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1 Bui, Kien-Trinh Thi; Bui Tien, Dieu; Zou, Jingui; Doan, Chinh Van; Revhaug, Inge.
A novel hybrid artificial intelligent approach based on neural fuzzy inference model and particle swarm optimization for horizontal displacement modeling of hydropower dam. Neural computing & applications (Print) 2018 ;Volume 29.(12) p. 1495-1506
USN NMBU Untitled
2 Nordbø, Ingeborg; Turdumambetov, Bakyt; Gulcan, Bilgehan.
Local opinions on trophy Hunting in Kyrgyzstan. Journal of Sustainable Tourism 2018 ;Volume 26.(1) p. 68-84
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3 Ataollah, Shirzadi; Bui Tien, Dieu; Thai-Binh, Pham; Karim, Solaimani; Kamran, Chapi; Ataollah, Kavian; Himan, Shahabi; Revhaug, Inge.
Shallow landslide susceptibility assessment using a novel hybrid intelligence approach. Environmental Earth Sciences 2017 p. -
USN NMBU Untitled
4 Bui Tien, Dieu; Bui, Kien-Trinh Thi; Bui, Quang-Thanh; Doan, Chinh Van; Hoang, Nhat-Duc.
Hybrid Intelligent Model Based on Least Squared Support Vector Regression and Artificial Bee Colony Optimization for Time Series Modeling and Forecasting Horizontal Displacement of Hydropower Dam. I: Handbook of Neural Computation (1st Edition). Academic Press 2017 ISBN 9780128113189. p. 279-293
USN Untitled
5 Bui Tien, Dieu; Bui, Quang-Thanh; Nguyen, Quoc-Phi; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Nampak, Haleh; Phan, Trong-Trinh.
A hybrid artificial intelligence approach using GIS-based neural-fuzzy inference system and particle swarm optimization for forest fire susceptibility modeling at a tropical area. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 2017 ;Volume 233. p. 32-44
USN Untitled
6 Bui Tien, Dieu; Hoang, Nhat-Duc.
A Bayesian framework based on a Gaussian mixture model and radial-basis-function Fisher discriminant analysis (BayGmmKda V1.1) for spatial prediction of floods. Geoscientific Model Development 2017 ;Volume 10.(9) p. 3391-3409
USN Untitled
7 Bui Tien, Dieu; Nguyen, Quoc-Long; Bui, Xuan-Nam; Nguyen, Viet-Nghia; Pham, Chung Van; Le, Canh Van; Ngo, Phuong-Thao Thi; Bui, Dung Tien; Kristoffersen, Bjørn.
Lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Structure-from-Motion Photogrammetry for Generating Digital Surface Model for Open-Pit Coal Mine Area and Its Accuracy Assessment. I: Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources. Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources 2017. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-68240-2. p. 17-33
USN Untitled
8 Chambers, Catherine P.; Helgadóttir, Guðrún; Carothers, Courtney.
“Little kings”: community, change and conflict in Icelandic fisheries. Maritime Studies 2017 ;Volume 16.(10) p. -
USN Untitled
9 Chapi, Kamran; Singh, Vijay P.; Shirzadi, Ataollah; Shahabi, Himan; Bui Tien, Dieu; Pham, Binh Thai; Khosravi, Khabat.
A novel hybrid artificial intelligence approach for flood susceptibility assessment. Environmental Modelling & Software 2017 ;Volume 95. p. 229-245
USN Untitled
10 Gian Quoc, Anh; Tran, Duc-Tan; Nguyen, Dinh Chinh; Nhu, Viet Ha; Tien Bui, Dieu.
Design and Implementation of Site-Specific Rainfall-Induced Landslide Early Warning and Monitoring System : A Case study at Nam Dan landslide (Vietnam). Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 2017 ;Volume 8.(2) p. 1978-1996
USN Untitled
11 Haoyuan, Hong; Junzhi, Liu; A-Xing, Zhu; Himan, Shahabi; Binh Thai, Pham; Wei, Chen; Biswajeet, Pradhan; Bui Tien, Dieu.
A Novel Hybrid Integration Model using Support Vector Machines and Random Subspace for Weather-triggered Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in the Wuning Area (China). Environmental Earth Sciences 2017 ;Volume 76.(19) p. -
USN Untitled
12 Henningsen, Erik; Håkonsen, Lars; Løyland, Knut.
From institutions to events – structural change in Norwegian local cultural policy. The International Journal of Cultural Policy 2017 ;Volume 23.(3) p. 352-371
USN TF Untitled
13 Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Bui Tien, Dieu.
