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1 Lindgren, Mikael; Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Hansen, Tom Andre; Chen, Lena; Mettra, Bastien; Andraud, Chantal; Monnereau, Cyrille.
Influence of Polymer Charge on the Localization and Dark- and Photo-Induced Toxicity of a Potential Type I Photosensitizer in Cancer Cell Models. Molecules 2020 ;Volume 25.(1127)
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2 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Granja, Andreia; Hansen, Tom Andre; Lindgren, Mikael; Pinheiro, M.; Sousa, C. T.; Reis, S..
Assessing the influence of gold nanoparticles in photodynamic therapy using singlet oxygen sensitizers. EU-COST Action. "Bio-Brillouin"; 2019-09-25 - 2019-09-27
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3 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Johnsson, Anders Carl G.; Høgset, Anders; Hjelde, Astrid; Lindgren, Mikael.
Novel Technologies by Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). 4th International Congress on Biomaterials & Biosensors, Mugla, Tyrkey.; 2019-05-12 - 2019-05-18
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4 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Johnsson, Anders Carl G.; Lindgren, Mikael.
Årsmøte og Faglig møte i NOFFOF (Norsk Forening For Fotobiologi og Fotomedsin). Dato: 1.nov. 2019 Seminar med foredrag- 20 deltagere. Odrun Gederaas var hovedansvarlig for arrangementet.. Norsk Forening for Fotobiologi og Fotomedisin. Arrangement ved Inst. fot Kjemi, NTNU. 2019
NTNU Untitled
5 Lunden, Hampus; Pitrat, Delphine; Mulatier, Jean-Christophe; Monnereau, Cyrille; Minda, Iulia; Liotta, Adrien; Chábera, Pavel; Hopen, Didrik K.; Lopes, Cesar; Parola, Stephane; Pullerits, Tönu; Andraud, Chantal; Lindgren, Mikael.
An Optical Power Limiting and Ultrafast Photophysics Investigation of a Series of Multi-Branched Heavy Atom Substituted Fluorene Molecules. Inorganics 2019 ;Volume 7.(10) p. -
NTNU Untitled
6 Yuzu, Keisuke; Lindgren, Mikael; Nyström, Sofie; Zhang, Jun; Hammarström, Per; Nilsson, Peter; Kunitomi, Risako; Iwaya, Keiichi; Nagase, Terumasa; Zako, Tamotsu.
Structural analysis of verious insulin amyloids using luminescent conjugated oligothiophenes. Annual meeting (19th) of Japane Science Protein Society; 2019-06-24 - 2019-06-26
NTNU Untitled
7 Zhang, Jun; Konsmo, Audun; Sandberg, Alexander; Wu, Xiongyu; Nyström, Sofie; Obermüller, Ulrike; Wegenast-Braun, Bettina M; Konradsson, Peter; Lindgren, Mikael; Hammarström, Per.
Phenolic bis-styrylbenzo[c]-1,2,5-thiadiazoles as probes for fluorescence microscopy mapping of Aβ plaque heterogeneity. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2019 ;Volume 62.(4) p. 2038-2048
NTNU Untitled
8 Arja, Katriann; Elgland, Mathias; Appelquist, Hanna; Konradsson, Peter; Lindgren, Mikael; Nilsson, K. Peter R..
Synthesis and characterization of novel fluoro-glycosylated porphyrins that can be utilized as theranostic agents. ChemistryOpen 2018 ;Volume 7.(7) p. 495-503
NTNU Untitled
9 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Bogoeva, Vanya; Johnsson, Anders Carl G.; Berg, Kristian; Høgset, Anders; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photophysical observations on tetrapyrroles during in vitro and in vivo PDT.. 3nd International Day of Light, Istanbul, Tyrkia; 2018-05-08 - 2018-05-09
NTNU Untitled
10 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Einrem, Rune Finsås; Alemayehu, Abraham; Bogoeva, Vanya; Ghosh, Abhik; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photodynamic therapy using corroles and ruthenium porphyrins. European Cooperation_COST Action. Program: BioBrillouin; 2018-09-12 - 2018-09-14
NTNU UiT Untitled
11 Hansen, Tom Andre.
Investigation of some compounds and gold nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy.. Trondheim: Tom Andre Hansen 2018 87 p.
