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1 Lensberg, Terje; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner; Ladley, Dan.
Costs and benefits of financial regulation: Short-selling bans and transaction taxes. Journal of Banking & Finance 2015 ;Volume 51. p. 103-118
NHH Untitled
2 Palczewski, Jan; Poulsen, Rolf; Schenk-Hoppe, Klaus Reiner; Wang, Huamao.
Dynamic portfolio optimization with transaction costs and state-dependent drift. European Journal of Operational Research 2015 ;Volume 243.(3) p. 921-931
NHH Untitled
3 Aarstad, Jarle; Ness, Håvard; Haugland, Sven Arne.
Innovation, uncertainty, and inter-firm shortcut ties in a tourism destination context. Tourism Management 2015 ;Volume 48.(June) p. 354-361
HVL USN NHH Untitled
4 Aarstad, Jarle; Ness, Håvard; Haugland, Sven Arne.
Destination Evolution and Network Dynamics: New Research Agendas. I: Tourism Research Frontiers: Beyond the Boundaries of Knowledge. Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2015 ISBN 978-1-78350-993-5. p. 141-164
HVL USN NHH Untitled
5 Aarstad, Jarle; Ness, Håvard; Haugland, Sven Arne.
Network position and tourism firms' co-branding practice. Journal of Business Research 2015 ;Volume 68.(8) p. 1667-1677
HVL USN NHH Untitled
6 Aas, Tor Helge; Breunig, Karl Joachim; Hydle, Katja Maria; Pedersen, Per Egil.
Innovation Management Practices in Production-Intensive Service Firms. International Journal of Innovation Management 2015 ;Volume 19.(5) p. -
7 Aase, Knut Kristian.
Life insurance and pension contracts II: the life cycle model with recursive utility. ASTIN Bulletin: The Journal of the International Actuarial Association 2015 ;Volume 46.(1) p. 71-102
NHH Untitled
8 Aase, Knut Kristian.
Pooling in Insurance. I: Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online. John Wiley & Sons 2015 ISBN 9781118445112. p. 1-8
NHH Untitled
9 agote, laida; Aramburu, Nekane; Lines, Rune.
Authentic Leadership Perception, Trust in the Leader, and Followers’ Emotions in Organizational Change Processes. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2015 ;Volume 52.(1) p. 35-63
NHH Untitled
10 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari.
Value of adaptation in water protection—Economic impacts of uncertain climate change in the Baltic Sea. Ecological Economics 2015 ;Volume 116. p. 231-240
NHH Untitled
11 Ahlvik, Lassi; Hyytiäinen, Kari; Artell, Janne; Huhtala, Anni; Ahtiainen, Heini; Dahlbo, Kim.
Policy goals for improved water quality in the Baltic Sea: when do the benefits outweigh the costs?. Environmental and Resource Economics 2015 ;Volume 61.(2) p. 217-241
NHH Untitled
12 Alaei Borujeni, Pezhman; Steinshamn, Stein Ivar; Mortazavi, Shahrnaz; Salehi, Hasan.
Enhance and advance: The benefits of recruitment enhancement in the case of the Iranian Kutum Fishery. Marine Policy 2015 ;Volume 61. p. 23-32
NHH Untitled
13 Almås, Ingvild; Armand, Alex; Attanasio, Orazio; Carneiro, Pedro.
Measuring and Changing Control: Women’s Empowerment and Targeted Transfers. NBER Working Paper Series 2015
NHH Untitled
14 Almås, Ingvild; Cappelen, Alexander Wright; Haaland, Ingar Kyrkjebø; Tungodden, Bertil.
Rettferdig ulikhet. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2015 ;Volume 18.(6) p. 38-43
NHH Untitled
15 Andersen, Gisle.
Relevance. I: Corpus Pragmatics. Cambridge University Press 2015 ISBN 9781107015043. p. 143-168