Slope Stability Evaluation Using Radial Basis Function Neural Network, Least Squares Support Vector Machines, and Extreme Learning Machine. I: Handbook of Neural Computation (1st Edition). Academic Press 2017 ISBN 9780128113189. p. 333-344
USN Untitled
14 Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Tien Bui, Dieu.
GIS-Based Landslide Spatial Modeling Using Batch-Training Back-propagation Artificial Neural Network:A Study of Model Parameters. I: Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources. Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources 2017. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-68240-2. p. 239-245
USN Untitled
15 Ilkevich, Sergey; Strømberg, Per Gøte J.
Arctic Tourism in Russia: Attractions, Experiences, Challenges and Potentials. I: Arctic Tourism Experiences. Production, Comsumption and Sustainability. CABI Publishing 2017 ISBN 9781780648620. p. 169-180
USN Untitled
16 Isaksen, David Erland.
Consummation: Kenneth Burke’s Third Creative Motive. KB Journal 2017 ;Volume 12.(2)
USN Untitled
17 Isaksen, David Erland.
Indexing: Kenneth Burke's Method of Textual Analysis. KB Journal 2017 ;Volume 12.(2)
USN Untitled
18 Mangset, Per; Håkonsen, Lars; Stavrum, Heidi.
Festivalboom eller kulturpolitisk ønskedrøm? : om festivalisering og kommunal kulturøkonomi. Nordisk kulturpolitisk tidsskrift 2017 ;Volume 20.(1-2) p. 71-89
USN TF Untitled
19 Mo, Einar.
Kritisk blikk på Fårøya-dommen. Tidsskrift for eiendomsrett 2017 ;Volume 13.(1) p. 59-70
USN Untitled
20 Nguyen Duc, Anh; Dahle, Yngve; Steinert, Martin; Abrahamsson, Pekka Kalevi.
Towards understanding startup product development as effectual entrepreneurial behaviors. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2017 ;Volume 10611 LNCS. p. 265-279
USN NTNU Untitled
21 Nguyen, Quang-Khanh; Bui Tien, Dieu; Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Trinh, Phan Trong; Nguyen, Viet-Ha; Yilmaz, Isik.
A Novel Hybrid Approach Based on Instance Based Learning Classifier and Rotation Forest Ensemble for Spatial Prediction of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides Using GIS. Sustainability 2017 ;Volume 9.(5) p. -
USN Untitled
22 Nguyen, Van Trung; Nguyen, Van Nam; Le, Ha Thu Thi; La, Hien Phu; Tien Bui, Dieu.
Detection and Prediction of Urban Expansion of Hanoi Area (Vietnam) Using SPOT-5 Satellite Imagery and Markov Chain Model. I: Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources. Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources 2017. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-68240-2. p. 119-133
USN Untitled
23 Nguyen, Viet-Nghia; Tien Bui, Dieu; Ngo, Phuong-Thao Thi; Nguyen, Quoc-Phi; Nguyen, Van Cam; Nguyen, Quoc-Long; Revhaug, Inge.
An Integration of Least Squares Support Vector Machines and Firefly Optimization Algorithm for Flood Susceptible Modeling Using GIS. I: Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources. Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources 2017. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-68240-2. p. 52-64
USN NMBU Untitled
24 Pham, Binh; Bui Tien, Dieu; Hamid, Pourghasemi; Indra, Prakash; Dholakia, M. B..
Landslide susceptibility assesssment in the Uttarakhand area(India)using GIS: a comparison study of prediction capabilityof naïve bayes, multilayer perceptron neural networks,and functional trees methods. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 2017 ;Volume 128.(1-2) p. 255-273
USN Untitled
25 Pham, Binh Thai; Bui Tien, Dieu; Prakash, Indra.
Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Using Bagging Ensemble Based Alternating Decision Trees, Logistic Regression and J48 Decision Trees Methods: A Comparative Study. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 2017 ;Volume 35.(6) p. 2597-2611
