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1 Asim, Mohammad; Tarish, Firas; Zecchini, Heather I.; Sanjiv, Kumar; Gelali, Eleni; Massie, Charles E.; Baridi, Ajoeb; Warren, Anne Y.; Zhao, Wanfeng; Ogris, Christoph; McDuffus, Leigh-Anne; Mascalchi, Patrice; Shaw, Greg; Dev, Harveer; Wadhwa, Karan; Wijnhoven, Paul; Forment, Josep V; Lyons, Scott R; Lynch, Andy G.; O'Neill, Cormac; Zecchini, Vincent R.; Rennie, Paul S.; Baniahmad, Aria; Tavare, Simon; Mills, Ian Geoffrey; Galanty, Yaron; Crosetto, Nicola; Schultz, Niklas; Neal, David; Helleday, Thomas.
Synthetic lethality between androgen receptor signalling and the PARP pathway in prostate cancer. Nature Communications 2017 ;Volume 8.(1)
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