NTNU Untitled
12 Lindgren, Mikael.
“Recent development of X-34 and oligothiophene based fluorescent ligands for characterization of amyloid aggregates”. 10th KIFEE Meeting; 2018-10-05 - 2018-10-08
NTNU Untitled
13 Lunden, Hampus; Glimsdal, Eirik; Lindgren, Mikael; Lopes, Cesar.
How to assess good candidate molecules for self-activated optical power limiting. Optical Engineering: The Journal of SPIE 2018 ;Volume 57.(3) p. -
FFI NTNU Untitled
14 Mpambani, Francis; Åslund, Andreas; Lerouge, Frederic; Nyström, Sofie; Reitan, Nina Kristine; Huuse, Else Marie; Widerøe, Marius; Chaput, Frédéric; Monnereau, Cyrille; Andraud, Chantal; Lecouvey, Marc; Handrick, Susann; Prokop, Stefan; Heppner, Frank L.; Nilsson, Peter; Hammarström, Per; Lindgren, Mikael; Parola, Stephane.
Two-photon fluorescence and magnetic resonance specific imaging of Aβ amyloid using hybrid nano-GdF3 contrast media. ACS Applied Bio Materials (AABM) 2018 ;Volume 1.(2) p. 462-472
NTNU Untitled
15 Nilsson, K. Peter R.; Lindgren, Mikael; Hammarström, Per.
Luminescent-Conjugated Oligothiophene Probe Applications for Fluorescence Imaging of Pure Amyloid Fibrils and Protein Aggregates in Tissues.. Humana Press 2018 (ISBN 978-1-4939-7815-1) ;Volume Amyloid Proteins.11 p. Methods in molecular biology(1779)
NTNU Untitled
16 Yuzu, Keisuke; Yano, Yuki; Lindgren, Mikael; Zako, Tamotsu.
Effect of protein structure on the synthesis of metal nano-cluster using lysozyme as a capping reagent. CSJ West Japan Chemistry Forum, Matsuyama; 2018-11-18 - 2019-11-19
NTNU Untitled
17 Zhang, Jun; Sandberg, Alexander; Konsmo, Audun; Wu, Xiongyu; Nyström, Sofie; Nilsson, K. P. R.; Konradsson, Peter; LeVine, Harry; Lindgren, Mikael; Hammarström, Per.
Detection and Imaging of Aβ1‐42 and Tau Fibrils by Redesigned Fluorescent X‐34 Analogues. Chemistry - A European Journal 2018 ;Volume 24.(28) p. 7210-7216
NTNU Untitled
18 Zhang, Jun; Wang, Jun; Sandberg, Alexander; Wu, Xiongyu; Nyström, Sofie; LeVine III, Harry; Konradsson, Peter; Hammarström, Per; Durbeej, Bo; Lindgren, Mikael.
Intramolecular Proton and Charge Transfer of Pyrene-based trans-Stilbene Salicylic Acids Applied to Detection of Aggregated Proteins. ChemPhysChem 2018 ;Volume 19.(22) p. 3001-3009
NTNU Untitled
19 Chatzisideri, T; Thysiadis, S; Katsamakas, S; Dalezis, P; Sigala, I; Lazarides, T; Nikolakaki, E; Trafalis, D; Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Lindgren, Mikael; Sarli, V.
Synthesis and biological evaluation of a Platinum(II)-c(RGDyK) conjugate for integrin-targeted photodynamic therapy. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2017 ;Volume 141. p. 221-231
NTNU Untitled
20 Lindgren, Mikael.
Harnessing the Triplet State - Examples from Photodynamic Therapy and OPL. 4th International Workshop on Nano- and Biophotonics (IWNBP2017); 2017-09-24 - 2017-09-29
NTNU Untitled
21 Lindgren, Mikael.
Spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence imaging of amyloid deposits. Work-shop; 2017-03-06 - 2017-03-06
NTNU Untitled
22 Lindgren, Mikael; Shirani, Hamid; Nilsson, Peter R; Linares, Mathieu; Norman, Patrick.
Thiophene-based pentamer ligands for multifunctional microscopy of amyloid aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease. KIFEE Conference 2017; 2017-03-07 - 2017-03-10
NTNU Untitled
23 Lunden, Hampus; Lopes, Cesar; Lindgren, Mikael; Liotta, Adrien; Chateau, Denis; Lerouge, Frederic; Chaput, Frédéric; Desert, A; Parola, Stephane.
Efficient reverse saturable absorption of sol-gel hybrid plasmonic glasses. Optical materials (Amsterdam) 2017 ;Volume 69. p. 134-140
NTNU Untitled
24 Zhang, Jun; Sandberg, Alexander; Wu, Xiongyu; Nyström, Sofie; Lindgren, Mikael; Konradsson, Peter; Hammarström, Per.
trans-Stilbenoids with Extended Fluorescence Lifetimes for the Characterization of Amyloid Fibrils. ACS Omega 2017 ;Volume 2.(8) p. 4693-4704
NTNU Untitled
25 Balci, Mustafa H.; Aas, Lars Martin Sandvik; Kildemo, Morten; Sæterli, Ragnhild; Holmestad, Randi; Lindgren, Mikael; Grande, Tor; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann.