USN Untitled
26 Pham, Binh Thai; Bui Tien, Dieu; Prakash, Indra; Nguyen, Long Hoang; Dholakia, M.B.
A Comparative Study of Sequential Minimal Optimization Based Support Vector Machines, Vote Feature Intervals and Logistic Regression in Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Using GIS. Environmental Earth Sciences 2017 ;Volume 76.(10) p. -
USN Untitled
27 Pham, Binh Thai; Nguyen, Viet Tien; Ngo, Van Liem; Trinh, Phan Trong; Ngo, Huong Thanh Thi; Tien Bui, Dieu.
A Novel Hybrid Model of Rotation Forest Based Functional Trees for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study at Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. I: Advances and Applications in Geospatial Technology and Earth Resources. Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Spatial Technologies and Earth Resources 2017. Springer 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-68240-2. p. 186-201
USN Untitled
28 Pham, Binh Thai; Shirzadi, Ataollah; Tien Bui, Dieu; Prakash, Indra; Dholakia, M.B.
A hybrid machine learning ensemble approach based on a Radial Basis Function neural network and Rotation Forest for landslide susceptibility modeling: A case study in the Himalayan area, India. International Journal of Sediment Research 2017 ;Volume 33.(2) p. 157-170
USN Untitled
29 Pham, Binh-Thai; Bui Tien, Dieu; Prakash, Indra; Dholakia, Mrugen B..
Hybrid integration of Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks and machine learning ensembles for landslide susceptibility assessment at Himalayan area (India) using GIS. CATENA 2017 ;Volume 149. Suppl. Part 1 p. 52-63
USN Untitled
30 Pradhan, Biswajeet; Kalantar, Bahareh; Abdulwahid, Waleed M.; Bui Tien, Dieu.
Debris Flow Susceptibility Assessment Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data. I: Laser Scanning Applications in Landslide Assessment. Springer Publishing Company 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-55341-2. p. 279-296
USN Untitled
31 Shirzadi, Ataollah; Shahabi, Himan; Chapi, Kamran; Bui Tien, Dieu; Pham, Binh Thai; Shahedi, Kaka; Ahmad, Baharin Bin.
A comparative study between popular statistical and machine learning methods for simulating volume of landslides. CATENA 2017 ;Volume 157. p. 213-226
USN Untitled
32 Strömberg, Per.
Creative Destruction or Destructive Creativity? Negotiating the Heritage of the Cold War in the Experience Economy. I: The 6th Baltic Sea Region Cultural Heritage Forum: From Postwar to Postmodern. RiksantikvarieƤmbetet 2017 ISBN 978-91-7209-801-5. p. 106-113
USN Untitled
33 Strömberg, Per.
Industrial Chic: Fashion Shows in Readymade Spaces. Fashion Theory 2017 p. 1-32
USN Untitled
34 Sæther, Erik Andreas; Sætre, Alf Steinar.
The impact of individual motivations on idea submission and future motivation to participate in an organization's virtual idea campaign. Creativity and Innovation Management 2017 ;Volume 26.(4) p. 379-390
USN NTNU Untitled
35 Thai, Tran Hong; Thao, Nguyen Phuong; Tien Bui, Dieu.
Assessment and Simulation of Impacts of Climate Change on Erosion and Water Flow by Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool and GIS: Case Study in Upper Cau River basin in Vietnam. Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences 2017 ;Volume 39.(4) p. 376-392
USN Untitled
36 Wei, Chen; Xiaoshen, Xie; Jial, Wang; Biswajeet, Pradhan; Haoyuan, Hong; Bui Tien, Dieu; Zhao, Duan; Jianquan, Ma.
A comparative study of logistic model tree, random forest, and classification and regression tree models for spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility. CATENA 2017 ;Volume 151. p. 147-160
USN Untitled
37 Were, Kennedy; Bui Tien, Dieu; Dick, Øystein B.; Singh, Bal Ram.
A novel evolutionary genetic optimization-based adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and geographical information systems predict and map soil organic carbon stocks across an Afromontane landscape. Pedosphere 2017 ;Volume 27.(5) p. 877-889
USN NMBU Untitled
38 Bui Tien, Dieu; Anh Tuan, Tran; Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Quoc Thanh, Nguyen; Nguyen, Duy Ba; Ngo, Van Liem; Pradhan, Biswajeet.
