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From: 2017   To: 2017   Reporting year   Unit: Department of Traditional Arts and Traditional Music (USN)   sub-category: Academic article   sub-category: Academic literature review   sub-category: Academic monograph   sub-category: Academic chapter/article/Conference paper   All publishing channels

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Part of a book/report
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
1 Glitsch, Veronika Svensson.
Fit in ready-to-wear clothing: Why people dispose garments before they are worn out. I: Design for a Sustainable Culture. Perspectives, Practices and Education.. Routledge 2017 ISBN 978-1-138-71490-8. p. 141-154
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Journal publication
Academic article
2 Johansson, Mats.
Non-Isochronous Musical Meters: Towards a Multidimensional Model. Ethnomusicology 2017 ;Volume 61.(1) p. 31-51
USN Untitled
3 Johansson, Mats.
Paraphrase this: A note on improvisation. Ethnomusicology Forum 2017 ;Volume 26.(1) p. 26-45
USN Untitled
4 Johansson, Mats Sigvard.
Empirical Research on Asymmetrical Rhythms in Scandinavian Folk Music: A Critical Review. Studia Musicologica Norvegica 2017 ;Volume 43.(1) p. 58-89
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