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1 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Bjarkeyjarréttr and Farrmanna Logh: Norse or European Laws of the Sea?. I: Conflict Management in the Mediterranean and the Altantic, 1000-1800. Brill Academic Publishers 2020 ISBN 978-90-04-38063-9. p. 67-87
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2 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Fremmede i forvaltningen. Rakkestad og Orknøyene 1424/25. Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2020 (2) p. 97-111
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3 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Guardianship of Minors' Property in Medieval Norse Law. I: Nordic Inheritance Law through the Ages. Spaces of Action and Legal Strategies. Brill|Nijhoff 2020 ISBN 978-90-04-43558-2. p. 53-70
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4 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Strength Through Weakness: Regent Elites Under Kings Inge, Sigurd and Magnus Haraldsson. I: Nordic Elites in Transformation,c. 1050–1250, Volume II. Social Networks. Routledge 2020 ISBN 978-0-367-90195-0. p. -
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5 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Bonde og borgerkrig. Lokalkonflikter og de norske innbyrdesstridene». Collegium Medievale 2019 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 151-170
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6 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Preface, to Vicki A. Hild's Henry Sinclair Casebook. I: Henry Sinclair Casebook. 1st Sinclair Earl of Orkney, 9th Baron of Rosslyn 1345-1400: A Case Study Investigation of His Life. Orkney Heritage Society 2019 ISBN 978-1-5272-4837-3. p. 7-9
UiT Untitled
7 Grohse, Ian Peter.
The Lost Cause. Kings, the council and the question of Orkney and Shetland 1468-1536. Scandinavian Journal of History 2019 p. 1-24
UiT Untitled
8 Hild, Vicki; Grohse, Ian Peter.
Henry Sinclair Casebook. 1st Sinclair Earl of Orkney, 9th Baron of Rosslyn 1345-1400: A Case Study Investigation of His Life. Orkney Heritage Society 2019 (ISBN 978-1-5272-4837-3) 153 p.
UiT Untitled
9 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Fraksjoner og fred under Norges innbyrdesstrider». Centre for Advances Studies: Konflikter i middelalderens Norden; 2018-04-23 - 2018-04-24
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10 Grohse, Ian Peter.
"‘In bargia Comitis orcadie’. A brief glimpse into Scottish-Scandinavian trade". Aberdeen Registers Online: 1398-1511.
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11 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Segregating the North. Royal Laws on Trade along Norway’s Periphery». The Forbidden North. Contact and Exchange ultra Bergas Workshop at Europäisches Hansemuseum; 2018-12-02 - 2018-12-04
UiT Untitled
12 Grohse, Ian Peter.
"Sincere dilectionis affectum: Anglo-Norwegian Friendship in the Central Middle Ages". International Medieval Congress; 2018-07-02 - 2018-07-05
UiT Untitled
13 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Between royal orbits: jurisdiction in the Northern British Isles ca 1100–1360. Comparative Legal History 2017
HVO Untitled
14 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Frontiers for Peace in the Medieval North. The Norwegian-Scottish Frontier c. 1260-1470. Brill Academic Publishers 2017 (ISBN 9789004342538) 297 p. The Northern World(79)
HVO Untitled
15 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Hva er middelalderen? Leidulv Melve, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2016, 148 sider. Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2017 ;Volume 96.(3) p. 355-359
HVO Untitled
16 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Late Medieval Vikings: The MacDonald Raids on Orkney c. 1461. I: Traversing the Inner Seas. Contacts and Continuity in and around Scotland, the Hebrides, and the North of Ireland. Scottish Society for Northern Studies 2017 ISBN 978-1-5272-0584-0. p. 274-290
HVO Untitled
17 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Leidulf Melve: hva er middelalderen. Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2017
UiT Untitled
18 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Nation and Nativism in Medieval Scandinavia. A Workshop Introduction. Frühmittelalterliche Studien 2017 ;Volume 51. p. 389-405
UiT Untitled
19 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Nativism in Extra-National Communities. Iceland and Orkney in the Late Middle Ages. Frühmittelalterliche Studien 2017 ;Volume 42.(2) p. 407-426
UiT Untitled
20 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Nativism in Late Medieval Norway – Scrutinizing a Theory. Scandinavian Journal of History 2017 ;Volume 42.(2) p. 219-244
HVO Untitled
21 Grohse, Ian Peter.
On the King’s Behalf. Royal Children and their Spokesmen in High Medieval Norway. Second Fiddles in Medieval Rituals; 2017-11-23 - 2017-11-24
UiT Untitled
22 Grohse, Ian Peter.
"Pretentions and Proofs: Dubious Claims of Kingship in High Medieval Norway". International Medieval Congress; 2017-07-05 - 2017-07-05
HVO Untitled
23 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Fra småbarns munn. Myte og propaganda under kongene Inge og Sigurd Haraldsson c. 1136-39. Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2016 ;Volume 95.(4) p. 473-495
