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1 Ado, I. A.; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Brataas, Arne; Titov, M..
Chiral ferromagnetism beyond Lifshitz invariants. Physical review B (PRB) 2020 ;Volume 101. p. 161403-
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2 Izadi Vishkayi, Sahar; Torbatian, Zahra; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Asgari, Reza.
Strain and electric-field control of spin-spin interactions in monolayer CrI3. PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 2020 ;Volume 4.
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3 Mohseni, Morteza; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Serga, Alexander; Brataas, Arne; Hillebrands, Burkard; Pirro, Philipp.
Bose–Einstein condensation of nonequilibrium magnons in confined systems. New Journal of Physics 2020 ;Volume 22. p. 083080-
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4 Jakobsen, Martin Fonnum; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Brataas, Arne.
Scattering theory of transport through disordered magnets. Physical review B (PRB) 2019 ;Volume 100.(13) p. -
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5 Khoshlahni, Rohollah; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Bergman, Anders; Brataas, Arne.
Ultrafast generation and dynamics of isolated skyrmions in antiferromagnetic insulators. Physical review B (PRB) 2019 ;Volume 99.(5) p. -
NTNU Untitled
6 Kjærnes, Kristoffer; nan, tianxiang; Hallsteinsen, Ingrid; Li, Ruofan; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; schad, jonathon; Moreau, Magnus; Selbach, Sverre Magnus; Grutter, Alexander; Arenholz, Elke; Brataas, Arne; Ralph, Daniel C.; Eom, Chang-Beom; Tybell, Per Thomas Martin.
Antiferromagnetic Spin Engineering in LaFeO3, a route towards uniaxial Néel vector control. MRS Fall Meeting; 2019-12-01 - 2019-12-06
NTNU Untitled
7 Lebrun, Romain; Ross, Andrew; Gomonay, Olena; Bender, Scott A.; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Kronast, Florian; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Sinova, Jairo; Brataas, Arne; Duine, Rembert; Klaui, Mathias Michael.
Anisotropies and magnetic phase transitions in insulating antiferromagnets determined by a Spin-Hall magnetoresistance probe. Communications Physics 2019 ;Volume 2.(1) p. 1-7
NTNU Untitled
8 Losada, Juan Manuel; Brataas, Arne; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza.
Ultrafast control of spin interactions in honeycomb antiferromagnetic insulators. Physical review B (PRB) 2019 ;Volume 100.(6) p. -
NTNU Untitled
9 Ross, Andrew; Lebrun, Romain; Gomonay, Olena; Grave, Daniel A.; Kay, Asaf; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Becker, Sven; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Ulloa, Camilo; Jakob, Gerhard; Kronast, Florian; Sinova, Jairo; Duine, Rembert; Brataas, Arne; Rothschild, Avner; Klaui, Mathias Michael.
Propagation Length of Antiferromagnetic Magnons Governed by Domain Configurations. Nano letters (Print) 2019 ;Volume 20.(1) p. 306-313
NTNU Untitled
10 Wang, Xiansi; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Brataas, Arne.
Current-Driven Dynamics of Magnetic Hopfions. Physical Review Letters 2019 ;Volume 123.(14) p. -
NTNU Untitled
11 Ado, I. A.; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Duine, Rembert; Brataas, Arne; Titov, M.
Asymmetric and Symmetric Exchange in a Generalized 2D Rashba Ferromagnet. Physical Review Letters 2018 ;Volume 121.(8) p. 086802-1-086802-7
NTNU Untitled
12 Gao, Tenghua; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; An, Hongyu; Musha, Akira; Kageyama, Yuito; Shi, Ji; Ando, Kazuya.
Intrinsic Spin-Orbit Torque Arising from the Berry Curvature in a Metallic-Magnet/Cu-Oxide Interface. Physical Review Letters 2018 ;Volume 121.(1) p. 017202-1-017202-6
NTNU Untitled
13 Lebrun, Romain; Ross, Andreas; Bender, Scott A.; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Baldrati, Lorenzo; Cramer, Joel; Brataas, Arne; Duine, Rembert; Klaui, Mathias Michael.
Tunable long-distance spin transport in a crystalline antiferromagnetic iron oxide. Nature 2018 ;Volume 561.(7722) p. 222-225
NTNU Untitled
14 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Ado, Ivan A.; Duine, Rembert; Titov, Mikhail; Brataas, Arne.
Theory of the Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Rashba Antiferromagnets. Physical Review Letters 2018 ;Volume 120.(19) p. 1-6
NTNU Untitled
15 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Brataas, Arne.
Quantum magnetization fluctuations via spin shot noise. Physical review B (PRB) 2018 ;Volume 98.(22) p. 220408-1-220408-5
NTNU Untitled
16 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Kristiansen, Lars Andrè; Brataas, Arne.
Controlling chiral domain walls in antiferromagnets using spin-wave helicity. Physical review B (PRB) 2018 ;Volume 97.(2) p. -
NTNU Untitled
17 Flovik, Vegard; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Nandy, Ashis K.; Heo, Changhoon; Rasing, Theo.
Generation of single skyrmions by picosecond magnetic field pulses. Physical review B (PRB) 2017 ;Volume 96.(14) p. -
NTNU Untitled
18 Parhizgar, Fariborz; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Asgari, Reza.
Quantum capacitance of double-layer graphene. Physical review B (PRB) 2017 ;Volume 96.(7) p. -
NTNU Untitled
19 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Skarsvåg, Hans Langva; Holmqvist, Cecilia; Brataas, Arne.
Spin Superfluidity in Biaxial Antiferromagnetic Insulators. Physical Review Letters 2017 ;Volume 118.(13) p. -
NTNU Untitled
20 Tveten, Erlend Grytli; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Brataas, Arne.
Antiferromagnetic domain wall motion induced by spin waves. Physical Review Letters 2014 ;Volume 112.(14)
NTNU Untitled
21 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza; Bauer, Gerrit E. W.; Brataas, Arne.
Manipulation of ferromagnets via the spin-selective optical Stark effect. Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2013 ;Volume 88.(6) p. -
NTNU Untitled
22 Tveten, Erlend Grytli; Qaiumzadeh, Alireza Javinani; Tretiakov, OA; Brataas, Arne.
Staggered Dynamics in Antiferromagnets by Collective Coordinates. Physical Review Letters 2013 ;Volume 110.(12) p. -
NTNU Untitled
23 Qaiumzadeh, Alireza Javinani; Jahanbani, Khadijeh; Asgari, Reza.
Spin polarization dependence of quasiparticle properties in graphene. Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 2012 ;Volume 85.(23) p. -
NTNU Untitled