NHH Untitled
16 Andersen, Gisle; Kristiansen, Marita.
Termportalen som infrastruktur for terminologi i Norge. Terminologen 2015 p. 53-60
NHH Untitled
17 Andersson, Jonas; Møen, Jarle.
A Simple Improvement of the IV-estimator for the Classical Errors-in-Variables Problem. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 2015 ;Volume 78.(1) p. 113-125
NHH Untitled
18 Andersson, Jonas; Wallace, Stein William.
Business analytics og big data - nye navn på gamle fag?. Praktisk økonomi & finans 2015 ;Volume 31.(3) p. 196-201
NHH Untitled
19 Andersson, Kjetil; Foros, Øystein; Hansen, Bjørn.
Empirical Evidence on the Relationship between Mobile Termination Rates and Firms' Profits. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics 2015 ;Volume 118.(1) p. 129-149
NHH UIA Untitled
20 Andreassen, Tor W..
Service Leadership. I: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Quality and the Service Economy. Sage Publications 2015 ISBN 9781452256726.
NHH Untitled
21 Andreassen, Tor W.; Gustafsson, Anders; Gebauer, Heiko.
Å skape verdier sammen med kundene: Hva er viktig?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2015 ;Volume 18.(4) p. 41-51
BI NHH Untitled
22 Andreassen, Tor W.; Lervik-Olsen, Line; Calabretta, Giulia.
Trendspotting and service innovation. Managing Service Quality 2015 ;Volume 25.(1) p. 10-30
BI NHH Untitled
23 Azadi, Majid; Jafarian, Mostafa; Saen, Reza Farzipoor; Mirhedayatian, Seyed Mostafa.
A new fuzzy DEA model for evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of suppliers in sustainable supply chain management context. Computers & Operations Research 2015 ;Volume 54. p. 274-285
NHH Untitled
24 Bachmann, Kremena; Hens, Thorsten.
Investment competence and advice seeking. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 2015 ;Volume 6. p. 27-41
NHH Untitled
25 Balsvik, Ragnhild; Jensen, Sissel; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar.
Made in China, sold in Norway: Local labor market effects of an import shock.. Journal of Public Economics 2015 ;Volume 127. p. 137-144
NHH Untitled
26 Basberg, Bjørn Lorens.
Amateur or professional? A new look at nineteenth-century patentees in Norway. Scandinavian Economic History Review 2015 ;Volume 63.(1) p. 24-44
NHH Untitled
27 Basberg, Bjørn Lorens.
Innovasjonsteori, patenter og teknologisk utvikling i norsk hvalfangst ca. 1860-1968.. Novus Forlag 2015 (ISBN 978-82-7099-815-9) 133 p.
NHH Untitled
28 Beisland, Leif Atle; Knivsflå, Kjell Henry.
Have IFRS changed how stock prices are associated with earnings and book values? Evidence from Norway. Review of Accounting and Finance 2015 ;Volume 14.(1) p. 41-63
NHH UIA Untitled
29 Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt.
A Comparative Analysis of the NHH and BI Networks. Beta 2015 ;Volume 29.(2) p. 123-156
NHH Untitled
30 Benkel, Kathrin; Jørnsten, Kurt; Leisten, Rainer.
Variability Aspects in Flowshop Scheduling Systems. I: IEEE - IESM'2015 The Road Ahead: Understanding Challenges and Grasping Opportunities in Industrial and Systems Engineering. IEEE conference proceedings 2015 ISBN 978-2-9600532-6-5. p. 118-127
NHH Untitled
31 Bennedsen, Morten; Foss, Nicolai Juul.
Family Assets and Liabilites in the Innovation Process. California Management Review 2015 ;Volume 58.(1) p. 65-81
NHH Untitled
32 Benth, Fred Espen; Di Nunno, Giulia; Khedher, Asma; Schmeck, Maren Diane.
Pricing of Spread Options on a Bivariate Jump Market and Stability to Model Risk. Applied Mathematical Finance 2015 ;Volume 22.(1) p. 28-62
