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1 Cunen, Celine; Walløe, Lars; Konishi, Kenji; Hjort, Nils Lid.
Decline in body condition in the Antarctic minke whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) in the Southern Ocean during the 1990s. Polar Biology 2021 ;Volume 44.(2) p. 259-273
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2 Phillips, Thomas; Menassa, David A.; Grant, Simon; Cohen, Nicki; Thoresen, Marianne.
The effects of Xenon gas inhalation on neuropathology in a placental-induced brain injury model in neonates: A pilot study. Acta Paediatrica 2021 ;Volume 110.(1) p. 119-122
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3 Thoresen, Marianne.
Corpus callosum morphology, microstructure and outcomes in children without cerebral palsy cooled for neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Abstract ID: 3538308. : Pediatric Academic Society 2021
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4 Thoresen, Marianne; Gundersen, Julie K.
Morphine and fentanyl exposure during therapeutic hypothermia do not affect neurodevelopmental outcome at 18-24 months of age. Abstract ID: 3539552. : Pediatric Academic Society 2021
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5 Thoresen, Marianne; Jary, Sally.
Motor correlates of brain structural connectivity in school-age children treated with therapeutic hypothermia for neonatal encephalopathy. Abstract ID: 3539104. : Pediatric Academic Society 2021
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6 Dingley, John; Okano, Satomi; Lee-Kelland, Richard; Scull-Brown, Emma; Thoresen, Marianne; Chakkarapani, Ela.
Closed circuit xenon delivery for 72h in neonatal piglets following hypoxic insult using an ambient pressure automated control system: Development, technical evaluation and pulmonary effects. PLOS ONE 2020 p. -
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7 Thoresen, Marianne; Chakkarapani, Ela.
Association between neonatal neuroimaging, 18month cognitive and school-age full-scale IQ scores in children without cerebral palsy, cooled for neonatal encephalopathy. Pediatric Academic Societies 2020 meeting; 2020-04-29 - 2020-05-06
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8 Thoresen, Marianne; Wood, TR; Gundersen, J; Falck, Mari; Maes, Elke; Osredkar, Damjan; Løberg, Else Marit; Sabir, Hemmen; Walløe, Lars.
Variability and sex-dependence of hypothermic neuroprotection in a rat model of neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury: a single laboratory meta-analysis. Pediatric Academic Societies 2020 meeting; 2020-04-29 - 2020-05-06
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9 Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Gundersen, Julia Kristine; Falck, Mari; Maes, Elke; Osredkar, Damjan; Løberg, Else Marit; Sabir, Hemmen; Walløe, Lars; Thoresen, Marianne.
Variability and sex-dependence of hypothermic neuroprotection in a rat model of neonatal hypoxic–ischaemic brain injury: a single laboratory meta-analysis. Scientific Reports 2020 ;Volume 10:10833. p. 1-13
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10 Chakkarapani, Ela; Thoresen, Marianne.
Brain and whole body cooling. I: MacDonald's Atlas of Procedures in Neonatology. Lamy, Wolters Kluwer 2019 ISBN 9781496394255.
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11 Gunn, Alistair J; Thoresen, Marianne.
Neonatal encephalopathy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.. Handbook of Clinical Neurology 2019 ;Volume 162. p. 217-237
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12 Jary, Sally; Lee-Kelland, Richard; Tonks, James; Cowan, Frances Mary; Thoresen, Marianne; Chakkarapani, Elavazhagan.
Motor performance and cognitive correlates in children cooled for neonatal encephalopathy without cerebral palsy at school age. Acta Paediatrica 2019
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13 Lee-Kelland, Richard; Jary, Sally; Tonks, James; Cowan, Frances Mary; Thoresen, Marianne; Chakkarapani, Ela.
School-age outcomes of children without cerebral palsy cooled for neonatal hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy in 2008-2010. Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition 2019
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14 Tonks, James; Cloke, Grace; Lee-Kelland, Richard; Jary, Sally; Thoresen, Marianne; Cowan, Frances; Chakkarapani, Ela.
Attention and visuo-spatial function in children without cerebral palsy who were cooled for neonatal encephalopathy: a case-control study. Journal of Building Performance Simulation 2019 ;Volume 33.(7) p. 894-898
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15 Walløe, Lars; Hjort, Nils Lid; Thoresen, Marianne.