HVO Untitled
24 Grohse, Ian Peter.
"Med gjæve sendinger". Sendemenn og utenrikspolitisk makt under kong Håkon Håkonsson. Stiklestadseminaret 2016: Makt og monark. Kongens lederrolle gjennom tusen år; 2016-11-25 - 2016-11-25
HVO Untitled
25 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Review: «The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of Mexico City, Barbara E. Mundy. Austin, University of Texas Press, 2015». Urban Island Studies 2016 ;Volume 2. p. 150-152
HVO Untitled
26 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Review: «Cities of Commerce: The Institutional Foundations of International Trade in the Low Countries, Oscar Gelderblom. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013». Scandinavian Economic History Review 2015 ;Volume 63. p. 96-97
27 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Review: «The German Hansa and Bergen 1100-1600, Arnved Nedkvitne. Vienna, Böhlau, 2013». Scandinavian Journal of History 2015 ;Volume 40. p. 119-123
28 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Review: "The Stewart Earls of Orkney, Peter Anderson. Edinburgh, Birlinn Ltd, 2012». Northern Studies : The Journal of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies 2015 ;Volume 6. p. 101-104
29 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«The Royal Origins of Commercial Diplomacy. King Hákon IV Hákonarson and the Council of Lübeck, 1247-50». I: Diplomacia, comercio y navegación entre las ciudades medievales de la Europa atlántica. Logroño: Instituto de Estudios Riojanos 2015 ISBN 978-84-9960-086-4. p. 61-86
30 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Defending Country and Realm. Military Features of the Norse-Scottish Frontier». I: Rex Insularum. The King of Norway and his "skattlands" as a political system c.1260-c.1450. Fagbokforlaget 2014 ISBN 978-82-321-0414-7. p. 163-180
NTNU Untitled
31 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Medieval Maritime Diplomacy. The Case of Norwegian-Scottish Relations ca. 1266-1468/69». International Journal of Maritime History 2014 ;Volume 26. p. 512-528
NTNU Untitled
32 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Orknøyene og Norgesveldet. Økonomisk eller politisk avhengighet?". Heimen - Lokal og regional historie 2014 ;Volume 57. p. 307-318
NTNU Untitled
33 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Review: «The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Justyna Wubs- Mrozewicz and Stuart. Leiden, Brill, 2013». Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2014 ;Volume 93. p. 670-675
NTNU Untitled
34 Grohse, Ian Peter.
«Tutor Testamentary – A Case of Guardianship in Late Norse Orkney». Historisk Tidsskrift (Norge) 2014 ;Volume 93. p. 214-41
NTNU Untitled
35 Grohse, Ian Peter.
The Norse-Scottish Frontier: Modalities of Power in Orkney and Shetland ca. 1266-1468/69. Trondheim: Det humanistiske fakultet, NTNU 2014 (ISBN 9788247146927) 307 p. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU(42)
NTNU Untitled
36 Grohse, Ian Peter.
From Asset in War to Asset in Diplomacy: Orkney in the Medieval Realm of Norway. Island Studies Journal 2013 ;Volume 8.(2) p. 255-268
NTNU Untitled
37 Grohse, Ian Peter.
The Northern Earldoms: Orkney and Caithness from AD 870 to 1470. Scandinavian Journal of History 2013 ;Volume 38.(5) p. 659-662
NTNU Untitled
38 Grohse, Ian Peter.
“A Seaborne Frontier: Orkney in the Late Middle Ages”. IMEHA International Congress of Maritime History; 2012-07-02 - 2012-07-06
NTNU Untitled
39 Grohse, Ian Peter.
“Jn nostra detencione: The Practice of Wardship in the Late Medieval Earldom of Orkney”. SAXO Institutt Lecture Series; 2012-04-16 - 2012-04-16
NTNU Untitled
40 Grohse, Ian Peter.
“Late Hebridean ‘Vikings’ in Orkney”. slay Conference: From Gall to Gael and Galloglass; 2012-04-12 - 2012-04-15
NTNU Untitled
41 Grohse, Ian Peter.
“Making Peace with Europe: Norway’s Diplomatic Relations c. 1240-1263”. International Medieval Congress; 2012-07-09 - 2012-07-12
NTNU Untitled
42 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Disturbing the Peace in late Medieval Orknay. Seminar; 2011-10-15 - 2011-10-15
NTNU Untitled
43 Grohse, Ian Peter.
Norways Overseas Frontier: Orkney and Shetland c. 1266 - 1468. International Medieval Congress; 2011-07-11 - 2011-07-14
NTNU Untitled
44 Grohse, Ian Peter.
The absentee earl Magnus: Case of passive resistance to Norwegian Authority. The innaugural St. Magnus Conferance; 2011-04-14 - 2011-04-15
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