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1 Bakke, Ingrid Bårdsdatter.
Career and cultural context: collective individualism, egalitarianism and work-centrality in the career thinking of Norwegian teenagers. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 2021 p. 1-16
HINN Untitled
2 Carolien, Konijnenberg; Annika, Melinder.
Affective decision-making in children prenatally exposed to opioids. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 2021 ;Volume 62.(4) p. 529-536
HINN UiO OUS Untitled
3 Dangmann, Cecilie Ruud; Solberg, Øivind; Andersen, Per Normann.
Health-related quality of life in refugee youth and the mediating role of mental distress and post-migration stressors. Quality of Life Research 2021
4 Dangmann, Cecilie Ruud; Solberg, Øivind; Steffenak, Anne Kjersti Myhrene; Høye, Sevald; Andersen, Per Normann.
Syrian refugee youth resettled in Norway: mechanisms of resilience influencing health-related quality of life and mental distress. Frontiers In Public Health 2021
HINN Untitled
5 Ericsson, Ulf; Pettersson, Pär; Rydstedt, Leif W; Ekelund, Elin.
Work, family life and recovery: An exploratory study of “the third shift”. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 2021
HINN Untitled
6 Filkukova, Petra; Ayton, Peter; Langguth, Johannes.
What should I trust? Individual differences in attitudes to conflicting information and misinformation on COVID-19. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12. p. -
BI HINN Untitled
7 Filkukova, Petra; Langguth, Johannes.
An Alternative Correct Answer to the Cognitive Reflection Test. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12. p. -
HINN Untitled
8 Filkukova, Petra; Langguth, Johannes.
Blinded by emotions: The association between emotional reactivity and trust in fictitious news stories on crime. Studia psychologica (Bratislava) 2021 ;Volume 63.(4) p. 404-416
BI HINN Untitled
9 Flagstad, Ingeborg Olsdatter Busterud; Johnsen, Svein Åge Kjøs; Rydstedt, Leif W.
The Process of Establishing a Green Climate: Face-To-Face Interaction between Leaders and Employees in the Microsystem. The Journal of Values Based Leadership 2021 ;Volume 14.(1)
HINN Untitled
10 Fossum, Ingrid Nesdal; Andersen, Per Normann; Øie, Merete Glenne; Skogli, Erik Winther.
Development of Executive Functioning From Childhood to Young Adulthood in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study. Neuropsychology 2021 ;Volume 35.(8) p. 809-821
SI UiO HINN Untitled
11 Gregersen, Thea Johansen; Doran, Rouven; Böhm, Gisela; Poortinga, Wouter.
Outcome expectancies moderate the association between worry about climate change and personal energy-saving behaviors. PLOS ONE 2021 p. -
HINN UiB Untitled
12 Grønlien, Heidi Kristine; Christoffersen, Trine Eker; Ringstad, Øystein; Andreassen, Marita; Lugo, Ricardo G..
A blended learning teaching strategy strengthens the nursing students’ performance and self-reported learning outcome achievement in an anatomy, physiology and biochemistry course – A quasi-experimental study. Nurse Education in Practice 2021 ;Volume 52.(103046) p. 1-6
HIOF HINN Untitled
13 Grønlien, Heidi Kristine; Christoffersen, Trine Eker; Ringstad, Øystein; Andreassen, Marita; Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio.
Blended learning using DIGI-resources versus traditional learning for Anatomy and Physiology in nursing students - A Quasi-experimental Study.. Nurse Education in Practice 2021 ;Volume 52. p. 1-6
HINN HIOF Untitled
14 Kvalø, Marie; Olsen, Marte; Thorsteinsen, Kjærsti; Olsson, Maria; Martiny, Sarah E..
Does the Stereotypicality of Mothers’ Occupation Influence Children’s Communal Occupational Aspirations and Communal Orientation?. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12. p. 1-14