White light emitting silicon nano-crystals-polymeric hybrid films prepared by single batch solution based method. Thin Solid Films 2016 ;Volume 603. p. 126-133
NTNU Untitled
26 Bogoeva, Vanya; Siksjø, Monica; Sæterbø, Kristin Grendstad; Melø, Thor Bernt; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Lindgren, Mikael; Gederaas, Odrun Arna.
Ruthenium porphyrin-induced photodamage in bladder cancer cells. Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy 2016 ;Volume 14. p. 9-17
NTNU Untitled
27 Chateau, Denis; Liotta, Adrien; Lunden, Hampus; Lerouge, Frederic; Chaput, Frédéric; Krein, Douglas; Cooper, Thomas; Lopes, Cesar; El-Amay, Ali G. A.; Lindgren, Mikael; Parola, Stephane.
Long Distance Enhancement of Nonlinear Optical Properties Using Low Concentration of Plasmonic Nanostructures in Dye Doped Monolithic Sol–Gel Materials. Advanced Functional Materials 2016 ;Volume 26.(33) p. 6005-60014
NTNU Untitled
28 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Sæterbø, Kristin G.; Melø, Thor Bernt; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Lindgren, Mikael; Bogoeva, Vanya.
Ruthenium porphyrin-induced photodamage in bladder cancer cells. 4 th ESP Photobiology School. Certificate in Photobiology. Exam.; 2016-06-20 - 2016-06-25
NTNU Untitled
29 Psonka-Antonczyk, Katarzyna Maria; Hammarström, Per; Johansson, Leif B. G.; Lindgren, Mikael; Stokke, Bjørn Torger; Nilsson, K. Peter R.; Nyström, Sofie.
Nanoscale Structure and Spectroscopic Probing of Aβ1-40 Fibril Bundle Formation. Frontiers in Chemistry 2016 ;Volume 4. p. -
NTNU Untitled
30 Psonka-Antonczyk, Katarzyna Maria; Nystrøm, Sofie; Nilsson, Peter; Hammarstrøm, Per; Lindgren, Mikael; Stokke, Bjørn Torger.
Co-localized AFM – optical hyperspectral imaging of amyloid Aβ 40 maturation. SCANDEM 2016; 2016-06-08 - 2016-06-10
NTNU Untitled
31 Sletnes, Malin; Lindgren, Mikael; Valmalette, Jean-Christophe; Wagner, Nils Peter; Grande, Tor; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann.
Photoluminescence of A- and B-site Eu3+-substituted (SrxBa1-x)2CaWyMo1-yO6 phosphors. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 2016 ;Volume 237. p. 72-80
NTNU Untitled
32 Sletnes, Malin; Skjærvø, Susanne Linn; Lindgren, Mikael; Grande, Tor; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann.
Luminescent Eu3+-doped NaLa(WO4)(MoO4) and Ba2CaMoO6 prepared by the modified Pechini method. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 2016 ;Volume 77. p. 136-144
NTNU Untitled
33 Bogoeva, Vanya; Lindgren, Mikael; Siksjø, Monica; Sæterbø, Kristin Grendstad; Melø, Thor Bernt; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Gederaas, Odrun Arna.
Photodynamic therapy by using Ruthenium porphyrin on the AY27 rat bladder cancer cell line. 16th Congress for European Society for Photobiology; 2015-08-31 - 2015-09-04
NTNU Untitled
34 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Hauge, Anette; Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Berg, Kristian; Altin, Dag; Bardal, Tora; Høgset, Anders; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photochemical internalization of bleomycin and temozolomide – in vitro studies on the glioma cell line F98. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 2015 ;Volume 14.(7) p. 1357-1366
35 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Hauge, Anette; Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Berg, Kristian; Altin, Dag; Bardal, Tora; Høgset, Anders; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photochemical internalization of bleomycin and temozolomide-in vitro on the glioma cell line F98. 16th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology; 2015-08-31 - 2015-09-04
NTNU UNIS Untitled
36 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Mettra, Bastien; Monnereau, Cyrille; Egeberg, Kjartan Wøllo; Andraud, Chantal; Lindgren, Mikael.
Photophysics and in cellulo studies of novel light sensitive chromophores with potential application in Photodynamic therapy. 16th Congress of the European Society for Photobiology; 2015-08-31 - 2015-09-04
NTNU Untitled
37 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Mettra, Bastien; Monnereau, Cyrille; Egeberg, Kjartan Wøllo; Andreau, Chanthal; Lindgren, Mikael.
