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1 Gesztesy, Fritz; Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Jakobsen, Espen Robstad; Lyubarskii, Yurii; Risebro, Nils Henrik; Seip, Kristian.
Non-linear Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, and Stochastic Analysis: The Helge Holden Anniversary Volume. European Mathematical Society Publishing House 2018 (ISBN 978-3-03719-186-6) 486 p.
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2 Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Holden, Helge; Malinnikova, Eugenia.
An improvement of the Kolmogorov?Riesz compactness theorem. Expositiones mathematicae 2018
NTNU Untitled
3 Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Holden, Helge.
Addendum to “The Kolmogorov-Riesz compactness theorem” [Expo. Math. 28 (2010) 385–394]. Expositiones mathematicae 2016 ;Volume 34. p. 243-245
NTNU Untitled
4 Godvik, Marte; Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
CAR-FOLLOWING AND THE MACROSCOPIC AW-RASCLE TRAFFIC FLOW MODEL. Discrete and continuous dynamical systems. Series B 2010 ;Volume 13.(2) p. 279-303
NTNU Untitled
5 Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Holden, Helge.
The Kolmogorov-Riesz compactness theorem. Expositiones mathematicae 2010 ;Volume 28.(4) p. 385-394
NTNU UiO Untitled
6 Godvik, Marte; Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
Existence of solutions for the Aw–Rascle traffic flow model with vacuum. Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations 2008 ;Volume 5.(1) p. 45-63
NTNU Untitled
7 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
On Goursat's proof of Cauchy's integral theorem. The American mathematical monthly 2008 ;Volume 115.(7) p. 648-652
NTNU Untitled
8 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
On the uniform convexity of L^p. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 2006 ;Volume 134. p. 2359-2362
NTNU Untitled
9 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
Om kurvers areal. Normat 2005 ;Volume 53.(1) p. 2-12
NTNU Untitled
10 Holden, Helge; Risebro, Nils Henrik; Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
The Riemann problem for an elastic string with a linear Hooke's law. Quarterly of Applied Mathematics 2002 ;Volume 60.(4) p. 695-705
NTNU UiO Untitled
11 Okada, Tatsuhiro; Ratkje, Signe Kjelstrup; Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
Water Transport in Cation Exchange Membranes. Journal of Membrane Science 1992 ;Volume 66. p. 179-192
NTNU Untitled
12 Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Haagerup, Uffe.
Tomita–Takesaki Theory for Jordan Algebras. Journal of operator theory 1984 ;Volume 11.(2) p. 343-364
NTNU Untitled
13 Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Størmer, Erling.
Jordan Operator Algebras. Boston–London–Melbourne: Pitman Publishing Limited 1984 (ISBN 0-273-08619-7) 191 p.
NTNU Untitled
14 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
On the Structure and Tensor Products of JC-Algebras. Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) 1983 ;Volume 35.(6) p. 1059-1074
NTNU Untitled
15 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
Split Faces and Ideal Structure of Operator Algebras. Mathematica Scandinavica 1981 ;Volume 48.(1) p. 137-144
NTNU Untitled
16 Alfsen, Erik; Hanche-Olsen, Harald; Shultz, Frederic W.
State Spaces of C*-Algebras. Acta Mathematica 1980 ;Volume 144.(3–4) p. 267-305
NTNU Untitled
17 Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
A Note on the Bidual of a JB-Algebra. Mathematische Zeitschrift 1980 ;Volume 175.(1) p. 29-31
NTNU Untitled
18 Evans, David E.; Hanche-Olsen, Harald.
The Generators of Positive Semigroups. Journal of Functional Analysis 1979 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 207-212
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