UiT HINN Untitled
15 Kvietkute, Dana; Hauge, Åshild Lappegard.
Living with strangers: exploring motivations and stated preferences for considering co-housing and shared living in Bergen, Norway. Housing and Society 2021
HINN Untitled
16 Langguth, Johannes; Pogorelov, Konstantin; Brenner, Stefan; Filkukova, Petra; Schroeder, Daniel Thilo.
Don't Trust Your Eyes: Image Manipulation in the Age of DeepFakes. Frontiers in Communication 2021 ;Volume 6. p. -
HINN Untitled
17 Moe, Ellinor; Hauge, Åshild Lappegard; Høyland, Karin.
Bofellesskap – et bidrag til økt livskvalitet for eldre?. Tidsskrift for boligforskning 2021 ;Volume 4.(1) p. 46-62
18 Ogunbode, Charles Adedayo; Pallesen, Ståle; Böhm, Gisela; Doran, Rouven; Bhullar, Navjot; Aquino, Sibele; Marot, Tiago; Schermer, Julie Aitken; Wlodarczyk, Anna; Lu, Su; Jiang, Feng; Salmela-Aro, Katariina; Hanss, Daniel; Maran, Daniela Acquadro; Ardi, Rahkman; Chegeni, Razieh; Tahir, Hajra; Ghanbarian, Elahe; Park, Joonha; Tsubakita, Takashi; Tan, Chee-Seng; van den Broek, Karlijn L.; Chukwuorji, JohnBosco Chika; Ojewumi, Kehinde; Reyes, Marc Eric S.; Lins, Samuel; Enea, Violeta; Volkodav, Tatiana; Sollar, Tomas; Navarro-Carrillo, Ginés; Torres-Marín, Jorge; Mbungu, Winfred; Onyutha, Charles; Lomas, Michael J..
Negative emotions about climate change are related to insomnia symptoms and mental health: Cross-sectional evidence from 25 countries. Current Psychology 2021 p. 1-10
UiB HINN Untitled
19 Orm, Stian; Øie, Merete Glenne; Fossum, Ingrid Nesdal; Andersen, Per Normann; Skogli, Erik Winther.
Declining Trajectories of Co-occurring Psychopathology Symptoms in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A 10-Year Longitudinal Study. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021 ;Volume 12. p. 1-14
SI UiO HINN Untitled
20 Pogorelov, Konstantin; Schroeder, Daniel Thilo; Filkukova, Petra; Langguth, Johannes; Brenner, Stefan.
WICO Text: A Labeled Dataset of Conspiracy Theory and 5G-Corona Misinformation Tweets.. I: OASIS '21: Proceedings of the 2021 Workshop on Open Challenges in Online Social Networks. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 2021 ISBN 978-1-4503-8632-6. p. 21-25
HINN BI UiO Untitled
21 Schelhorn, Iris; Ecker, Angelika; Lüdtke, Michael N.; Rehm, Stefan; Tran, Thomy; Bereznai, Judith L.; Meyer, Marie Lisa; Sütterlin, Stefan; Kinateder, Max; Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio; Shiban, Youssef.
Psychological burden during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12:640518. p. 1-12
HIOF HINN Untitled
22 Sonnberger, Marco; Ruddat, Michael; Arnold, Annika; Scheer, Dirk; Poortinga, Wouter; Böhm, Gisela; Bertoldo, Raquel; Mays, Claire; Pidgeon, Nick; Poumadère, Marc; Steentjes, Katharine; Tvinnereim, Endre.
Climate concerned but anti-nuclear: Exploring (dis)approval of nuclear energy in four European countries. Energy Research & Social Science 2021 ;Volume 75. p. -
23 Thoma, Volker; Weiss-Cohen, Leonardo; Filkukova, Petra; Ayton, Peter.
Cognitive predictors of precautionary behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12.