Why results from Bayesian Statistical analyses of clinical trials with a strong prior and small sample sixes may be misleading. Acta Paediatrica 2019 (108) p. 1190-1191
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16 Wassink, Guido; Davidson, Joanne O.; Dhillon, Simerdeep K.; Zhou, Kelly; Bennet, Laura; Thoresen, Marianne; Gunn, Alistair J..
Therapeutic hypothermia in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports 2019 ;Volume 19:2.(2) p. 1-10
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17 Alfsen, Erik; Størmer, Fredrik; Njå, Arild; Walløe, Lars.
A proposed tandem mechanism for memory storage in neurons involving magnetite and prions. Medical Hypotheses 2018 ;Volume 119. p. 98-101
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18 Dean, Katharine Rose; Krauer, Fabienne; Walløe, Lars; Lingjærde, Ole Christian; Bramanti, Barbara; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Schmid, Boris Valentijn.
Human ectoparasites and the spread of plague in Europe during the Second Pandemic. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2018 ;Volume 115.(6) p. 1304-1309
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19 Elstad, Maja; Holme, Nathalie Linn Anikken; Skytioti, Maria.
The role of the arterial baroreflex in respiratory sinus arrhythmia in healthy humans.. ESGCO 2018; 2018-09-17 - 2018-09-19
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20 Elstad, Maja; Skytioti, Maria; Holme, Nathalie Linn Anikken; Reitan, Harald.
Pustepumpen. NRK P2 Ekko [Radio] 2018-06-12
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21 Falck, Mari; Osredkar, Damjan; Maes, Elke; Flatebø, Torun; Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Walløe, Lars; Sabir, Hemmen; Thoresen, Marianne.
Hypothermia is neuroprotective after severe hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury in neonatal rats pre-exposed to PAM3CSK4. Developmental Neuroscience 2018 ;Volume 40.(3) p. 189-197
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22 Falck, Mari; Osredkar, Damjan; Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Maes, Elke; Flatebø, Torun; Sabir, Hemmen; Thoresen, Marianne.
Neonatal Systemic Inflammation Induces Inflammatory Reactions and Brain Apoptosis in a Pathogen-Specific Manner.. Neonatology 2018 ;Volume 113.(3) p. 212-220
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23 Hollung, Sandra Julsen; Thoresen, Marianne.
Forekomsten og alvorlighetsgraden av cerebral parese har gått ned. NRK Dagsrevyen [TV] 2018-06-13
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24 Holme, Nathalie Linn Anikken; Lehre, Martin Andreas; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja; Skytioti, Maria.
Responses in cardiac stroke volume index and cardiac index do not differ between genders during moderate central hypovolemia. 2018 Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolic Diseases: Sex-Specific Implications for Physiology; 2018-09-30 - 2018-10-03
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25 Sabir, Hemmen; Dingley, John; Scull-Brown, Emma; Chakkarapani, Ela; Thoresen, Marianne.
Fentanyl induces cerebellar internal granular cell layer apoptosis in healthy newborn pigs. Frontiers in Neurology 2018 ;Volume 9.(MAY)
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26 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Differential response of internal carotid artery blood flow to cardiac output changes. Euroanaesthesia 2018; 2018-06-02 - 2018-06-04
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27 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Dynamic cerebral autoregulation is preserved during isometric handgrip and head-down tilt in healthy volunteers. Physiological Reports 2018 ;Volume 6.(6)
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28 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Respiratory pump maintains cardiac stroke volume during hypovolemia in young, healthy volunteers. Journal of applied physiology 2018 ;Volume 124.(5) p. 1319-1325
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29 Thoresen, Marianne.
Combining two good treatments makes it worse. (Commentary on Interaction between hypothermia and delayed mesenchymal stem cell therapy in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury). Brain, behavior, and immunity 2018
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30 Thoresen, Marianne.
European Standards of Care for Newborn Health:Postnatal management of newborn infants with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE). Issued by: European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). November 2018. : European standard of care for newborn health 2018 7 p.
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31 Thoresen, Marianne.
Hva oppnår vi ved nedkjøling av nyfødte med oksygenmangel. Oslo Congress meeting; 2018-01-26 - 2018-01-26
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32 Thoresen, Marianne.
<li value="209"> Thoresen M. On BBC 11th July 2018: BBC [TV] 2018-07-11
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33 Thoresen, Marianne.
The past and future of Neonatal Neuroprotection. Stanford course; 2018-09-26 - 2018-09-27
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34 Thoresen, Marianne; van Bel, Frank; Murray, D; Saliba, E; Buonocore, G; Hellstrøm-Westas, L; Zimmermann, L.