Spatial Prediction of Rainfall-induced Landslides for the Lao Cai area (Vietnam) Using a Hybrid Intelligent Approach of Least Squares Support Vector Machines Inference Model and Artificial Bee Colony Optimization. Landslides. Journal of the International Consortium on Landslides 2016 p. -
USN Untitled
39 Bui Tien, Dieu; Ho, Tien-Chung; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Pham, Binh-Thai; Nhu, Viet-Ha; Revhaug, Inge.
GIS-based modeling of rainfall-induced landslides using data mining-based functional trees classifier with AdaBoost, Bagging, and MultiBoost ensemble frameworks. Environmental Earth Sciences 2016 ;Volume 75:1101.(14)
USN NMBU Untitled
40 Bui Tien, Dieu; Le, Thi Kim Thoa; Nguyen, Cam Van; Le, Duc Hoang; Revhaug, Inge.
Tropical forest fire susceptibility mapping at the Cat Ba national park area, the Hai Phong city (Vietnam) using GIS-based kernel logistic regression. Remote Sensing 2016 ;Volume 8:347.(4)
USN NMBU Untitled
41 Bui Tien, Dieu; Nguyen, Quoc Phi; Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Klempe, Harald.
A novel fuzzy K-nearest neighbor inference model with differential evolution for spatial prediction of rainfall-induced shallow landslides in a tropical hilly area using GIS. Landslides. Journal of the International Consortium on Landslides 2016 ;Volume 14.(1) p. 1-17
USN Untitled
42 Bui Tien, Dieu; Pham, Binh Thai; Nguyen, Quoc-Phi; Hoang, Nhat-Duc.
Spatial Prediction of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides Using Hybrid Integration Approach of Least Squares Support Vector Machines and Differential Evolution Optimization: A Case Study in Central Vietnam. International Journal of Digital Earth 2016 ;Volume 9.(11) p. 1077-1097
USN Untitled
43 Bui Tien, Dieu; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Nampak, Haleh; Bui, Quang-Thanh; Tran, Quynh-An; Nguyen, Quoc-Phi.
Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approach Based on Neural Fuzzy Inference Model and Metaheuristic Optimization for Flood Susceptibility Modelling in A High-Frequency Tropical Cyclone Area using GIS. Journal of Hydrology 2016 ;Volume 540. p. 317-330
USN Untitled
44 Chen, Wei; Wang, Jiale; Xie, Xiaoshen; Hong, Haoyuan; Nguyen, Trung; Bui Tien, Dieu; Wang, Gang; Li, Xinrui.
Spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility using integrated frequency ratio with entropy and support vector machines by different kernel functions. Environmental Earth Sciences 2016
USN Untitled
45 Haoyuan, Hong; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Jebur, Mustafa; Bui Tien, Dieu; Xu, Chong; Akgun, Aykut.
Spatial prediction of landslide hazard at the Luxi area (China) using support vector machines. Environmental Earth Sciences 2016 ;Volume 75.(1) p. 1-14
USN Untitled
46 Helgadóttir, Guðrún; Dashper, Katherine.
“Dear International Guests and Friends of the Icelandic Horse”: Experience, Meaning and Belonging at a Niche Sporting Event. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism 2016 ;Volume 16.(4) p. 422-441
USN Untitled
47 Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Bui Tien, Dieu.
A Novel Relevance Vector Machine Classifier with Cuckoo Search Optimization for Spatial Prediction of Landslides. Journal of computing in civil engineering 2016
USN Untitled
48 Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Bui Tien, Dieu.
Predicting earthquake-induced soil liquefaction based on a hybridization of kernel Fisher discriminant analysis and a least squares support vector machine: a multi-dataset study. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 2016 ;Volume 77.(1) p. 191-204
USN Untitled
49 Hoang, Nhat-Duc; Bui Tien, Dieu; Liao, Kuo-Wei.
Groutability Estimation of Grouting Processes with Cement Grouts Using Differential Flower Pollination Optimized Support Vector Machine. Applied Soft Computing 2016 ;Volume 45.(August) p. 173-186
USN Untitled
50 Hong, Haoyuan; Chen, Wei; Xu, Chong; Youssef, Ahmed; Pradhan, Biswajeet; Bui Tien, Dieu.
Rainfall-induced landslide susceptibility assessment at the Chongren area (China) using frequency ratio, certainty factor, and index of entropy. Geocarto International 2016 ;Volume 32.(2) p. 139-154
USN Untitled
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