HINN Untitled
24 Våpenstad, Eystein Victor; Bakkenget, Brynulf.
Pre-verbal Children’s Participation in a New Key. How Intersubjectivity Can Contribute to Understanding and Implementation of Child Rights in Early Childhood. Frontiers in Psychology 2021 ;Volume 12. p. -
HINN Untitled
25 Watten, Reidulf G.; Watten, Veslemøy P..
Snus and Alcohol: Mutually Rewarding Effects in the Brain? A Matched Controlled Population Study. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment 2021 ;Volume 15. p. 1-9
HINN Untitled
26 Andersen, Per Normann; Finbråten, Hanne Søberg.
Unsatisfactory psychometric properties of the Norwegian Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function Teacher form - a Rasch Measurement Theory Validation. Nevropsykologi : Medlemsblad for Norsk Nevropsykologisk Forening 2020 (1) p. 12-21
HINN Untitled
27 Bostrom, Ann; Böhm, Gisela; Hayes, Adam L.; O’Connor, Robert E..
Credible threat: Perceptions of pandemic coronavirus, climate change and the morality and management of global risks. Frontiers in Psychology 2020 ;Volume 11:578562. p. 1-11
UiB HINN Untitled
28 Bostrom, Ann; Böhm, Gisela; O'Connor, Robert; Hanss, Daniel; Bodi-Fernandez, Otto; Halder, Pradipta.
Comparative risk science for the coronavirus pandemic. Journal of Risk Research 2020 ;Volume 23.(7-8) p. 902-911
HINN UiB Untitled
29 Bouman, Thijs; Verschoor, Mark; Albers, Casper J.; Böhm, Gisela; Fisher, Stephen; Poortinga, Wouter; Whitmarsh, Lorraine; Steg, Linda.
When worry about climate change leads to climate action: How values, worry and personal responsibility relate to various climate actions. Global Environmental Change 2020 ;Volume 62. p. -
HINN UiB Untitled
30 Cropley, Mark; Rydstedt, Leif W; Andersen, David.
Recovery from work: testing the effects of chronic internal and external workload on health and well-being. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2020 ;Volume 74.(11) p. 919-924
HINN Untitled
31 Dangmann, Cecilie Ruud; Solberg, Øivind; Steffenak, Anne Kjersti Myhrene; Høye, Sevald; Andersen, Per Normann.
Health-related quality of life in young Syrian refugees recently resettled in Norway. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health 2020 ;Volume 48.(7)
32 Gautun, Heidi; Bratt, Christopher; Billings, Jenny.
Nurses' experiences of transitions of older patients from hospitals to community care. A nation-wide survey in Norway. Health Science Reports 2020 ;Volume 3.(3) p. -
33 Gjermunds, Nikita Madeleine; Brechan, Inge; Johnsen, Svein Åge Kjøs; Watten, Reidulf G..
Personality traits in musicians. Current Issues in Personality Psychology 2020 ;Volume 8.(2) p. 100-107
AHUS HINN Untitled
34 Gregersen, Thea; Doran, Rouven; Böhm, Gisela; Tvinnereim, Endre; Poortinga, Wouter.
Political orientation moderates the relationship between climate change beliefs and worry about climate change. Frontiers in Psychology 2020 ;Volume 11:1573. p. 1-12
UiB HINN Untitled
35 Hauge, Åshild Lappegard; Flyen, Cecilie; Venås, Christoffer; Kokkonen, Anne; Aall, Carlo.
Public-Private Cooperation for Climate Adaptation - Providing Insurance Loss Data to the Municipalities. I: Handbook of Climate Services. Springer 2020 ISBN 978-3-030-36874-6. p. 157-181
36 Hauge, Åshild Lappegard; Time, Berit; Flyen, Cecilie; Sivertsen, Edvard; Venås, Christoffer; Thomassen, Maria Kristina Kollberg.
Klimatilpasning – hvordan få det til å skje? Betydningen av læring i nettverk= Climate adaptation – how to make it happen? The meaning of learning in networks. Kart og Plan 2020 ;Volume 113.(3) p. 145-167
37 Jovarauskaite, Lina; Böhm, Gisela.
The emotional engagement of climate experts is related to their climate change perceptions and coping strategies. Journal of Risk Research 2020 p. 1-18
HINN UiB Untitled
38 Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio; Knox, Benjamin James; Jøsok, Øyvind; Sütterlin, Stefan.
