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1 Ottesen, Dag; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Benn, D. I.; Kristensen, L; Christiansen, Hanne H.; Christensen, O; Hansen, L.; Lebesbye, E.; Lebesbye, erland; Forwick, Matthias; Vorren, Tore Ola.
Submarine landforms characteristic of glacier surges in two Spitsbergen fjords. Quaternary Science Reviews 2008 ;Volume 27. p. 1583-1599
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2 Hald, Morten; Lebesbye, Erland.
Klima i fortid, nåtid og fremtid. Ottar 2007 (265) p. 3-6
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3 Vorren, Tore Ola; Andreassen, Karin; Dahlgren, Torbjørn; Eilertsen, Raymond; Laberg, Jan Sverre; Lebesbye, erland; Vorren, Karl Dag.
Late Weichselian in northern Norway and adjoining Seas. Quaternary glaciations in a global perspective. Seminar in honor of Jan Mangerud; 2004-11-26 - 2004-11-26
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4 Rafaelsen, Bjarne; Midtbø, M.; Kuliman, L. W.; Lebesbye, erland; Hogstad, K.; Andreassen, Karin.
3-D seismic data used to investigate the Late Cenozoic sediments of the southwestern Barents Sea. Ukjent; 2000-01-01
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5 Lebesbye, erland; Vorren, Tore Ola.
Submerged terraces in the southwestern Barents Sea: Origin and implications for the late Cenozoic geological history. Marine Geology 1996 ;Volume 160. p. 265-280
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6 Vorren, Tore Ola; Lebesbye, erland; Larsen, K..
Geometry and genesis of the glacigenic sediments in the southern Barents Sea. I: Glacimarine environments: processes and Sediments. London: Geological Society 1990 p. 269-288
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