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1 Solheim, Johanne Heitmann; Borondics, Ferenc; Zimmermann, Boris; Sandt, Christophe; Muthreich, Florian; Kohler, Achim.
An automated approach for fringe frequency estimation and removal in infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging of biological samples. Journal of Biophotonics 2021 ;Volume 14.(12) p. -
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2 Muthreich, Florian; Zimmermann, Boris; Birks, Harry John Betteley; Vila-Vicosa, Carlos M; Seddon, Alistair.
Chemical variations in Quercus pollen as a tool for taxonomic identification: Implications for longā€term ecological and biogeographical research. Journal of Biogeography 2020 p. 1-12
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3 Muthreich, Florian; Zimmerman, Boris; Seddon, Alistair.
Chemical variations in Quercus pollen and implications for palaeoecological research. International Union for Quaternary Research Congress 2019; 2019-07-25 - 2019-07-31
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4 Zimmermann, Boris; Seddon, Alistair; Muthreich, Florian; Bagcioglu, Murat; Festi, Daniela; Tafintseva, Valeria; Ohlson, Mikael; Kohler, Achim.
Vibrational spectroscopy of pollen as a tool for reconstructing solar-ultraviolet irradiance. 2nd International Plant Spectroscopy Conference; 2019-03-24 - 2019-03-28
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5 Muthreich, Florian; Zimmerman, Boris; Seddon, Alistair.
Towards chemical identification of Quaternary pollen grains: drivers of chemical variation in fresh and degraded Quercuss spp. and Eucalyptus spp.. 10th European Palaeobotany & Palynology Conference; 2018-08-12 - 2018-08-17
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6 Muthreich, Florian.
New technical and methodological developments in pollen identification for understanding past global changes. PAGES Open Science Meeting; 2017-05-09 - 2017-05-13
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