Variable Self-efficacy as a Measurement for Behaviors in Cyber Security Operations. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2020 ;Volume 12197. p. 395-404
39 Ogunbode, Charles Adedayo; Doran, Rouven; Böhm, Gisela.
Exposure to the IPCC special report on 1.5 ?C global warming is linked to perceived threat and increased concern about climate change. Climatic Change 2020 ;Volume 158.(3-4) p. 361-375
HINN UiB Untitled
40 Ogunbode, Charles Adedayo; Doran, Rouven; Böhm, Gisela.
Individual and local flooding experiences are differentially associated with subjective attribution and climate change concern. Climatic Change 2020 p. 1-13
HINN UiB Untitled
41 Skogli, Erik Winther; Andersen, Per Normann; Isaksen, Jørn.
An Exploratory Study of Executive Function Development in Children with Autism, after Receiving Early Intensive Behavioral Training. Developmental Neurorehabilitation 2020 p. -
HINN SI Untitled
42 Söderström, Kerstin.
Bekymring for det ufødte liv og omsorgsovertakelse ved fødsel: Posisjoner, verdikonflikter og spenninger i tverrfaglig arbeid. I: Verdier i barnevern. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2020 ISBN 978-82-02-62429-3. p. 131-151
HINN SI Untitled
43 Söderström, Kerstin; Sandvig jr, Anders.
«SIM spedbarnevern og foreldrestøtte»: Simulering av tverrfaglig samarbeid i verdiladde og sårbare situasjoner. I: Verdier i barnevern. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2020 ISBN 978-82-02-62429-3. p. 173-197
HINN Untitled
44 Verschoor, Mark; Albers, Casper; Poortinga, Wouter; Böhm, Gisela; Steg, Linda.
Exploring relationships between climate change beliefs and energy preferences: A network analysis of the European Social Survey. Journal of Environmental Psychology 2020
HINN UiB Untitled
45 Øfsteng, Sjur Johansen; Garthe, Ina; Jøsok, Øyvind; Knox, Silje; Helkala, Kirsi Marjaana; Knox, Benjamin James; Ellefsen, Stian; Rønnestad, Bent.
No effect of increasing protein intake during military exercise with severe energy deficit on body composition and performance. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2020 ;Volume 30.(5) p. 865-877
46 Øie, Merete Glenne; Aarnes, Ingebjørg Emilie; Eilertsen, Lise Horndalsveen; Söderström, Kerstin; Ystrøm, Eivind; Håkansson, UIrika.
High levels of the openness trait are associated with better parental reflective functioning in mothers with substance use disorders. Addictive Behaviors Reports 2020 ;Volume 12. p. -
UiO SI HINN FHI Untitled
47 Ask, Thorvald Fossåen; Ranjitkar, Suman; Ulak, Manjeswori; Chandyo, Ram Krishna; Hysing, Mari; Strand, Tor A; Kvestad, Ingrid; Shrestha, Laxman; Andreassen, Marita; Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio; Shilpakar, JS; Shrestha, Merina; Sütterlin, Stefan.
The association between heart rate variability and neurocognitive and socio-emotional development in nepalese infants. Frontiers in Neuroscience 2019 ;Volume 13. p. 1-10
48 Bellini, Diego; Ramaci, Tiziana; Bonaiuto, Marino; Cubico, Serena; Favretto, Giuseppe; Johnsen, Svein Åge Kjøs.
Exploring the influence of working environments' restorative quality on organisational citizenship behaviours. International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment 2019 ;Volume 5.(1) p. 32-50
HINN Untitled
49 Böhm, Gisela; Doran, Rouven; Rødeseike, Annika; Pfister, Hans-Rudiger.
Pathways to energy transition: A faceted taxonomy. International Studies of Management and Organization 2019 ;Volume 49.(3) p. 303-319
HINN UiB Untitled
50 Böhm, Gisela; Pfister, Hans-Rudiger; Salway, Andrew; Fløttum, Kjersti.
Remembering and Communicating Climate Change Narratives – The Influence of World Views on Selective Recollection. Frontiers in Psychology 2019 ;Volume 10.(MAY) p. -
UiB HINN Untitled
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