"Anthracene studies in photodynamic therapy and other ongoing projects". Faglig Seminar og Årsmøte; 2015-11-20 - 2015-11-20
NTNU Untitled
38 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Sæterbø, Kristin Grendstad; Melø, Thor Bernt; Bjørkøy, Astrid; Lindgren, Mikael; Bogoeva, Vanya.
Photochemical reactions after nano particle stimulating. In vitro and in vivo studies. Nano-and biophotonics Congress; 2015-12-05 - 2015-12-10
NTNU Untitled
39 Gustafsson, Håkan; Hallbeck, Martin; Lindgren, Mikael; Kolbun, Natallia; Jonson, Maria; Engström, Maria; Muinck, Ebo; Zachrisson, Helene.
Visualization of oxidative stress in ex vivo biopsies using electron paramagnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2015 ;Volume 73.(4) p. 1682-1691
NTNU Untitled
40 Lilledahl, Magnus Borstad; Gustafsson, Håkan; Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Zachrisson, Helene; Hallbeck, Martin; Hagen, Vegard Stenhjem; Kildemo, Morten; Lindgren, Mikael.
Combined imaging of oxidative stress and microscopic structure reveals new features in human atherosclerotic plaques. Journal of Biomedical Optics 2015 ;Volume 20.(2) p. -
NTNU Untitled
41 Lindgren, Mikael.
Advanced spectroscopy and ROS detection at NTNU Department of Physics. 31st Scientific and annual meeting of the Norwegian Society for Photobiology and Photomedicine (NOFFOF); 2015-11-20 - 2015-11-20
NTNU Untitled
42 Lindgren, Mikael; Shirani, Hamid; Linares, Mathieu; Norman, Patrick; Nilsson, Peter.
Novel thiophene-based ligands for multiphoton microscopy of protein aggregates. International Workshop of NAno and Bio-Photonics; 2015-12-06 - 2015-12-11
NTNU Untitled
43 Lunden, Hampus; Liotta, Adrien; Chateau, Denis; Lerouge, Frederic; Chaput, Frédéric; Parola, Stephane; Brännlund, Carl; Ghadyani, Zahra; Kildemo, Morten; Lindgren, Mikael; Lopes, Cesar.
Dispersion and self-orientation of gold nanoparticles in sol-gel hybrid silica - optical transmission properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2015 ;Volume 3.(5) p. 1026-1034
NTNU Untitled
44 McDonagh, Birgitte Hjelmeland; Volden, Sondre; Lystvet, Sina Maria; Singh, Gurvinder; Ese, Marit-Helen; Ryan, Joseph A.; Lindgren, Mikael; Sandvig, Axel; Sandvig, Ioanna; Glomm, Wilhelm.
Self-assembly and characterization of transferrin-gold nanoconstructs and their interaction with bio-interfaces. Nanoscale 2015 ;Volume 7.(17) p. 8062-8070
45 Shirani, Hamid; Linares, Mathieu; Sigurdson, Christina; Lindgren, Mikael; Norman, Patrick; Nilsson, K. Peter R..
Supporting information : A Palette of Fluorescent Thiophene based Ligands for the Identification of Protein Aggregates. Chemistry - A European Journal 2015 ;Volume 21.
NTNU Untitled
46 Berg, Kirsti; Ericsson, Madelene; Lindgren, Mikael; Gustafsson, Håkan.
A high precision method for quantitative measurements of reactive oxygen species in frozen biopsies. PLOS ONE 2014 ;Volume 9.(3) p. e90964-
NTNU Untitled
47 Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Lindgren, Mikael.
Correlation analysis of Raman spectral data from a time gated Raman spectrometer. ICORS XXIV 2014; 2014-08-10 - 2014-08-15
NTNU Untitled
48 Ellingsen, Pål Gunnar; Nyström, Sofie; Reitan, Nina Kristine; Lindgren, Mikael.
Analysing hyperspectral fluorescence microscopy images. Norwegian electro-optics meeting; 2014-04-23 - 2014-04-25
NTNU Untitled
49 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Høgset, Anders; Berg, Kristian; Lindgren, Mikael; Siksjø, Monica.
Intracellular studies on rat glioma cancer cell line using novel chromophores. Faglig møte, Norsk Forening for Fotobiologi og Fotomedisin; 2014-11-07 - 2014-11-07
NTNU UiO Untitled
50 Gederaas, Odrun Arna; Siksjø, Monica; Lindgren, Mikael.
Prosjektmøte med samarbeidspartnere for masterstudent Monica Siksjø: Tittel på oppgave: "Optical microscopy studies of localization of PDT chromophores in glioma cells". Prosjektmøte/Seminar, Universitett i Lyon; 2014-07-23 - 2014-07-26
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