Postnatal management of newborn infants with hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE). Standford University; 2018-09-26 - 2018-09-27
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35 Bergersen, Tone Kristin; Skytioti, Maria; Elstad, Maja.
Cold-induced sympathetic tone modifies the impact of endothelium-dependent vasodilation in the finger pulp. Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic & Clinical 2017 ;Volume 203. p. 97-102
OUS UiO Untitled
36 Cunen, Celine Marie Løken; Walløe, Lars; Hjort, Nils Lid.
Decline in energy storage in Antarctic Minke whales during the JARPA period: Assessment via the Focused Information Criterion (FIC). Scientific Committee; 2017-05-09 - 2017-05-21
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37 Curtis, Chad; Zhang, Mengying; Liao, Rick; Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Nance, Elizabeth.
Systems-level thinking for nanoparticle-mediated therapeutic delivery to neurological diseases. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 2017 ;Volume 9:e1422.(2)
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38 Elstad, Maja.
Cardiorespiratory interactions are responsible for both mechanical and nervous cardiovascular oscillations. FEPS 2017; 2017-09-12 - 2017-09-15
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39 Elstad, Maja.
Cardiorespiratory interactions in humans. IUPS 2017; 2017-08-01 - 2017-08-05
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40 Elstad, Maja.
Hva får din indre klokke til å tikke?. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening 2017 ;Volume 137.(22) p. 1758-
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41 Falck, Mari; Osredkar, Damjan; Maes, Elke; Flatebø, Torun; Wood, Thomas Ragnar; Sabir, Hemmen; Thoresen, Marianne.
Hypothermic neuronal rescue from infection-sensitised hypoxic-ischaemic brain injury is pathogen dependent. Developmental Neuroscience 2017 ;Volume 39.(1-4) p. 238-247
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42 Liu, Xun; Jary, Sally; Cowan, Frances; Thoresen, Marianne.
Reduced infancy and childhood epilepsy following hypothermia-treated neonatal encephalopathy. Epilepsia 2017 ;Volume 58.(11) p. 1902-1911
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43 Skranes, Janne Helen; Løhaugen, Gro; Schumacher, Eva Margrethe; Osredkar, Damjan; Server, Andrés; Cowan, Frances Mary; Stiris, Tom; Fugelseth, Drude; Thoresen, Marianne.
Amplitude-Integrated Electroencephalography Improves the Identification of Infants with Encephalopathy for Therapeutic Hypothermia and Predicts Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 2 Years of Age. Journal of Pediatrics 2017 ;Volume 187. p. 34-42
OUS SSHF UiO Untitled
44 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Den respiratoriske sirkulasjonspumpen opprettholder hjertets slagvolum ved hypovolemi hos friske individer. NAFs Høstmøte 2017; 2017-10-24 - 2017-10-27
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45 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Internal carotid artery blood flow response to isometric handgrip and head down tilt in healthy volunteers. JOINT MEETING OF THE FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SOCIETIES; 2017-09-13 - 2017-09-15
AHUS UiO Untitled
46 Skytioti, Maria; Søvik, Signe; Elstad, Maja.
Respiration-related cerebral blood flow variability increases during control-mode non-invasive ventilation in normovolemia and hypovolemia. European Journal of Applied Physiology 2017 ;Volume 117.(11) p. 2237-2249
AHUS UiO Untitled
47 Tann, Cally J.; Martinello, KA; Sadoo, S; Lawn, JN; Seale, AC; Vega-Poblete, M; Russell, NJ; Baker, CJ; Bartlett, L; Cutland, C; Gravett, MG; Ip, M; Le Doare, K; Mahdi, SA; Rubens, CE; Saha, SK; Schraq, S; Sobanjo-Ter Meulen, A; Vekemans, J; Heath, PT; GBS Neotatal Encephalopathy, Investigator Group; Thoresen, Marianne.
Neonatal encephalopathy With goup B streptpococcal disease worldwide: Systematic review, investigator Group datasets and Meta-analysis. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2017 p. 173-189
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48 Thoresen, Marianne.
Are small brains different from adults - why is therapeutic hypothermia so effective in newborns?. Temperature Management Conference; 2017-06-01 - 2017-06-01
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49 Thoresen, Marianne.
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50 Thoresen, Marianne.
Entry criteria for Therapeutic are drifting - does it matter?. 10th International Conference on Brain Monitoring and neuroprotection in the Newborn; 2017-10-06 - 2017-10-06
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