NHH UiO Untitled
33 Berge, Lars Ivar Oppedal; Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Pires, Armando; Tungodden, Bertil.
Competitive in the lab, successful in the field?. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2015 ;Volume 118. p. 303-317
CMI NHH SNF Untitled
34 Berge, Lars Ivar Oppedal; Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Tungodden, Bertil.
Human and financial capital for microenterprise development: Evidence from a field and lab experiment. Management science 2015 ;Volume 61.(4) p. 707-722
CMI NHH Untitled
35 Best, Simon; Gooderham, Paul N..
Improvisation: A legitimate strategy in the face of adversity. Small Enterprise Research: The Journal of SEAANZ 2015 ;Volume 22.(1) p. 49-68
NHH Untitled
36 Bivand, Roger.
Spatial diffusion and spatial statistics: revisting Hägerstrand’s study of innovation diffusion.. Procedia Environmental Sciences 2015 ;Volume 27. p. 106-111
NHH Untitled
37 Bivand, Roger; Gómez-Rubio, Virgilio; Rue, Håvard.
Spatial Data Analysis with R-INLA with Some Extensions. Journal of Statistical Software 2015 ;Volume 63.(20) p. 1-31
NHH NTNU Untitled
38 Bivand, Roger; Piras, Gianfranco.
Comparing implementations of estimation methods for spatial econometrics. Journal of Statistical Software 2015 ;Volume 63.(18) p. 1-36
NHH Untitled
39 Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza.
Natural-resource rents and political stability in the middle east and North Africa. CESifo DICE Report 2015 ;Volume 13.(3) p. 33-37
NHH Untitled
40 Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza.
Resource rents, balance of power, and political stability. Journal of Peace Research 2015 ;Volume 52.(6) p. 758-773
NHH Untitled
41 Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Milford, Anna Birgitte; Sørgard, Lars.
Farmers, Middlemen and Exporters: A Model of Market Power, Pricing and Welfare in a Vertical Supply Chain. Review of Development Economics 2015 ;Volume 19.(1) p. 31-44
NHH NIBIO Untitled
42 Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Svensson, Jakob.
Are not-for-profits different? Theory and evidence on the pricing of health services in Uganda. Economics of Governance 2015 ;Volume 17.(1) p. 1-10
NHH Untitled
43 Bjorvatn, Kjetil; Tungodden, Bertil.
Disabled by stereotype? Experimental evidence from Uganda. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2015 ;Volume 118. p. 268-280
CMI NHH Untitled
44 Bjørge, Anne Kari; Whittaker, Sunniva.
Corporate values: A linguistic approach. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management 2015 ;Volume 15.(3) p. 347-362
NHH Untitled
45 Bjørge, Anne Kari; Whittaker, Sunniva.
Language management in a multinational workforce: The knowledge worker perspective.. HERMES - Journal of Language and Communication in Business 2015 (54) p. 137-160
NHH Untitled
46 Black, Sandra E.; Devereux, Paul J.; Salvanes, Kjell Gunnar.
Losing heart? The effect of job displacement on health. Industrial & labor relations review 2015 ;Volume 68.(4) p. 833-861
NHH Untitled
47 Bradbury, Mike A. S.; Hens, Thorsten; Zeisberger, Stefan.
Improving Investment Decisions with Simulated Experience. Review of Finance 2015 ;Volume 19.(3) p. 1019-1052
NHH Untitled
48 Bragelien, Iver.
Risikostyring. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2015 ;Volume 18.(8) p. 14-16
NHH Untitled
49 Bratberg, Espen; Nilsen, Øivind Anti; Vaage, Kjell.
Assessing the intergenerational correlation in disability pension recipiency. Oxford Economic Papers 2015 ;Volume 67.(2) p. 205-226
NHH UiB Untitled
50 Brekke, Kurt Richard; Holmås, Tor Helge; Straume, Odd Rune.
Price regulation and parallel imports of pharmaceuticals. Journal of Public Economics 2015 ;Volume 129. p. 92-105
NHH NORCE UiB Untitled
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