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1 Meyer, Christine B.; Altenborg, Ellen Elisabeth.
A place in space - Unlocking virtual clusters in the gaming industry. I: Voyages of a Scholar: Navigating Companies, Channels, and Clusters. Fagbokforlaget 2019 ISBN 978-82-450-3276-5. p. 161-178
NHH Untitled
2 Meyer, Christine B..
When Radical Reforms Are on the Agenda: Managing Politics in Government. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2012 ;Volume 48.(2) p. 194-224
NHH Untitled
3 Stensaker, Inger G.; Meyer, Christine B..
Change experience and employee reactions: developing capabilities for change. Personnel Review 2012 ;Volume 41.(1) p. 106-124
NHH Untitled
4 Meyer, Christine B.; Stensaker, Inger G..
ENDRINGSKAPASITET. Fagbokforlaget 2011 (ISBN 978-82-450-1228-6) 130 p.
NHH Untitled
5 Olsen, Nina Veflen; Menichelli, Elena; Meyer, Christine B.; Næs, Tormod.
Consumers liking of private labels. An evaluation of intrinsic and extrinsic orange juice cues. Appetite 2011 ;Volume 56.(3) p. 770-777
6 Meyer, Christine; Stensaker, Inger.
Making Radical Change Happen Through Selective Inclusion and Exclusion of Stakeholders. British Journal of Management 2009 ;Volume 20.(2) p. 219-237
NHH Untitled
7 Meyer, Christine.
Value leakages in mergers and acquisitions: Why they occur and how they can be addressed. Long range planning 2008 ;Volume 41.(2) p. 197-224
NHH Untitled
8 Meyer, Christine B.; Altenborg, Ellen.
Incompatible strategies in international mergers: the failed merger between Telia and Telenor. Journal of International Business Studies 2008 ;Volume 39.(3) p. 508-525
NHH Untitled
9 Meyer, Christine; Altenborg, Ellen.
The disintegrating effects of equality: A study of a failed international merger. British Journal of Management 2007 ;Volume 18.(3) p. 257-271
NHH Untitled
10 Hundsnes, Tore; Meyer, Christine.
Living with paradoxes of corporate strategy - A complexity perspective. Journal of Organizational Change Management 2006 ;Volume 19.(4) p. 437-446
NHH Untitled
11 Meyer, Christine; Stensaker, Inger.
Developing capacity for change. Journal of Change Management 2006 ;Volume 6.(2) p. 217-231
12 Meyer, Christine.
Destructive dynamics of middle management intervention in postmerger processes. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2006 ;Volume 42.(4) p. 397-419
13 Falkenberg, Joyce; Stensaker, Inger; Meyer, Christine; Haueng, Anne Cathrin.
When Change Becomes Excessive. ? 2005 ;Volume 15.
NHH Untitled
14 Meyer, Christine.
Reflecting on experience from "having been there". I: New Persepctives on Organizational Change and Learning Lines, R., Stensaker, I. and Langley, A. (eds.). Fagbokforlaget 2005 p. 426-444
NHH Untitled
15 Meyer, Christine; Lien, Lasse B..
The road to unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions: Ignoring implicit costs. I: New Persepctives on Organizational Change and Learning Lines, R., Stensaker, I. and Langley, A. (eds.). Fagbokforlaget 2005 p. 54-66
NHH Untitled
16 Stensaker, Inger; Meyer, Christine; Falkenberg, Joyce; Haueng, Anne Cathrin.
Excessive Change: Coping Mechanisms and Consequences. Organizational Dynamics 2002 ;Volume 31.(3) p. 296-312
17 Stensaker, Inger; Meyer, Christine; Falkenberg, Joyce; Haueng, Anne Cathrin.
Når endringer tar overhånd. Beta 2002 ;Volume 16.(2) p. 13-25
NHH Untitled
18 Meyer, Christine.
A case in case study methodology. Field Methods 2001 ;Volume 13.(4) p. 329-352
19 Meyer, Christine.
Allocation Processes in Mergers and Acquisitions: An Organizational Justice Perspective. British Journal of Management 2001 ;Volume 12.(1) p. 47-66
NHH Untitled
20 Meyer, Christine.
Hovedkontorlokalisering i den nye økonomien. I: The new economy: Drøm eller virkelighet? Methlie, Leif (red.). Fagbokforlaget 2000 p. 89-105
NHH Untitled
21 Meyer, Christine.
Oppkjøp og fusjoner. Hva går galt ?. Revisjon og Regnskap 2000 ;Volume 70.(6) p. 26-31
NHH Untitled
22 Meyer, Christine.
Strukturendringer i finansmarkedene: Hvor står de norske bankene ?. Sosialøkonomen 2000 ;Volume 54.(7) p. 31-36
NHH Untitled
23 Meyer, Christine; Lien, Lasse.
Oppkjøp, direkte investeringer og allianser. Praktisk økonomi & finans 2000 ;Volume 16.(2) p. 82-88
NHH Untitled
24 Meyer, Christine.
Restrukturering av finansnæringen: Drivkrefter og motiver. Praktisk økonomi & finans 1999 ;Volume 15.(1) p. 20-26
NHH Untitled
25 Meyer, Christine; Øye, H. A.; Borgen, P.; Krohn, C.; Sveinall, A. K..
Kulturelle utfordringer ved fusjonsprosesser. I: Bedriftskultur og fusjoner : krig, apati eller kreativitet?. Trondheim: Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab 1999 p. 43-55
NHH Untitled
26 Meyer, Christine; Lien, Lasse.
Utfordringer i styringen av diversifiserte konserner. Praktisk økonomi & ledelse 1998 ;Volume 14.(3) p. 60-69
NHH Untitled
27 Rognes, Jørn Kjell; Bjerkan, John Morten; Ingerø, Bård Brath; Boye, Knut; Meyer, Christine.
Forhandlinger i fusjoner og oppkjøp. I: Fusjoner og oppkjøp. Oslo: Cappelen 1998 p. 162-178
NHH Untitled
28 Meyer, Christine.
Implementering av fusjoner og oppkjøp. Praktisk økonomi & ledelse 1997 ;Volume 13.(2) p. 27-34
NHH Untitled
29 Meyer, Christine.
Motives for Acquisitions in the Norwegian Financial Industry. ? 1997 ;Volume 2.(1) p. 37-49
NHH Untitled