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1 Belik, Ivan.
Triggers of Social Network Collapse. Information systems management 2020 ;Volume 37.(2) p. 170-182
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2 Belik, Ivan.
Shapley-Based Analysis of the Leadership Formation in Social Networks. I: Analytics, Operations, and Strategic Decision Making in the Public Sector. IGI Global 2019 ISBN 9781522575917. p. 357-390
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3 Bienz, Carsten Gero; Knudsen, Eirik Sjåholm; Pohl, Walter; Belik, Ivan.
Artificial Intelligence and Data Regulations. Can stricter privacy laws provide a lifeline for European companies?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2019 (8) p. 55-62
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4 Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt.
Critical objective function values in linear sum assignment problems. Journal of combinatorial optimization 2017 ;Volume 35.(3) p. 842-852
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5 Belik, Ivan.
The analysis of split graphs in social networks based on the k-cardinality assignment problem. International Journal of Network Science 2016 ;Volume 1.(1) p. 53-62
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6 Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt.
A new Semi-Lagrangean Relaxation for the k-cardinality assignment problem. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences 2016 ;Volume 37.(1) p. 75-100
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7 Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt.
The method of leader's overthrow in networks based on shapley value. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 2016 ;Volume 56. p. 55-66
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8 Belik, Ivan; Jørnsten, Kurt.
A Comparative Analysis of the NHH and BI Networks. Beta 2015 ;Volume 29.(2) p. 123-156
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9 Belik, Ivan; Hexmoor, Henry.
Modeling the Effects of Network Games on Social Reasoning. International Journal of Information Systems and Computer Sciences 2013 ;Volume 2.(5) p. 29-37
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10 Belik, Ivan; Hexmoor, Henry.
The stability assessment in social networks. I: Economic and Social Development: Book of Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific Conference, Paris, France, 5th April 2013. Varazdin, Croatia: Varazdin development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia / Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje, Slovenia 2013 ISBN 978-961-6825-73-3. p. 63-73
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