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1 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Epistemic injustice in psychiatric practice: epistemic duties and the phenomenological approach. Journal of Medical Ethics 2021 s. 1-5
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2 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Experiences of linguistic understanding as epistemic feelings. Mind & Language 2021 s. 1-22
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3 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Bringing back the voice – on the auditory objects of speech perception. Synthese 2020 s. 1-27
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4 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
From saying to seeing. Review of Berit Brogaard: Seeing and Saying: The language of perception and the Representational View of Experience. Meta Science 2020
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5 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Increasing the role of phenomenology in psychiatric diagnosis – the clinical staging approach.. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2020
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6 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Intuitions about meaning, experience and reliability. I: Linguistic Intuitions: Evidence and Method. Oxford University Press 2020 ISBN 9780198840558.
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7 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
The difficult case of complicated grief and the role of phenomenology in psychiatry. Phenomenology and Mind 2020
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8 Schindler, Samuel; Drożdżowicz, Anna; Brøcker, Karen.
Linguistic Intuitions: Evidence and Method. Oxford University Press 2020 (ISBN 9780198840558) 320 s.
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9 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Careful with knowledge ascriptions! Review of: Mikkel Gerken, On Folk Epistemology. Meta Science 2019
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10 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Do we hear meanings? – between perception and cognition. Inquiry (Oslo) 2019 s. 1-33
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11 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Philosophical expertise beyond intuitions. Philosophical Psychology 2018 ;Volum 31.(2) s. 253-277
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12 Drożdżowicz, Anna.
Speakers’ Intuitive Judgements about Meaning – The Voice of Performance View. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2018 ;Volum 9.(1) s. 177-195
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13 Drożdżowicz, Anna; Saint-Germier, Pierre; Schindler, Samuel.
Must philosophy be constrained? Review of: Edouard Machery, Philosophy within its proper bounds. Meta Science 2018
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14 Kałamała, Patrycja; Drożdżowicz, Anna; Szewczyk, Jakub; Marzecova, Anna; Wodniecka, Zofia.
Task strategy may contribute to performance differences between monolinguals and bilinguals in cognitive control tasks: ERP evidence. Journal of Neurolinguistics 2018
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15 Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria.
Descriptive ineffability reconsidered. Lingua 2016 ;Volum 177. s. 1-16
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16 Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria.
Speakers' Intuitions about Meaning Provide Empirical Evidence - Towards Experimental Pragmatics. I: Evidence, Experiment and Argument in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language (Studies in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics). Peter Lang Publishing Group 2016 ISBN 978-3631661895. s. 65-90
17 Drozdzowicz, Anna Daria.
Investigating utterance meaning – Essays in the epistemology of Language. Oslo: 07 Oslo AS 2015 264 s.
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