbonation at CO2 storage conditions. Environmental Science and Technology 2020 ;Volum 54.(13) s. 8323-8332
2 Madathiparambil, Aldritt Scaria; Chattopadhyay, Basab; Tekseth, Kim Robert Bjørk; Agofack, Nicolaine; Cerasi, Pierre; McBeck, Jessica Ann; Renard, Francois; Gibaud, Alain; Breiby, Dag Werner.
Dynamic in situ computed tomography study of strain evolution in Draupne shales under triaxial loading. Interpore 12 annual meeting; 2020-08-29 - 2020-09-04
3 Zheng, Xiaojiao; Cordonnier, Benoit; McBeck, Jessica Ann; Boller, Elodie; Jamtveit, Bjørn; Zhu, Wenlu; Renard, Francois.
Mixed‐mode strain localization generated by hydration reaction at crustal conditions. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2019 ;Volum 124.(5) s. 4507-4522
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4 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cordonnier, Benoit; Mair, Karen; Renard, Francois.
The evolving energy budget of experimental faults within continental crust: Insights from in situ dynamic X-ray microtomography. Journal of Structural Geology 2019 ;Volum 123. s. 42-53
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5 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cordonnier, Benoit; Vinciguerra, Sergio; Renard, Francois.
Volumetric and Shear Strain Localization in Mt. Etna Basalt. Geophysical Research Letters 2019 ;Volum 46.(5) s. 2425-2433
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6 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Kandula, Neelima; Aiken, John Mark; Cordonnier, Benoit; Renard, Francois.
Isolating the factors that govern fracture development in rocks throughout dynamic in situ X-ray tomography experiments. Geophysical Research Letters 2019 ;Volum 46.(20) s. 11127-11135
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7 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Mair, Karen; Renard, Francois.
How Porosity Controls Macroscopic Failure via Propagating Fractures and Percolating Force Chains in Porous Granular Rocks. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2019 ;Volum 124.(9) s. 9920-9939
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8 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Mair, Karen; Renard, Francois.
Linking macroscopic failure with micromechanical processes in layered rocks: How layer orientation and roughness control macroscopic behavior. Tectonophysics 2019 ;Volum 750. s. 229-242
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9 Renard, Francois; McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cordonnier, Benoit; Zheng, Xiaojiao; Kandula, Neelima; Sanchez, Jesus Rodriguez; Kobchenko, Maya; Noiriel, Catherine; Zhu, Wenlu; Meakin, Paul; Fusseis, Florian; Dysthe, Dag Kristian.
Dynamic In Situ Three-Dimensional Imaging and Digital Volume Correlation Analysis to Quantify Strain Localization and Fracture Coalescence in Sandstone. Pure and Applied Geophysics 2019 ;Volum 176. s. 1083-1115
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10 Renard, Francois; McBeck, Jessica Ann; Kandula, Neelima; Cordonnier, Benoit; Meakin, Paul; Ben-Zion, Yehuda.
Volumetric and shear processes in crystalline rock approaching faulting. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2019 ;Volum 116.(33) s. 16234-16239
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11 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cooke, Michele; Souloumiac, Pauline; Maillot, Bertrand; Mary, Baptiste.
The influence of detachment strength on the evolving deformational energy budget of physical accretionary prisms. Solid Earth (SE) 2018 ;Volum 9.(6) s. 1421-1436
12 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Kobchenko, Maya; Hall, Stephen; Tudisco, Erika; Cordonnier, Benoit; Meakin, Paul; Renard, Francois.
Investigating the Onset of Strain Localization Within Anisotropic Shale Using Digital Volume Correlation of Time-Resolved X-Ray Microtomography Images. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2018 ;Volum 123.(9) s. 7509-7528
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13 Madden, Elizabeth H; Cooke, Michele L; McBeck, Jessica Ann.
Energy budget and propagation of faults via shearing and opening using work optimization. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2017 ;Volum 122.(8) s. 6757-6772
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14 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cooke, Michele L; Herbert, Justin W; Maillot, Bertrand; Souloumiac, Pauline.
Work Optimization Predicts Accretionary Faulting: An Integration of Physical and Numerical Experiments. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Solid Earth 2017 ;Volum 122.(9) s. 7485-7505
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15 McBeck, Jessica Ann; Cooke, Michele; Madden, Elizabeth.
Work optimization predicts the evolution of extensional step oers within anisotropic host rock: implications for the San Pablo Bay, CA. Tectonics 2017 ;Volum 36.(11) s. 2630-2646