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Mission and Diakonia Historical Research

Research group manager

Ellen Vea Rosnes

Responsible units(s)

Faculty of Theology, Diaconia and Leadership Studies
Centre of Mission and Global Studies


Mission and Diakonia Historical Research is a research group related to the Mission and Diakonia Archives ( at VID Specialized University (, and other relevant archives. The aim is to focus on the potential to conduct research in these historical archives. The research group works across disciplines, faculties, institutions and is international in its focus. The group consists of researchers who work in archival management and/ or who have a historical approach to the fields of mission, diaconia, health and media. The research group has a joint scholarly focus, the historical, and a multidisciplinary approach. The group is a forum where researchers within mission- and diaconia history can exchange scholarly work. Further, it explores theoretical and methodological approaches to mission- and diakonia historical research. The research group aims to improve cooperation across the different faculties at VID Specialized University and to involve external and international research environments. The aim is to develop research projects based on historical archives.


Communication and conversion in Northern Cameroon : the Dii people and Norwegian missionaries, 1934-1960 (2009)
Drønen, Tomas Sundnes
Brill Academic Publishers
Misjonærer mellom selvrealisering og selvfornektelse: Norsk misjonærmaskulinitet 1870-1930 (2013)
Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde
Norsk tidsskrift for misjonsvitenskap
Missionary masculinity, 1870-1930 : the Norwegian missionaries in South-East Africa (2014)
Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde
Palgrave Macmillan
Christianisation, Frenchification and Malgachisation: mission education during war and rebellion in French colonial Madagascar in the 1940s (2017)
Rosnes, Ellen Vea
History of Education
Skole og misjon: læring til tro eller læring til liv? (2017)
Rosnes, Ellen Vea
Misjonsbevegelsen og barnas pris (2017)
Skjortnes, Marianne;Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde
Misjon som kvinnesak (2017)
Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde
Manns- og kvinneideal i NMS (2017)
Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde
The Norwegian Mission’s Literacy Work in Colonial and Independent Madagascar (2018)
Rosnes, Ellen Vea
A time of destiny for Norwegian mission schools in Zululand and Natal under the policy of Bantu Education (1948–1955) (2019)
Rosnes, Ellen Vea
History of Education
Reformation in the Context of World Christianity : Theological, political and social interactions between Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe (2019)
Ludwig, Frieder;Laaser, Mirjam;Richebaecher, Wilhelm;Ekué, Amèle Adamavi-Aho;Pong, Pui-Yee
Harrassowitz Verlag

Affiliated projects/research groups

The Norwegian Mission’s Educational Work in Zululand and Natal (1940-1955)  
Connected Histories - Contested Values. World Lutheranism and Decolonisation: Processes of Transloyalties, 1919-1970 (CHCV)